Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vijay, Hari come together

[Thursday, November 29, 2007]

The latest buzz doing rounds in the industry is that the Vijay and Hari are coming together for the first time.

Hari, who has proved his credentials as a successful commercial director, hasn’t worked with Vijay so far. He has worked with the likes of Vikram, Suriya, Sarath Kumar, and Simbu but somehow the combination between him and the box office King Vijay hasn’t happened yet.

Now Kavithalaya, who produced the hit movie Thirumalai, starring Vijay (directed by Ramanaa), brings Hari and Vijay together. Thirumalai went on to become a big hit and the success came at the right time when Vijay's chips were down after a string of failed outings.

Reports say that Vijay and Hari have agreed to work together next year. The actor is currently shooting for Dharani's Kuruvi. Then he would go ahead to complete Prabhu Deva's movie before commencing Hari's film.

Hari, who is fresh from the success of Vel, is set to start a movie with Bharath. He would start Vijay's venture at the end of next year.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is it Ajith-Vijay or Surya-Vikram combo?

By Behindwoods News Bureau.
November 28, 2007

Azhagam Perumal, one of director Mani Ratnam’s assistants, last seen in Kattrathu Tamil as the Tamil teacher is reverting to direction. He started his career playing a small role in Alaipayuthey as Madhavan’s Malayalee landlord and later went on to direct Dum Dum Dum for Mani’s production house.

Azhagam Perumal grabbed the audiences’ attention big time with his performance in Selva Raghavan’s Pudupettai in which he played a politician.

According to him, he prefers to act only when the roles interest him and it is not something that he is looking forward to. He is working on a script and plans to start his next venture soon for which he is eyeing two leading male stars. Whether it is Vikram and Surya or Ajith and Vijay - we will have to wait and watch.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vijay accepts Minister's request

[Tuesday, November 27, 2007]
We reported yesterday that Union Health Minister Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss had requested to Vijay to avoid smoking on screen.

Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay has responded positively to the appeal. “I will not act in smoking scenes anymore”, says Vijay.

Vijay, who is currently shooting for Kuruvi near Chennai, has said that he would not act in scenes, which would demand the hero to smoke on the screen.

The minister had urged the actor to stay away from smoking on screen. The minister said, “The actor has huge fan following with youngsters and children admiring him a lot”. Hence, Vijay, Dr. Anbumani said, should not set a bad example for them by acting in such scenes.

Vijay immediately accepted his request. “Since I played a role with negative shade in 'Azhagiya Thamizh Magan', I had to smoke on screen. However I would ensure not to repeat the same again” he said.

It was a healthy move by the minister to make a request instead of trying to force his opinion through enacting a law. It is a commendable response from the leading hero for an appeal with noble intentions. It could well become a positive precedence for others as well.

Vijay suggests cuts in Kuruvi

By Behindwoods News Bureau.
November 27, 2007

In his upcoming action-thriller Kuruvi, actor Vijay seems to have suggested a few significant changes after viewing the rushes that were shot earlier. Now the scenes that were shot to please his hardcore fans with some larger than life heroism will either go under the scissors or suffer a package alteration, based on his advice.

It seems Vijay is a tad apprehensive about too much of blind masala machismo not working out among the movie going public these days. He in fact is reported to have suggested to director, Dharani to project subtle affable heroism, which was the forte of their last outing – Gilli.
Kuruvi has already generated enough hype, as it is the debut production venture of Udhayanidhi, grandson of Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi. With music scored by Dharani’s lucky mascot - Vidyasagar, Trisha plays Vijay’s ladylove. The movie also has Suman, Vivek, Manivannan, and Malavika playing significant roles. Kuruvi is expected to hit the screens for the Tamil New Year – 2008.

Vijay says No Smoking in a Hari

By Behindwoods News Bureau.
November 27, 2007

When it comes to abide by requests, Vijay seems to follow his idol Rajini in every possible way. Recently, at a Health Conference, the Union Health Minister Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss put forth a request to Vijay to quit smoking on screen as it sets a bad precedent to the youth, to which the actor also acquiesced.

His current project with Dharani, produced by Udhayanidhi, titled Kuruvi is going on at a rapid pace. After which he is expected to star in a film to be directed by Prabhu Deva. The latest buzz is that Hari is all set to direct Vijay in a movie under the Kavithalaya banner.

Previously Vijay worked with Kavithalaya for Thirumalai, which gave him the much-needed break, around the same time when Hari established himself as a trustworthy director with Saamy, which was also produced by the same production house. Guess this movie will not feature Vijay in any smoking scenes, pretty strange to watch a Tamil action hero not smoking on screen.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Language is no problem: Prabhu Deva

[Monday, November 26, 2007]

Choreographer, director, and actor Prabhu Deva is directing Salman Khan for his maiden directorial venture in Hindi. A remake of his Tamil hit 'Pokkiri', the Hindi film went to floors a couple of months ago.

Prabhu Deva says, "I had choreographed a couple of songs for Salman Khan earlier. We share a good rapport. It is easy working with him".

Does he have any problem with the language? "I watched the Telugu version of 'Pokkiri' several times. Of course, I wielded the megaphone for the Tamil version. The script is very close to my heart. Language is never a problem when you have the screenplay ready".

Prabhu Deva informs that he would team up with Vijay again after finishing the Hindi movie. "I would be back in my familiar territory. The movie will be produced by Ayngaran International. The hero will be Vijay".

The movie will also have Vadivelu

Vijay-Prabhu Deva together again
November 26, 2007

When Ilaiyathalapathy joined hands with the actor-director Prabhu Deva, they brought out the super hit Pokkiri. The movie was the remake of Prabhu Deva's Telugu Pokiri, which was also a big hit. And now, the director is busy making the same in Hindi with Salman Khan in the lead. Looks like he's trying to make the best of a winning script.

Well, if the movie rakes in much moolah and rave reviews again, what will Prabhudeva do next? It happens quite often that when a non-Bollywood person makes a mark in Bollywood, their return to home ground will be delayed, till they meet a rough patch there. So will the South lose a talented director if the Hindi Pokkiri strikes the right chords?

No way! Our man is all set to return home and make another Tamil flick with Vijay in the lead! Once he's capitalized on the winning script, he's ready to see if his winning combination with Vijay will work for him again! Now, add to this combo Vadivelu--it' s already giving Vijay fans a reason to get excited!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Anbumani asks actor Vijay to stop smoking on screen

Chennai Online
Sunday, 25 November , 2007, 20:07

Chennai: After taking on superstar Rajnikanth for his on-screen smoking, Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss on Sunday advised popular Tamil hero Vijay to stop showing smoking scenes in his films.

"He is an young actor and a large number of youth are following him. I advise him to stop showing smoking scenes in his films. I am requesting this not only as a Union Minister but also as a Tamil and a doctor," he said.

There was a misconception in the film industry that the films would run successfully only if it had smoking screens, he added.

Ramadoss said he had written to Rajnikanth a few years ago, requesting him not to smoke before the camera as it could have a bad influence on his massive fan following.

His two latest films Chandramukhi and Sivaji - The Boss did not have any smoking scenes and they turned out to be huge successes, setting a record in the history of Tamil film industry, he said.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Azhagiya Tamil Magan : Feel good

Screen India

Flamboyant Vijay in a dual role takes the viewers on a rollercoaster ride of entertainment for a two and half hours in Swarga Chitra’s Azhagiya Tamil Magan.

Athletic Guru (Vijay likes the kind hearted Abhinaya (Shreya) daughter of a business tycoon Anand Cheyyar (Ashish Vidyarthi). She reciprocates his love when she comes to know that he lost the running race to her friend’s brother Shakthi (Sreeman) so that Shakthi could get a job under the sports quota. Anand Cheyyar agrees for their marriage and after a dramatic entry, the boy’s father (Thanikella Bharani) too accepts his son’s choice. Abhi goes to Guru’s village along with him and convinces his mother (Geetha) who till then was apprehensive about a city bahu. In the meantime, Guru realises that he has extra sensory perception (ESP) as he foresees the death of the little girl who lives in the same bungalow as he is. He couldn’t save her but he could save his father and the villagers averting a train accident. Much to the chagrin of Abhi and her father, Guru stays away from his engagement ceremony. The reason his ESP told that he is going to knife Abhi in a ruined fort. In order to avoid the incident he leaves Chennai and heads for Mumbai. To his surprise he finds his look-alike Prasad (Vijay) there. Before he could reach him, he is hit by a moving lorry and is hospitalised. Prasad works for a Bank and illegally finances the money to a Seth (Sayaji Shinde) in Chennai. To recover the money he comes to Chennai. Abhi spots him outside the Seth’s office complex and takes him home thinking that he is Guru. A Casanova of sorts Prasad assumes the role of Guru and plans to usurp the girl and her property. Guru returns to Chennai to save Abhi. And then follows the one-up-man-ship drama between Guru and Prasad leading to an interesting climax.

The story seems to have drawn its inspiration from an old MGR hit, Ninaippadhai Mudippavan and ace filmmaker Bharathan makes the proceedings interesting with his crisp and witty dialogue. Vijay played the hero as well as the anti-hero to the hilt offering total entertainment. Shreya makes good contribution while Namita donned a special appearance. Super Subbarayan’s action blocks allure especially when the two Vijay’s fight with each other. A. R. Rahman’s music is a major asset for the movie.

Kuruvi in Bar

By Behindwoods News Bureau.
November 23, 2007

Following the release of ATM, Vijay has gone forward to his next project Kuruvi being produced by Udhayanidhi and directed by Dharani. The Ghilli team of Dharani, Vijay and Trisha are back in action once again and shooting is proceeding at a brisk pace just like any of Dharani's film.

Recently a song was canned at A V M studios where a grandiose set resembling a bar has been erected for this purpose.

Dharani's innovative technique of filming a stunt scene along with a song was much appreciated by everyone in Dhool. A sequence in a similar pattern is said to be shot making use of the services of hundreds of dance artists, Stuntmen and atmosphere artists. Going by past record, this scene may sure to set a new trend rolling in film industry.

Style of his own - Friday Review Thiruvananthapuram


In a freewheeling conversation, Vijay explains why he will act in Tamil films only.

Savvy: Vijay has evolved his own signature style that includes emoting, acting and dancing.

His future, should he become a politician, is paved with gold, for Vijay would have perfected the role with panache, in a few years’ time. He will act only in Tamil movies. He speaks only in Tamil for any interview. Why doesn’t he speak in English even in another State like Kerala?

“I don’t know English,” he answers, without batting an eyelid, when he came to Kochi for an award function Sunday last. You would think the 33-year-old actor is just in his early twenties. The ‘boy next door’ image sticks in most of his movies. With a day-old stubble and in casual jeans, Vijay does not look too enthusiastic to field questions. But then, his managers warn you that he is a shy person. But he discussed everything from Tamil cinema to his favourite actors in Indian cinema. Who are his favourite actors? Amitabh Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit!

‘Kaadhalukku Mariyadai,’ directed by Fazil, was his first major hit in 1997. Shalini had played the female lead in this movie. Vijay debuted as hero at age 18 in ‘Naalaya Theerpu.’ He has had his share of hits and flops, but Vijay takes it all in his stride. Some of his movies such as ‘Ghilli’ and ‘Thirupachi’ have been huge box office grossers while ‘Kannukkul Nilavu’ and ‘Aadhi’ bit the dust.

“I usually analyse what went wrong when a film does not do well. I do it myself and don’t take anybody’s help. I have found that people expect me to take roles which have a lot of action and some comedy. That is what they like and those kind of films have clicked,” he says.

Does that mean he will do only one kind of movies? “No, maybe once in two years or so, I will do some other kind of movie for a change, that’s all. But no movies in any other language,” he insists. Why?

“I have a problem following other languages and I don’t like my voice being dubbed,” he explains. But Vijay watches a lot of movies in all kinds of languages.

He would love to act with Mammootty and Mohanlal, but again language is the obstacle, he adds. One of the differences between Tamil and Malayalam movies, he says, is that Malayalam movies are more realistic than Tamil movies.

“It is the percentage really. Tamil films are maybe less than 50 per cent realistic while Malayalam above 50 per cent,” he elaborates. But that is how the audiences in both States want them, he is quick to add. However, some Tamil movies such as ‘Paruthiveeran,’ which was very realistic by Tamil standards did well, Vijay says.

“Tamil film industry is very healthy now, with lots of experimental and other kinds of movies,” he sums up the scene.

Directorial dreams

What about directorial dreams? “No no, I don’t have that mentality, it is not easy,” Vijay feels. Acting under his father’s direction was not easy as one’s parent always wants his son to do the best, but later, he got used to it. Not many actors have the privilege of having as filmy a background as Vijay’s. His father, S.A.Chandrashekharan, is a producer-director and mother, Shobha, a playback singer. Of all her songs, Vijay’s favourite is the one she sang in the movie ‘Sivakasi.’ Vijay has sung many songs for movies though he has had no formal training in music like his mother.

Acting, singing and yes, dancing. Vijay’s signature style, graceful and slow steps, mixed judiciously with fast ones, even got kudos from Prabhudeva.

“My style just developed like that. It was not deliberate. I have had no formal dance training,”

His fans call him ‘Ilayathalapathy’ and even in Kerala, he has a fans’ association which met him at the foyer of the hotel he stayed in at Kochi. The Ilayathalapathy surely has his act together, and is a ‘stylemannan’ in his own right too.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

விஜய், நயனதாராவுக்கு விருது

Mohanlal, Vijay, Nayanatara and Mammootty

மலையாளத்து மாத்ருபூமி பத்திரிகை சார்பில் நடிகர் விஜய், நடிகை நயனதாரா உள்ளிட்டோருக்கு கேரளாவில் நடந்த விழாவில் விருது வழங்கப்பட்டது.

மாத்ருபூமி திரைப்பட விருதுகள் சமீபத்தில் அறிவிக்கப்பட்டன. இதில், இந்த ஆண்டு முதல் முறையாக தமிழுக்கும் விருதுகள் அறிவிக்கப்பட்டன. போக்கிரி படத்தில் சிறப்பாக நடித்ததற்காக விஜய்க்கு சிறந்த நடிகர் விருதும், ஈ படத்தில் சிறப்பாக நடித்ததற்காக நயனதாராவுக்கு சிறந்த நடிகை விருதும் அறிவிக்கப்பட்டது. போக்கிரி பட இயக்குநர் பிரபுதேவாவுக்கு சிறந்த இயக்குநருக்கான விருது கிடைத்தது.

விருது வழங்கும் விழா கொச்சியில் உள்ள திறந்தவெளி மெரைன் டிரைவ் அரங்கில் நடந்தது. 30 ஆயிரத்திற்கும் மேற்பட்டோர் திரண்டு வந்திருந்தனர். இவர்களில் பெரும்பாலானோர் விஜய்யைப் பார்க்க திரண்டிருந்தனர் என்பது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

விஜய் நிகழ்ச்சியில் கலந்து கொள்ள வந்தபோது கூட்டம் அவரைப் பார்க்க முண்டியடித்தது. நிகழ்ச்சியில் பங்கேற்ற விஜய், குத்து விளக்கேற்றி நிகழ்ச்சியைத் தொடங்கி வைத்தார்.

இந்த நிகழ்ச்சியில் மாத்ருபூமி இதழின் நிர்வாக இயக்குநரும், ஜனதாதள தலைவருமான வீரேந்திர குமார், ஆசிரியர் பி.வி.சந்திரன், மலையாள சூப்பர் ஸ்டார்கள் மம்முட்டி, மோகன்லால் உள்ளிட்டோரும் கலந்து கொண்டனர்.

மோகன்லால், விஜய்க்கு விருது வழங்கினார். அப்போது கூட்டத்தினர் பெரும் ஆரவாரம் செய்து கைதட்டி மகிழ்ந்தனர். நயனதாராவுக்கு மம்முட்டி விருது வழங்கினார்.

மெரைன் டிரைவ் திறந்த வெளி அரங்கில் இதுவரை இந்த அளவுக்கு கூட்டம் வந்ததில்லை என்று நிகழ்ச்சிக்கு வந்திருந்தவர்கள் கூறிக் கொண்டதைக் கேட்க முடிந்தது.

விஜய்க்கு கேரளாவில் பெருமளவில் ரசிகர்கள் உள்ளனர் என்பதை இந்த கொச்சி நிகழ்ச்சி நிரூபிக்கும் வகையில் அமைந்தது. மேலும், ரஜினி, கமலுக்குப் பிறகு கேரள ரசிகர்களின் இதயங்களில் இடம் பிடித்துள்ள தமிழ் நடிகர் விஜய் என்பதும் நிரூபணமாகியுள்ளது.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vijay, Nayanthara rock Kochi!

It was the mother of all events in Kochi. Tamil superstar Ilayathalapathy Vijay, glamour queen of south India Nayanthara, Malayalam Megastar`s Mammootty and Mohanlal on the same stage receiving the prestigious Mathrubhumi film awards!

The crowd went berserk seeing Vijay, the most popular Tamil actor and the king among non malayalee actors in Kerala, as he lighted the traditional Kuthuvilakku in the presence of `Mathrubhumi` editor P.V Chandran and Managing director and Janatha Dal strongman Veerendra Kumar.

Later old timers were saying that they have never seen such kind of a crowd even for political meetings held at Marine Drive!

The `Mathrubhumi` event managers pulled off a coup when they had Kerala`s mass hero the one and only Mohanlal giving award to the man of the masses Vijay, while the greatest actor in Malayalam cinema, the dashing Mammootty presenting Nayanthara the south Indian glamour queen with her award.

`Mathrubhumi`, a leading Malayalam daily and one of the best known newspapers in the country, had from this year started an award for Tamil films. Nearly 37,000 people turned up at the open air Marine Drive in Kochi, to see mainly Vijay get the best actor and Nayanthara the best actress awards for Pokkiri and E respectively.


Sify Chennai Box office - This week

The big news at CBO this weekend is that King Khan has emerged ‘Number 1’ with his Om Shanti Om collections remaining steady in its second week thanks to multiplexes ( Sathyam, Inox and Mayajaal). Added to that the much hyped ATM collections, are going downhill, which helped OSO, to emerge as a winner in the top slot in five Chennai screens.

And the big surprise is the rise of the dark horse Dhanush’s Polladhavan, which has taken the number two slot due to good word –of-mouth. Please note that it is playing only in single screens or old complexes. It would have been the number one if it had played in multiplexes where elite audiences would have lapped it up. At Pilot in Royapettah, a single screen regularly showing dubbed English films,Polladhavan has netted a record Rs 6.45 lakhs,in its first week more than the Tamil dubbed Spiderman-3 existing record of Rs 5.85 lakhs!

Surya’s, Hari directed action family drama Vel, is not a city film so had a marginal drop but is steady and a winner due to the films collections in B and C centers, and is in the third position. ATM has taken a beating, but is holding on in the fourth place, while Kannanmoochi Yeanada makes an entry in the fifth position only on the strength of its multiplex collections.

Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Verdict - Average

Vijay-Malavika in Race Club!

Is 'Azhagiya Thamizhmagan' a success or flop? Film people and lay people are debating over the above question. Vijay himself does not seem to be unduly bothered. As usual, he remains Mr. Cool.

Vijay's shooting for 'Kuruvi' is going on at a brisk pace. Recently the shooting took place at Chennai's Race Club.

It was a duet featuring Vijay and a scantily clad Malavika. Though she is acting in 'Kattuviriyan, ' she did not hesitate to dance with Vijay for just this kuthu song in 'Kuruvi.' This song was picturised by director Dharani at the Race Club.

Whatever songs she dances for, her all time hit still remains "vaala meen...." Malavika feels this song in 'Kuruvi' may change that.

Can we dare disagree with Malavika!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ATM dishes out something different

Daily Mirror

Movie : Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Director : Barathan
Producer: Swagachitra
Music: A R Rahman
Cast: Vijay, Shriya, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde, Geeta

Ilayathalapathy Vijay has delivered something different from his usual formula films. The most refreshing thing about Azhagiya Tamil Magan, is that it combines mainstream Tamil film aesthetics with all Vijay image props. What sails the film through is its sense of humour. The gags are funny and so are the one-liners, and debutant writer – director Barathan makes it work due to smart packaging.

ATM may not be palatable to everyone, but for those who suck up this brand of humour with a straw, it’s plenty tickling. Leave your logical mind at home, crank up that sense of humour, and it’s a roller coaster ride of pure unadulterated masala. However, the director is not bothered about the story as it is wafer thin, and in the climax he just cannot fathom how to end the film.

The highlight here is that there are two Vijay’s- a good guy and the bad guy. Barathan has tried out a new format, where both the hero and the villain entertain the audiences with howlarious moments, that brings the house down. Vijay makes it work and believable as he melds effortlessly from casual sang froid to utter seriousness.

Guru (Vijay) a business management student is an ace sprinter, who lives with his friends (Santhanam and Sathyan) in a house owned by former sex- bomb Shakeela (Shakeela in a cameo as herself!) in a colony.

He is a good guy and a favourite with his friends and neighbours, and is close to his father and mother (Geeta) who lives in a village near Madurai. One day he meets Abhinaya (Shreya), a rich girl and daughter of a tycoon (Ashish Vidyarti) who slowly falls in love with him due to his good nature. After some running around, both the parents agree for their marriage.

Suddenly Guru starts seeing things that are going to happen in the immediate future! The doctors say he has Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), and he has two bitter experiences regarding it. Just before Guru and Abhi are to be engaged, Guru gets a very disturbing ESP, of him killing Abhinaya! A shattered Guru distances himself from Abhi and goes away to Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Prasad (Vijay),a spitting image of Guru, a financier and loan shark comes to Chennai and accidentally bumps into Abhi who mistakes him for Guru! Prasad, a mercenary makes merry with Abhi and soon gets engaged to her. Meanwhile Guru sensing trouble, comes back to Chennai to save his lady love, which leads to the final twist in the climax.

The hilarious bickering and bonding between Shriya and Vijay, the scene where they first meet in the temple, stays with you. The bad guy Prasad reciting Tamil poem in college function to felicitate Guru is hilarious. Shriya has a meaty role and has as much footage as the hero and her character is the crux around which ATM revolves. She is pure eye candy and emotes sufficiently well, especially in the crucial climax scene. Santhanam as hero’s side kick is a revelation and raises the comedy bar to a new level. Ashish Vidyarti, Geeta and Ganja Karuppu has small roles.

At the centre of all this mirth is the magical Vijay in a dual role. His terrific comic timing, his ability to mock and lampoon makes his performance absolutely knockout.

In the negative character Prasad’s role he is the veritable scene stealer. He has dubbed impressively modulating his voice for both the characters, and the way he dances in the introductory title song is amazing. No two ways about it, Vijay is the heart and soul of ATM!

Count among the high points- A.R Rahman’s chic score, with the opening song Ella Puzhal…. rendered by him being the pick of the lot, the remix Ponmagal Vanthal… is an energetic song done beautifully in a studio set.

Nee Marliyn Monroe… an item number picturised on Vijay and Namitha in Phuket islands (has been butchered by the censors!) However the song that is going to be popular with the masses is the folk number Maduraikke Poggathadi, again picturised to give the Tamil nativity feel. Cinematographer Balasubramanian has been able to create breathtaking images along with stunning DI work.

The one-man entertainment troupe Vijay will make your day!

Azhagiya Tamil Magan is now showing at Cine City (Maradana), Roxy (Wellawatte), Nelson (Trincomalee), Dinusha (Nawalapitiya), Vijitha (Hatton) and Vasanthi (Vavuniya)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Vijay and Dhanush rock the tube

By Behindwoods News Bureau.
November 19, 2007

Remixes are in, and has carved a niche for itself. Filmmakers are now consciously trying to introduce remixes of old classics as item numbers in their movies and even make sure the videos are catchy enough. The recently released Polladhavan bears testimony to that fact with the `Engayum Epothum…' from Ninaithaale Innukum number, remixed by rapper Yogi B who also featured in the video, creating waves in the audio market. Since Deepavali, its videos are being aired in all TV channels and this has added to the buzz around the movie that is already on its way to become a smash hit.

Azhagiya Tamil Magan the most-expected Deepavali release also has a remix number, from the famous Sivaji classic `Pon Magal Vanthaal…' set to tune by none other than the maestro, A R Rahman, himself. This chart buster is now being aired on TV as a teaser, which has generated enough buzz among the audience, with its glitzy sets and visual effects. Producers now have found another way of wooing the audiences to theaters.

Namitha drubbed by her friends for ATM

By Behindwoods News Bureau.
November 19, 2007

Namitha's performance in Azhagiya Tamil Magan came in for a lot of expectation from all quarters, as it was her first film with a young hero and that too someone ruling the roost at present. Though hers was just meant to be a cameo, those who saw the film felt she was not utilized to the maximum.
Namitha & Vijay
A few close friends called her up to advice against taking up such roles in future and tell her that the decision to act in ATM was a grave mistake. They felt she had been exploited for her glamour and nothing else.

Namitha begs to differ and thinks that it was a great opportunity to work with such a talented team of technicians and the strength of the role wasn't in her mind when she agreed to do the film. She even went on to say that the mileage she has received for this role has been impressive and has nothing to regret. Talk about having your head on your shoulders!

Friday, November 16, 2007

`ATM is a different film`: Vijay

By Moviebuzz

In his first ever interview after the release of Azhagiya Tamil Magan(ATM), Ilayathalapathy Vijay, the man of the masses spoke exclusively to

Your fans seem to be disappointed by ATM! Please comment?
Right from the beginning, I had told everyone that ATM is a totally different kind of film for me. I agree that there was definitely a mixed response to it in the first three days of its release, but now after watching the film two or three times, they have started appreciating the subject, now there is definitely a positive talk.

Are you happy with the film?
Like I told you earlier ATM is a different film, and as an actor I have to do something different from the ordinary. It’s not a question of me being happy; actually my producer ‘Swargachitra’ Appachan and distributors who brought the film are very happy. As reported in’s CBO, which I consider an authentic barometer of box-office collections, ATM tops the list among Diwali releases. What more can I ask for?

CBO- Diwali weekend (Nov 8 to 11)

But why did you deviate from your usual formula?
Who said that? There are songs, fights, dance, romance, sentiments, comedy, the formula mix is there. You know that all my films are made within the commercial format necessary to make it work with the mass audiences. Perhaps I may have deviated a bit as this time there is no hero versus a clichéd villain or a athiradi fight in the climax. It was a deliberate attempt by the director Bharathan with my consent to give the film a different ending.

How did you accept this film?
When Bharathan narrated the one-line story and the hero having Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), I got hooked. Also please note that the main actor as hero and villain is a proven subject, which has worked big time in our cinema

Read review: Azhagiya Tamil Magan

So you knew that ATM was a different film for you?
Certainly. My fans and friends have always told me to try out something different but no such subject came my way. After hearing Bharathan’s story, I was impressed and knew that this was my chance to try and give them something new. The rest fell into place as Rahman’s songs, Balasubramaniam’s camera and the total packaging has worked for the film.

Don’t you feel that all this high hopes and expectations on ATM were due to the terrific performance of Pokkiri, your last release at the box-office?
(Smiles) Absolutely correct! Pokkiri is a blockbuster hit. Many of my fans tell me that it was a super entertainer which had all ingredients in the right mix, and it turned out to be one of my biggest hits. And so the expectation from ATM which was a totally different kind of Vijay film rose to an all time high.

How is ATM doing worldwide?
It is going steady all over the Tamilnadu, Kerala and overseas. Let me make it clear once again that ATM is definitely profitable for the producer and distributors.

How is Kuruvi shaping out?
It’s too early to make any comments. Will keep you posted.

Where Mr. Handsome scores - The Hindu's Review of ATM

sprightly steps From Azhagiya Tamizh Magan

Azhagiya Tamizh Magan

Cast Vijay, Shriya, Namita
The hero is caught napping and his look-alike usurps his place in his lover’s heart Bottomline Surely Bharathan could have thought of a better climax!

Mind blowing footwork, well-maintained physique, interesting histrionics and uninhibited romantic interludes — Vijay lives up to the title throughout his latest offering, Swargachitra’s Azhagiya Tamizh Magan (U). At his handsome best, it’s a new avatar that the hero sports in ATM, which is a little like Uthama Puthiran modernised manifold. If after all this, the climax is a dampener you can’t blame the hero for it, can you?

Without even an iota of change in appearance, Vijay actually manages to show differences between the roles he plays as Guru and Prasad. The eyes of the villainous Vijay spew venom, and his voice modulation and manner of speaking are distinct. But as always, heroine Abhi (Shriya) is unable to spot the fake. In fact, a few other characters are inane too. Neither his friends nor his would-be pa-in-law (Ashish Vidyarthi) can distinguish between Guru and Prasad!

Who is this Prem Rakshit? The ace choreographer has done a splendid job for the song ‘Ella Pugazhum …’ The excellent execution of the dance master’s steps speaks volumes for Vijay’s skill as a dancer. The suppleness of his body is simply stunning! Together with the vibrant voice of A. R. Rahman and the lyrical lure of Vaali, the sequence is an awesome aspect of ATM. The ‘Sahana …’ (Sivaji) song-like music in the romantic moments involving Shriya, and the different arrangement (re-recording) in fight sequences are Rahman’s high points in ATM.

Guru (Vijay), an ace sprinter, and Abhi (Shriya) are lovers. Everything is hunky dory till Guru realises he has the power to foresee tragic events. The Extra Sensory Perception syndrome agonises him. And when he sees himself thrusting a knife into his beloved’s chest in the near future, he’s too scared to stay near her and moves to Mumbai. But danger lurks in the guise of Guru’s look alike, Prasad…

The svelte Shriya emotes well. Namita’s inclusion in the cast is obvious, but she vamooses midway and surfaces only at the end with a bulging tummy. She’s expecting! And instead of being livid with Prasad for her plight, she coyly tells him that it is his twins she’s bearing! You feel sorry for Vidyarthi. What is he supposed to be doing in ATM? But at least he’s not a caricature like Sayaji Shinde is made out to be! Sad that the man who played Subramanya Bharati is reduced to such clichéd roles.

Bright colour schemes dominate Maniraj’s sets. Vijay’s costume (Nalini Sriram, Rajendran) spell class. ‘Fefsi’ Vijayan’s action choreography is noteworthy and Balasubramaniam’s canning of these sequences warrants mention. Bharathan’s racy screenplay and peppy dialogue and Antony’s crisp editing help ATM speed ahead. But Bharathan gets stuck towards the end and beats a hasty retreat to take an anti-climactic course that’s thoroughly contrived.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Malaysia Box Office Report

November 8–11, 2007
(US $1 = 3.3286 Malaysian Ringgit)

<> Return to Index Next >
TW LW Movie Weekend Gross Change Screens Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week
1 N Azhagiya Tamizh Magan $460,334 - 39 - $11,803 $460,334 1
2 N Vel $324,060 - 28 - $11,574 $324,060 1
3 N Bee Movie $288,394 - 43 - $6,707 $342,162 1
4 1 30 Days of Night $255,334 -30.6% 53 - $4,818 $877,426 2
5 - Stardust $95,807 -8.7% 20 - $4,790 $274,178 2
6 - 9 September $84,053 - 46 - $1,827 $330,206 2
7 N Balls of Fury $75,530 - 16 - $4,721 $75,530 1
8 N Lions for Lambs $47,665 - 20 - $2,383 $47,665 1
9 - Bullet & Brain $38,185 -30.0% 20 - $1,909 $120,242 2
10 - Shrooms $31,557 +46.0% 17 +5 $1,856 $83,807 2
11 N Om Shanti Om $23,869 - 8 - $2,984 $23,869 1
12 - Shoot 'Em Up $16,697 -58.3% 15 -10 $1,113 $185,724 3
13 - Chaiya $16,188 -46.1% 15 -2 $1,079 $147,255 3
14 - Cheut ai kup gei (The Exodus) $9,930 -18.2% 10 - $993 $28,469 2
15 N Hantu $9,813 - 4 - $2,453 $9,813 1
16 N Saawariya $9,549 - 5 - $1,910 $9,549 1
17 N Machakaran $8,818 - 5 - $1,764 $8,818 1
18 - 1408 $8,375 -65.1% 12 -8 $698 $123,977 3
19 - Kuntilanak 2 $6,394 -67.2% 12 -16 $533 $103,565 3
- - Penny Dreadful (2006) $5,563 - 15 - $371 $5,563 -
- - Lantai 13 (13th Floor) $4,615 - 12 - $385 $18,762 2
- - 1957 Hati Malaya $3,377 -70.0% 15 -16 $225 $60,038 3
- - Otai $2,960 -91.8% 4 -11 $740 $1,102,592 5
- - The Bourne Ultimatum $2,411 -64.2% 6 -8 $402 $581,783 5
- - The Last Legion $1,615 -82.6% 2 -17 $808 $160,506 4
- - Tie saam gok (Triangle) $1,271 -84.1% 2 -24 $636 $147,677 4
- N Efter brylluppet (After the Wedding) $1,171 - 3 - $390 $1,171 1
- - Si jie (Lust, Caution) $993 +64.1% 2 -2 $497 $138,371 7
- - Baohulu de mimi (The Secret of the Magic Gourd) $788 -58.0% 2 -5 $394 $143,927 5
- - Mendadak dangdut $162 - 5 - $32 $1,115 2
- N Azur et Asmar $139 - 1 - $139 $139 1
- - Apartment 1303 $27 -99.5% 1 -10 $27 $114,990 4


Cast: Vijay , Shreya

Director: Bharhathan
Music: A.R.Rahman
Production: Swargachitra Productions

Vijay has reached a new milestone in his career by acting in dual roles in this diwali release “Azhagiya Tamizh Magan” the story is penned down by S.K Jeeva and directed by debutant director Bharathan. Music is scored by A.R rahman.Balasubramanian has handled the camera and Anthony is the editor.

Gurumoorthy (Vijay), is a student who is an athlete. He leads a fun filled life with his friends. Guru meets Abhi (Shriya) who is one among the richest man’s daughter and its love at first sight, Abhi also falls in love with him, realizing guru’s soft natured character ,duo start seeing each other, their love leads to wedding with their parent’s permission.

The actual plot begins when guru starts envisaging dangerous incidents in his mind, such incidents starts coming true, in one such situation he sees himself killing Abhi .so to avoid such a hazardous situation guru exiles himself to Mumbai. There he notices someone who replicates his physical appearance exactly and he is involved in a street brawl. Now he realizes that he is the one who tries to kill Abhi.when he tries to cross the road to meet him, he is bumped off by a vehicle that puts him in coma. Meanwhile the one he saw in Mumbai is called Prasad; Prasad is on his way to Chennai. Fate brings him to Abhi and he acts as guru hiding his true identity. For beauty and money Prasad starts to enjoy his new identity when things seem to go well for him, guru returns to save Abhi. From this point it’s all about how well he succeeds in saving his lady love and himself from the situation.

The cast includes Vijay and shriya in the lead, Namitha, Geetha, Aashish Vidyathi, Shayaji Shinde, Santhanam and other.

Vijay has performed well in a dual role, especially the Character of Prasad, Which has lot of negative shades and then Gurumoorthy who is a hero image, Shriya has oozed out good performance and glamour ,Namitha has shook her legs for a sensuous song number and also comes for one scene ,Santhanam tries comedy which is energetic.

A.R Rahman’s music is the biggest highlight in the movie, whether it is a folk song or a duet, Rahman has handled it very well. The Remix of “Pon Magal Vandhal” is simply superb. The movie is a good entertainer and an awesome Deepavali treat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kuruvi drenched

By Behindwoods News Bureau.
November 14, 2007

Only recently we reported that work on Dharani’s Vijay-Trisha- starrer Kuruvi is going on in full throttle. Huge sets have been erected at the MGR film city for this movie and the scale of the sets indicates that it is not just for some song sequence but also for a major portion of the movie. In between, they shot some scenes at the Irungaatukottai racetrack where Vijay set the tarmac ablaze.

The team had even erected another set nearby in Sriperumbudur for shooting a song sequence, which features some models from Bangalore and Mumbai. Sadly, rain seems to have played spoilsport, which held up the shooting for two days – by the time the call sheet of the models ended. Even more disappointing is the fact that the modeling agency had been paid full in advance and with the shooting stalled due to rain, well beyond the allocated dates, it has resulted in loss of valuable time. But this has not perturbed the producers who are ready to go to any lengths to see the film materialize.

போக்கிரிக்கு விருது

Asin with Vijay

விஜய்யின் சூப்பர் ஹிட் படமான போக்கிரிக்கு மலையாளத்து மாத்ருபூமி இதழ் வழங்கும் சிறந்த திரைப்படத்திற்கான விருது கிடைத்துள்ளது.

மாத்ருபூமி இதழும், பி.எஸ்.எஸ். லிமிட்டெட் நிறுவனமும் இணைந்து வழங்கும் திரைப்பட விருதுகள் அறிவிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளன. 2007ம் ஆண்டுக்கான விருதுகளில் விஜய்யின் போக்கிரியும் இடம் பிடித்துள்ளது.

தமிழில் போக்கிரி படம் சிறந்த படமாக தேர்வாகியுள்ளது. அப்படத்தை இயக்கிய பிரபுதேவா சிறந்த இயக்குநராக தேர்வு செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளார். ஈ படத்தில் சிறப்பாக நடித்த நயனதாரா சிறந்த நடிகையாக தேர்வு பெற்றுள்ளார்.

போக்கிரி படத்திற்கு ரூ. 1 லட்சம் பரிசும், மற்ற விருதுகளுக்கு ரூ. 50 ஆயிரம் ரொக்கப் பரிசும் வழங்கப்படவுள்ளது.

மாத்ருபூமி குழும நிர்வாக ஆசிரியர் பி.வி.சந்திரன் இந்த விருதுகள் குறித்து அறிவித்தார்.

கொச்சியில் வருகிற 18ம் தேதி நடைபெறும் விழாவின்போது விருதுகள் வழங்கப்படும்.

விஜய் படம் ஒன்றிற்கு கேரளாவில் விருது கிடைத்திருப்பது இதுவே முதல் முறை என்பது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

Who lit the torch for Diwali?

[Wednesday, November 14, 2007]

The dust has finally settled down. The big hype surrounding the release of Deepavali movies too has come to close.

A total of half-a-dozen movie has hit the screens on Deepavali day creating great hype and expectations among the audience. Vijay's 'Azhagiya Thamizh Magan', Suriya's 'Vel', Sathyaraj's 'Kannamoochi Yaenada', 'Polladhavan' starring Dhanush, Jeevan starrer 'Machaakkaran' and 'Agra', a movie featuring newcomers.

It was celebration time at various cinema halls and multiplexes last week when these films hit the screens. Fans celebrated in joy the movies hitting the screens.

Let's check out the response and box office results of these movies.

'Azhagiya Tamil Magan'

Vijay's 'Azhagiya Tamil Magan' has witnessed a bumper opening. Almost all the shows in Chennai city have been running to packed houses. Vijay dons a dual role. However his role with negative shades has not gone down well with his fans. The movie features Shreya, Namitha and Ashish Vidyarthi in the cast. Rahman's music has failed to strike the right chord.

அழகிய தமிழ் மகன் - Tamil Cinema Review

ஏறத்தாழ 5000 அடி படம். மராத்தான் ரேசில் ஓடிய களைப்பை ஏற்படுத்த வேண்டிய ஃபுட்டேஜ். ஆனாலும் விஜய் ஏறியிருக்கும் இந்த இரட்டை குதிரை சவாரி 'பலே வெள்ளையத்தேவா' ரகம்!

மகளின் காதலுக்கு 'ஊஹ§ம்' சொல்வாரென்று எதிர்பார்த்தால் 'ம்' சொல்கிறார் ஸ்ரேவின் அப்பா ஆசிஷ்வித்யார்த்தி. வில்லன் இல்லாத காதலில் சுவாரஸ்யம் ஏது? வில்லனாக வருகிறார் இன்னொரு விஜய். இருவருக்கும் நடக்கிற எசகுபிசகான யுத்தத்தின் முடிவு என்ன? இதில் ஈ.எஸ்.பி என்ற புதிய சமாச்சாரத்தையும் கலந்து அழகிய திரை மகனை தந்திருக்கிறார் புதுமுக இயக்குனர் பரதன்.

திடீரென்று கைகள் உதற, எதிர்கால பயங்கரங்களை உணருகிறார் விஜய். அவர் உணர்வது போலவே அடுத்தடுத்த பயங்கரங்களும் நிகழ்கிறது. ஒரு சந்தர்பத்தில் தான் நேசிக்கிற காதலியை தானே கொல்வது போலவும் உணருகிறார். அருகில் இருந்தால்தானே அந்த கொலை நிகழும்? மும்பைக்கு பறக்கிறார். அங்கே...? இன்னொரு விஜய்! அதிர்ச்சிக்குள்ளாகும் அவர் சுதாரிப்பதற்குள் ஒரு விபத்து. மீண்டும் அவர் கண்விழிக்கும் ஒரு மாதத்திற்குள் என்னென்னவோ நடந்துவிடுகிறது. பதறியடித்துக் கொண்டு சென்னைக்கு திரும்பும் விஜய், வில்லன் விஜயோடு மோதும்போதுதான் கனவில் உணர்ந்த அந்த சம்பவம் நடந்தேறுகிறது. அட தேவுடா..! பிழைத்தாரா ஸ்ரே? இருக்கையின் நுனிக்கு தள்ளி சுபம் போடுகிறார்கள்.

கள் குடித்த காளை மாதிரி, ச்சும்மா தூள் கிளப்பியிருக்கிறார் வில்லன் விஜய். சிகரெட்டை எடுக்கிற ஸ்டைலும், அதை பற்ற வைக்கிற அழகும், 'என்னென்னவோ செய்றோம், இதை செய்ய மாட்டோமா?' என்ற பஞ்ச் டயலாக்கும், விஜய் வருகிற போதெல்லாம் திமிலோகப்படுகிறது தியேட்டர். போகிற போக்கில் ஒரு காதல் குழியை வெட்டி, அதில் நமீதா என்ற புள்ளி மானையும் தள்ளிவிட்டு போகிற அலட்சியம் இருக்கிறதே, ஒயிலாட்டம், சிலம்பாட்டம் மாதிரி இது விஜயாட்டம்!

மற்றொரு விஜய்க்கு, காதலியையும், தன் காதலையும் காப்பாற்றியாக வேண்டிய கட்டாயம். எந்த காயை நகர்த்தினாலும், அங்கே ஒரு 'செக்' வைக்கிறார் வில்லன் விஜய். எப்படிப்பா இதெல்லாம் என்று யோசிக்கிற நேரத்தில், விஜயின் டைரியை படித்துவிட்டுதான் அதெல்லாம் என்று முடிச்சை அவிழ்க்கிறார் இயக்குனர். இரண்டு விஜய்களில் யார் உண்மையான காதலர் என்பதை ஸ்ரேயா அடையாளம் கண்டு கொள்கிறபோது பதற்றம் தொற்றிக் கொள்கிறது கதையில்!

ஸ்ரேயாவுக்கு டூயட் ஆட மட்டுமல்ல. நடிக்கவும் சிறிது வாய்ப்பளித்திருக்கிறார்கள். வாழ்க! தணிகலபரணியை மடக்குகிற ஸ்ரேயா, கீதாவின் முன், குத்துவிளக்காக பளபளப்பது அழகு! ஒரு பாடலுக்கு விஜய்க்கு கம்பெனி கொடுத்து, கடைசியில் வயிற்றை தள்ளி கொண்டு வந்து நிற்கிறார் நமீதா.

சில காட்சிகளே வந்தாலும் கஞ்சா கருப்புவின் காமெடி 'போதை'தான்!

படம் முழுக்க 'ஒளி'வீசுவது கேமிராமேன் பாலசுப்ரமணியெம்தான்! இரண்டு விஜய்களையும் மோத விடுகிறபோது வித்தை காட்டுகிற கேமிரா, சண்டை காட்சிகளின் பயங்கரங்களை அப்படியே உள்வாங்கியிருக்கிறது.

ரஹ்மானின் இசையில் 'பொன்மகள் வந்தாள்' ரீமிக்சும், 'மதுரைக்கு போகாதடி' பாடலும் மனசை விட்டு அகல சில மாதங்கள் பிடிக்கும்.

ஒரு விஜய் இருந்தாலே உரியடி திருவிழா! இங்கே இரண்டு விஜய்..! கேட்கவேண்டுமா? கிடாவெட்டி பொங்கலே வைத்திருக்கிறார்கள்!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

FI R on Diwali Releases!

By Moviebuzz | Monday, 12 November , 2007, 09:53

It is early days, but the First Information Report (FIR) on Diwali films four days after its release, clearly indicate that it is going to be a lukewarm festival season. There are no super hits, and the public opinion on the Diwali releases is not very encouraging.

Added to that, super hit films (Ghilli, Godfather, Madurai, E, Dishum, Chennai-60028) on television and India-Pak ODI at Mohali on Diwali day and later Kanpur ODI on Sunday, ate into box-office collections of Tamil films.

And in Chennai city the demand for Shah Rukh Khan's Om Shanti Om was more than any other Diwali releases, though it was playing in four screens!

At the Box-Office in Tamilnadu- Azhagiya Tamil Magan and Vel are neck-to-neck throughout Tamilnadu, with ATM having an edge in urban areas (ticket prices are more) and the fantastic opening on Diwali day, while Vel is scoring heavily in B & C stations of Madurai, Salem and TK. But distributors unanimously feel that Vel is a safe bet in the long run.

Polladhavan which started slowly is picking up especially in urban areas, and is very good in Chennai city, Chengalpet and Coimbatore. It has potential to pick up big time, in the coming days. Kannanmoochi Yaenada is collecting only at Sathyam and Inox in Chennai and Mayajaal in NSC area, rest of the state it is a goner, while Machakaran collections are uniformly bad across the state.

Says Jayavel Murugan, leading distributor for Tamil movies in US : “Azhagiya Tamil Magan and Vel have opened in 20 cities across America. I had brought both the films at record prices and is comfortable with the turnout. Added to that ATM audio is a chartbuster in USA”.

The views expressed in the article are the author's and not of

Mathrubhumi Film Awards 2007 announced

The Mathrubhumi- P.S.S. Film Awards 2007 have been announced.

Pokkiri has been judged as the best film and its director Prabhudeva as best director.

Nayantara has been selected as best actress for her performance in E and Vijay, the best actor for Pokkiri.

Awards for the best director and actors carry a cash award of Rs.50,000 each and the best film Rs.1 lakh.

The awards will be given on November 18th at Kochi.