Friday, January 29, 1999

Thulladhamanamum Thullum, Jan 29th, 1999

Cast: Vijay, Simran, Manivannan
Music: S.A.Rajkumar
Direction: Ezhil

An enjoyable romance barring a rather ridiculous climax.

The movie starts with Vijay revealing, on a train journey from Pune to Chennai, that he just got out of jail after seven years. His past is revealed in a flash back.

He had been a singer, waiting for the big break. Simran hears his voice, though she doesn't see him and becomes his fan. When Vijay realises this, he tries to reveal who he is but circumstances place him and Simran in situations where she ends up thinking that he is a rowdy. Vijay ultimately becomes responsible for her losing her eyesight too.

He devotes himself to her from then onwards attending to her every need. She learns to respect and love him too, thinking that he is the singer and not knowing that he is the same person she thought was a rowdy.

Vijay had been telling his mother everything by letter and when she dies, she donates her eyes to Simran. To come up with the money needed for the operation, Vijay donates his kidney and has to travel to Pune for the same. Ready to get back, he is arrested after mistakenly agreeing to look after the luggage (which turns out to contain ammunition) of another man.

Back in the present, everything has changed at the place he used to live. Having nowhere to go, he catches a glimpse of Simran, now the collector. He goes to meet her, leading to the climax.
Vijay, who seems to be improving with every movie, really props up the movie. Apart from romancing Simran, he also takes part in two dances and a robust fight sequence. His acting is upto the mark too.

Simran looks pretty and performs adequately. Manivannan's comedy is not really funny and Dhamu, as Vijay's friend, provides most of the laughter. S.A.Rajkumar follows his pattern of repeating the same song several times in the movie till it starts sounding good!!

The director reveals his touch by making Vijay's mom unseen but a strong presence, throughout the movie.