Friday, August 14, 1998

Nilaave Vaa, Aug 14th, 1998

Co-stars : Suvalukshmi, Sanghavi, Raghuvaran, Charlie, Balaji, Sujit Sagar, Jaiganesh, Vinu Chakravarthy and others.
Director : A.Venkatesan
Producer : Shoba Chandrasekharan
Music Director : Vidhyasagar

Story: Seluvar (Vijay) is the son of Vinu Chakravarthy . They are Christians living in a fishing village. Vijay's friends are Charlie, Balaji and Sujit Sagar; and together with Vijay; they are collectively called "The Bad Boys". Mannivanan plays the character of the boatman from "Dubai" . In another town, Perumaal (Jaiganesh) is the father to Sangeetha (Suvalukshmi) and Gauri.

In comes Pilomina (Sanghavi) who "The Bad Boys" hate at first but later become friends. Sanghavi also happens to be Suvalukshmi's colleague and friend. As in many movies, the "thiruvila" plays a very important role. Suvluksmi comes to the small fishing village. Raghuvaran is proposed (and later engaged) to marry Suvalukshmi who is reluctant in doing so. Why? Not only because Raguvaran is 35 years old but also because she and Vijay had fallen in love before.

The director makes both meet in a typical style which should awaken others. Later, after previous meetings both acknowledge the love for the other. However, Gauri, Suvalakshmi's sister falls in love with "The Bad Boys" driver and after hearing Suvalukshmi's view about how their father Jaiganesh; hadn't acknowledged the Hindu-Christian marriage, she decides to elope with the driver. This causes riots between both families and this leads to the break up of Suvalakshmi and Vijay's love affair.

Raghuvaran comes to know about the past and asks his fiancé (Suvalakshmi) if she is willing to marry him and upon recollecting what happened in the past she says a "yes". Later, Raghuvaran realises the seriousness of this love and he together with the rest of "The Bad Boys" ask the lovers to run away but Jaiganesh finds about their plan in time. This sudden news again causes uproar in the village but this time Vinu Chakravarthy & Jaiganesh befriend each other in the task of killing their children.

However, Vijay for the love of his town and family leaves his home town. This makes both families appreciate the love Suvalukshmi and Vijay have for each other.

Friday, June 12, 1998

Priyamudan, Jun 12th, 1998

Almost all reputed heroes of Tamil movies at some stage of their career,have played the anti-hero role. The latest to join the list is Vijai, sonof director S.A. Chandrasekharan, and the film is Lakshmi Movie Makers'``Priyamudan''. Vijai is riding the crest of success in recent years. ToVijai, this is a test by fire and he has come out unscathed, the tensioninvolved in it being discernible.

The story is on the lines of popular movies of Shah Rukh Khan and the Deolbrothers. The debutant director, Vincent Selva, who is also seen in a small,silent role at the airport reveals a good, imaginative mind in the song sequencesbacked by the colourful art work of S.A.C. Ramki. He brings out the possessivenature of the affluent boy with commendable situations.

The director should have fashioned more scenes to show the brutish kind of deep love the herohad developed instead of dwelling on the so-called comedy between the Iyercouple (Manivanan and Sunitha) which ends abruptly. The CBI taking over thedeath of the heroine's father (Jai Ganesh, is an affluent businessman andis in no way connected with politics or any other nefarious deals) is strange.So also the comical assistants (S. A. Chandrasekharan and T. P. Gajendran),of the investigating officer (Nasser).

The dust, the heat and the colourful milieu of Rajasthan have been gloriouslycanned by Vijay Milton. Deva and his brothers have adopted popular Hinditunes and the theme song of an English movie which had bagged many Oscars.The string instruments of Rajasthan also come to the fore in the backgroundscore and is enjoyable.

Vasanth (Vijay), Vasanth Kumar (newcomer Sujith Sagar), Gaffar (S. N. Surender)and Ravi (Azhagu) are thick friends, the first named being the son of a richman and possessive by nature. Vasanth uses his money and influence to geta singing engagement for Vasanth Kumar and they go to Rajasthan where thecompetitions are scheduled. There the rich boy spots Priya (Kausalya) andinstantly falls in love though his efforts to contact her prove to be nearmisses.

When he finally does manage to meet her, the girl is involved inan accident with the car in which the other firends are going to the competitionvenue. They admit her in a hospital and Vasanth Kumar offers his blood tosave her. The dejected band return to Chennai and Vasanth soon receives acall from Priya informing him that she is coming to Chennai. She asks VasanthKumar to meet her at the station.

By turn of events, Vasanth goes to thestation instead of his friend. When he spots Priya, she turns out to be theone who had won his heart. He quietly tells her that he is Vasanth Kumar,the starting point of all trouble, heartburns, angry acts that result indeaths, etc. the possessive nature of Vasanth blinding his senses.

Vijay performs some lively dance numbers, including a solo one, and indulges in vigorous fight (a minor back injury flared up during this shooting, forcing him to take rest for a couple of weeks), all in his usual style. He has madesincere efforts to give shape to the negative character and asserts himselfin the climax. He is at his best in the scene where he pleads his case with Jai Ganesh, forcing him to a rash act. Kausalya just fills the bill, whileSujit Sagar makes a neat essay. Others in the cast include Madan Bob, Deepika and Sunitha.

Sunday, April 12, 1998

Ninaithen Vandai, Apr 10th, 1998

Ninaithen Vandhai is a must-see Vijay`s movie. It is an entertaining movie. Everyone has lived up to their role. Vijay, Rambha and Devayani are the heart of the movie. They both looked good and have acted very well. Vijay has come out very adorable. The songs are nice and the locations of the movie are breathtaking. The tamil Hum Apke Hain Kaun without the tragedy...

The title itself makes the story of the movie. There is very little to talk about the story. The hero in the movie is madly in love with the disguised girl in his dreams. But his father wants to get him to get to a married distant relative. Unwillingly the hero, along with his two brothers-in-law and uncle, makes a trip to the girl's house and gets engaged. In the meantime the hero with his uncle and brothers-in-law attends a marriage and there he finds his dream girl.

Later on he moves to another place because of his job where he once again meets his dream girl and they fall in love with each other. As is usual in tamil movies, the dream girl and the girl who got engaged with the hero are sisters. But for some reason they stay apart right from their childhood.

During a visit to her native place, the dream girl comes to know that her lover and her sister's fiancee are one and the same. So she gets prepared to sacrifice her love for her beloved sister. After some dramatical suitations the movie ends with the marriage of hero and the dream girl.

A well directed movie by K.Selva bharathy, though the story is nothing new, the treatment of the story is commendable, backed by good music, songs and comedy, make this film an entertainer. The movie is full of songs, actually 7 which are excellent.

The movie has nothing spectacular but the music and the presentation with good comedy and performances from the actors made the movie a big hit. The hero falls in love with the heroine and his marriage is settled with another woman. Finally love triumphs and the hero wins back his love...

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Kadalukku Mariyadhai, Jan, 1998

Co-stars: Shalini, Shivakumar, Srividya, Lalitha, Radharavi, Vijai and Shaji Khan.
Director: Fazil
Music Director: Ilayaraja.

Story: Jeeva (Vijay) meets Mini (Shalini) in a book shop and their eyes meet leading to sparks of love in their hearts. Mini has a loving mother (K.P.S.Lalitha) and three brothers, James (Radha Ravi), Thomas (Thalaivaasal Vijay) and Stephen (newcomer Shaji Khan) and she is the apple of their eye. Mini is hesitant to reciprocate her love for Jeeva who steadily makes an inroad into her heart, the love affair incensing her family members who give him a thrashing each time he meets her.

Jeeva's parents are under the impression that their son is pursuing his MBA studies until his father receives a SOS from Jeeva, injured in one such beatings. His father Chandrasekhar (Sivakumar) is stunned by the developments and Jeeva's mother (Srividya) is also shocked. Jeeva refuses to part company with Mini when his father arrives with his henchmen to take him back. The Christian family wants Jeeva dead. The developments till this juncture might have found expression in earlier movies but these events have been treated with a mature head along with some comic element by Charlie and Dhamu, as the friends of the hero.

Realising that the lovers' existence is in danger, Kesavan (Charly) suggests that they find refuge in his father's (Manivannan's) fishermen hamlet and the couple elope followed by the brothers. Manivannan refuses to give them away and the brothers swear bloodshed. A registrar wedding is quickly arranged and on the eve of the wedding, the lovers learn of the unlimited love, affection and care their respective family members have for them and decide not to hurt their sentiments. They agree to part company. The fisherfolk leader is shocked first at their decision, and later understands their feelings and sends them back safely, an appreciable twist in the movie.

The best segment of the movie follows next. The elated and much relieved elders hastily arrange the weddings of their offsprings when the respective mothers learn how lonesome the two lovers are. Jeeva's mother using the excuse of returning the chain belonging to Mini, goes to Mini's house with her husband, son and his two friends and James receives them warmly.

Instead of sparks flying here the director brings into play the human sentiments, the mothers leading the show, and the camera of Anand Kuttan sharply catching the artistes at their best.

The meagre amount of dialogue merges wonderfully with those enacting them, an interesting climax. Serious looking Shalini enacts the tender role of a confused sweetheart caught between the love of her elders and that of the man who has stolen her heart without blemish. Vijay shows controlled aggression in his fights as the rivals happen to be the brothers of his sweetheart and dances with relish. His voice modulations heightens his portrayal.

Sivakumar, Srividya and Lalitha make fine contributions to the drama along with the three brothers, Radharavi, Vijai and Shaji Khan.