Friday, July 19, 2002

Youth, July 19th, 2002

In Lakshmi’s Production the ‘Youth’ blends with love and Comedy an interestingly it is unemotional. After Vijay’s ‘Tamizan', this movie takes you back again to Vijay’s masala of Romance.

It is a story of a youth Vijay who takes life as it comes. He lives to his philosophy of being happy even in times of sorrows.Vijayakumar’s daughter at the time of wedding with Shiva(Vijay)elopes. Vijay is unruffled. Amidst the chaos, Vijay convinces everyone that it is not a matter to be perturbed. He leaves to Chennai with his cousin Prabhu(Shyam Ganesh) in search for a job, but happily falls in love with Sandhya and keeps flirting with her forgetting his job.

Vijay has nothing much to be well-spoken in this film. The much said dialogues of Vijay with similes, Clich├ęs, outpouring messages, and repetitive dialogues like Rajinikanth is the backdrop of the film. The dialogue writer Prasanna Kumar reigns the show because the film moves only with dialogue without much of dramatic action.

The Villain’s (Yugendran) clever dialogue is more humorous and captivating especially when he takes up the opposite point of view of a person.

The much contributing factor of the film is Vivek’s comedy.Vivek usually leaves a message in his comedy, but here karuthu kandaswamy’s(vivek) comedy itself becomes the subject of redicule.It is the comic element which predominates and succeeds the story and helps us really to sit back in the film.

The comedy of V.M.C Hanifa as a drunkard, is hilarious especially in the auto rickshaw scene with vivek where they think they are driving to T.Nagar.

The new heroine Sandhya who has the similar features of the heroine of Tamilzan is more slim and dainty like but does nothing to impress us. Vijay's heroine of late seem to be of same taste and style.Simran has done a neat dance number.

The music director ManiSharma has given two or three hit songs. His songs "Sagiye Sagiye", Althota Boopathy" are melodious.Vairamuthu lyrics are noteworthy in his songs ‘santhosam’.
The story moves in snails pace giving little work to your imagination.

If youth is beautiful …then this ‘Youth’ is youthful.