Monday, December 30, 1996

Selvaa , Dec, 1996

Co-stars: Swathe, Reeva, Raghuvaran.
Direction: A. Venkatesan
Music Direction: Deva

Story: Vijay lives in a colony. Swathe is one of the girl in the colony. Vijay is the son of Raghuvaran but he lives separately. Raghuvaran is a lawyer. Meanwhile a minister's daughter moves into the colony. She moves friendly with Vijay. Swathe who is in love with Vijay mistakes their friendship.

Raghuvaran works for a terrorist group who kidnap the minister's girl. Vijay goes to the rescue of the girl and his father. How they come against out of the clutch of the terrorists forms the rest of the movie.

Wednesday, October 23, 1996

Manbumigu Manavan, 1996

Co-stars: Keerthana, Srividya and others.
Director: S.A.Chandrasekar
Music Director: Deva

Story: This is a role Vijay plays as a young college student who takes the law into his own hands to fight the injustice. Vijay is happy go lucky guy who is having a nice time at college with his friends until two of his friends fall in love with each other. As usual the parents oppose to the marriage, all the friends get together and get the couple married.

Meanwhile due to college politics the girl who got married is gang-raped in the college campus and the guy is buried alive. So Vijay takes the upper hand without waiting for the law to take action. Keerthana is his friend in college who falls in love with Vijay and stands by him through thick and thin. Srividya plays the role of Vijay's mother.

The police keep hunting for Vijay everywhere but do not succeed. Finally Vijay surrenders himself to the police, kills all the bad guys and is given a life sentence while his lady love Keerthana waits for him to return.

Sunday, April 28, 1996

Vasantha Vasal, 1996

Co-stars: Swathe, Mansur Ali Khan, Jeeva, Kovai Sarala, Ranganathan.
Director: M.R
Music Director: Masa

Story: Vijay is a youngster who comes to the city with an ambition to star in the movies. He is totally crazy about films. He lives as a tenant in Swathe's house. Vijay tries acting out film scenes and speaking film dialogues in a loud fashion thus disturbing Swathe's studies. So both of them get off on the wrong foot. But finally the differences and the conflicts they have lead them to fall in love with each other.

Mansur Ali Khan is the maternal uncle of Swathe who also wants to marry Swathe. So the villain starts to ruin things between the lovers. But Vijay fight for his love and finally wins his lady love's hand.

Thursday, February 15, 1996

Poove Unakkagha, Feb 15th, 1996

Co-stars : Sangeetha, Anju Aravind, Charlie, Nagesh, Nambiar, Jaiganesh, Malaysia Vasudevan and others.
Director : Vikraman
Producer : R.B.Chowdry
Music Director : S.A.Rajkumar

Story: Before I start off the review for this movie, let me go over the career of Vijay before and after this mega-hit. Naalaya Theerpu did fairly well in the box office but was not a great start; later his Sendoorpandi, Rasigan, Deva, Manbumigu Manavan etc were hits where as Chandralekha was his only flop. After this film Poove Unnakaga, Vijay's films like Vasantha Vasal and Kaalam Ellam Kathiruppen were flops.

However, this film was his first mega-hit which gave way to other mega-hit films like Once More, Kadhalukku Mariadhai, Love Today, Naerukku Naer, Ninaithen Vandhai, Nilaave Vaa etc which were all mega-hits in their own right. Now with the review. Stephen (Nagesh) and Nambiar have been college day best friends and so are their children Jaiganesh and Vasudevan. Jaiganesh's family members are Christians whereas Vasudevan's are Hindu. Jaiganesh's son is Lawrence and Vasudevan's daughter is Anju Aravind. Robert is the brother of Jaiganesh and Janaki is the sister of Vasudevan. Both of them as described very well by a lad; fell in love with each other. Against their families will, they marry each other and run away from their homes.

Ever since then, both families hate each other and to solve this Raja (Vijay); the son of Robert and Janaki; and his friend Charlie come to the village. Though his uncles hate him, his grandparents, aunties and uncles love Vijay but none go against the word of Jaiganesh and Vasudevan; hence Vijay and Charlie find accommodation in the house of a loud, frightful Velingiri.

Later, both of his aunts appear before him with marriage proposals and to avoid any more, he says he is married to a Hindu-Christian like himself. Here comes Sangeetha, posing as Vijay's wife and convinces the rest; causing Vijay to suffer a bit. However, when Vijay gives her the duty of a wife, she reveals that she is the real child and only daughter of Robert & Janaki and asks Vijay why he is acting as the grandson of Nagesh & Nambiar.

Now it is his turn to reveal his truth and the director plots this very carefully. Vijay struggled on his way to get a job after getting First Class in B-Com studies. Next to his rented out house; which he shared with Charlie, was a ladies hostel which featured Anju Aravind. As she and her group were trying to find a good tune to a song for a contest, Vijay indirectly helps her and Vijay falls in love while she treats him as a good friend. As he was about to notify Anju Aravind, of his love for her, she notifies Vijay of her love for Lawrence.

Hearing their plan to marry without their parents consent because of the Robert-Janaki problem, Vijay decides to pose as the son of who ran away couple. Now, both Vijay and Sangeetha carry out this mission and when Vijay is seen helping out the lovers in their ways of marrying, Anju Aravind's father gets notified of this and so the news as fire, gets spread quickly and both families now think they have run away and want to kill the members of the other.

Meanwhile, Vijay has rejoined the friendship of the aunts and the grandparents so the uncles and the lovers is his main concern. He does this at once in style. After the marriage, the truth of Vijay's appearance is revealed, and when Vijay is asked to marry Sangeetha, he replies a "no" for a good reason.

Sunday, January 14, 1996

Coimbatore Mapple, Jan 14th, 1996

Co-stars: Sangavi, Goundamani.
Director: C.Ranganathan.

Story: Vijay is a youth who comes to the city and stays with his friend Goundamani claiming that he has a job. Actually Goundamani also doesn't have a job. Both of them are tenants of Sangavi. First Sangavi and Vijay get into fights, but then their arguments and fights turn into love. Meanwhile Karan is also in love with Sangavi.

During the initial fights Sangavi gets Vijay into trouble with Karan. Finally Vijay clears his name with everybody and takes the hand of Sangavi