Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Transcript of the chat with Vijay

Tuesday, 26 April , 2005, 12:20

Among the younger lot of stars there is only one man who gets a Minimum Guarantee (MG) and he is none other than the superstar Vijay, popularly called ‘Ilaya Thalapathy’.

Here is the complete trascript of the chat with him.

rajesh_guru2k asks You seems growing young these days what is the secret of that-dont say exercise,anything else
Vijay says Exercise is the first factor... and also the fact that I dnot put on weight that much... thanks to my body structure

vara85 asks say something about ur kid
Vijay says His name is Sanjay and he is in the UKG. He is very naughty and he imitates me from my latest movie. He is very naughty and very interesting to be with.

vara85 asks what type of characters do u like to do,?
Vijay says A character that the public would like to relate to. A normal guy. a mechanie, a college student, or an unemployed guy.. something that the youth of today can relate to..

janaonline asks Hi Vijay, I am great fan of u. I like ur dance.keep it up
Vijay says thank you.

janaonline asks who is ur fav actor and actree in tamil
Vijay says I like all actors and simran is my favrouite actress

janaonline asks I wish to see you and superstar in one frame. when can i?
Vijay says Even i would love to see myself on screen with HIM. I am also waiting for teh same.

g8hitler asks Hi Vijay,when'll u do action oriented movies in bala direction?
Vijay says As and when everything fits I will take up the role.

appu_smile asks Are u acting in the next Mani ratnam's movie?
Vijay says NO, i am not. It is just a rumour.

ganeshac asks Hello Vijay. Who played a major role in moulding your career. Was it your mother or father? Do they still play a part in you choosing the right script for you as both of them are established writer/directors?
Vijay says My father used to tell me what will be good and what what I should not comit myself to. But at the end of it I used to take the decision.

sachein_usa asks Hi Vijay, I'm a die hard fan of yours from new york. your latest movie sachein is superb. I have a request to make. Can you make sure that your website is updated from time-to-time bcos thats the only source of reliable information for people like me who
Vijay says Thanks a lot, and I will try and see to it that it is updated.

sumiarumugam asks how is ur marriage life and ur next film what. THen ur film thullatha manamum thullum is superp. i saw 10 times
Vijay says I am happy, and my next moviw is `Sivakasi`

csas_saravana asks what is ur child name?
Vijay says Sanjay

sachein_usa asks my friends and i have been awake just to have a chat with you. its almost 1a.m here in NY...eagerly waiting for u to start the chat session
Vijay says Thanks a lot.

sumiarumugam asks hai vijar your smile is superb. u keep it always ur life. then
Vijay says Thank you.

kavisai asks Hi Vijay. I am very happy to meet u here. I am the greatest fan of yours . I saw ur latest fil sachein. Its simply fantastic and heard the song sung by you. I pray god to shower all his blessings on u.Wats ur next film. I kindly request u to give
Vijay says Sivakasi is my bext movie and thank you for your support

ganeshac asks Appadi Podunga Vijay!! Can we see your younger brother (Vikranth) and (Karthik) Surya's brother making it big like you and Surya. And will you both (Surya and yourself) act together with them and promote them?
Vijay says I have acted with Surya, and as far as all of us coming together in one movie is concerned all this depends on the script.

vijay_sister asks hey brother!!sachin was a fantastic movie..do more films like this..btw do u know tht sachin movie is already online on the net!!u have to stop this piracy...
Vijay says Thanks for this information. We would do something to stop this piracy.

deivanayagam_v asks Helo vijay..deiva here...god morning...i like ur dance very much....no one can beat u...keep it up..
Vijay says Thank you.

gorothomas asks Your comedy is always entertaining.Keep it up.By the way, have you ever thought of doing a really serious movie instead of the masala movies that every lead actor is doing.Say, something with adventure,intrigue and suspense. Basically something that will
Vijay says I am not doing the role for an award. All that I am doing is acting for the mass, to entertain them. I am happy with the kind of roles I am donig and I plan to continue on the same vein.

n_vasanthan asks hi vijai why u have centiment scences in all the film u act?
Vijay says When I am choosing a movie i make sure that there are all the necessary ingredients in it.

srrajavel asks Hi vijay How are you what is your target?
Vijay says As long as my fans will accept me I want to continue acting.

vijay_sister asks is simran acting in sivakasi? can we expect another althota boopathy?? ;)
Vijay says NO, there is nothing like that in here.

mvijayemail asks Hi vijay, This is vijay from chandigarh. I'm a fan of u. We hope that u r the next Super star for Tamil films. Because u r very much suited for that. No one can beat u. Any comments pls??
Vijay says Thank you for your support.

tin2tin asks Hey Vijay do u think we need to promote south indian movies more overseas. Cause the Foreigners call all Indian films Bolly wood but here the Hindi wallahs make all the crap movies and call themselves Bollwood, which r either remade from our south India
Vijay says Yeah, but now I guess the condition has changed a lot. Now the next to Bollywood, the Tamil movie industry is standing tall.

chandruraman asks Hi Vijay,This is your old school mate from Balalok Martic Hr.Sec School. We all know that ur the only pet Student of Mrs. Meena Suresh.My question is do you remember all ur school days.
Vijay says She was my English teacher and yes I do remember my schoool days.

nana_sify asks Hi Vijay... How r u..? This is Thiru from Singapore... u got big fan base in singapore. So for in ur career which is the most diffult role u played..?
Vijay says There was no role that can be called a tough role... the only role that was a little tough was the movie Kannukul Nilavu with Shalini.

suresh86 asks Hi Vijay.What do u fell about the difference between the batular life and married life?
Vijay says Bachelor life was loads of fun and Married life is also fun, but a little less in quantity.

smeera2k asks Wassup Dude, Can we expect Sanjay on Silver screen in a near future like Sharukh's son?
Vijay says It all depends on him. I am right now into giving him teh basic education.. and once heis grown up he can decide what he has to do with his life.

hari_kandasamy asks Hi Vijaya, Sometime back we had a news that u r acting in cheran's direction. Wht happedn to tht film now. no updates on that from ur part. wht happened to that project?
Vijay says The dates did not match and the movie has been satlled as of now.

vasanth_2kch asks Hi Vijai, Do u have a plan to direct a movie.. since your father is a very good director. Why all actors are not able to succeed in their in direction?
Vijay says Yes, I am planning to direct a movie, sometime in the future. I have not thought about the storyline as of now but I am thinking about it.

nana_sify asks Are you intend to do any other language film?
Vijay says NO, I plan to stick to Tamil movies nad only Tamil movies.

harshan_vn asks what makes you feel that 3-4 stunts and 5 songs,make the movie hit,though nothing else worth watching is in it?
Vijay says This is an essential ingredient of the movie, but i will not say this is what made the movie a success. But all this definitely had a role to play in the movies success.

mmv_vel asks hiya tell me any jovial incident with Genelia during the shooting of Sachin
Vijay says Genelia is fun to be with. EVen though she did not know know the language she tries real hard to make it perfect. She has a lot of mannerisms, very spontaneous cute actions that make her very cute to watch.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sachien Review - The Hindu

Return to romance

Changing tack: Sachein, entertainer with a fairytale ending.

Opening on a sober note, switching over to the flashback mode almost immediately, and moving on to touch a joyous plane, V Creations' `Sachein' (U/A) is the latest entertainer from Vijay that has a feel-good charm about it. After a winning spree with action flicks, Vijay turns romantic once again in `Sachein.' The last time he donned such a role was probably in `Kushi.' With dignified demeanour, charming smile (as the tiny tot in the film comments) and mischievous eyes Vijay is undoubtedly appealing.

Shalini (Genelia) is a bubbly, headstrong college girl with a quick temper. Sachein (Vijay), also a college goer with a heart of gold, sees her on a rainy day and it is love at first sight for him. But he doesn't adopt the usual, predictable ploys to woo her. Shalini, however, shuns overtures from all the boys in her college, dismissing their attempts as mere rigmarole. After Sachein challenges her that she would fall for him before the end of the term, things are not the same for her. The best part is, `Sachein' does not have the conventional villain hovering around.

As in `Kushi'

Vijay seems to have unwound himself suitably to play Sachein. He is not the serious, vengeful hero that he was in his other recent films. His scenes with Vadivelu are hilarious though it is difficult to swallow the idea of the comedian as a college student! Vijay, Vadivelu, Balaji and Santhanam present some laughable sequences. But the college backdrop with comedians as students gets a little tiring after a point. In temperament the heroine of `Sachein' is very much like the one you saw in `Kushi.'

Genelia, who hardly made an impression in `Boys,' makes much impact in `Sachein.' Her sparkling eyes and cheerful smiles are a treat. At times you do feel she could play things down a little, but probably you wouldn't have the heart to tell her so. After all the earlier hype and hoopla, and the later hullabaloo, you get to see Bipasha Basu, in a minuscule part as the ever sighing Manju pining for Sachein's love.

Moaning and groaning when Sachein touches her albeit with a flower (!) in the presence of an entire group of college students, she makes the sequence repulsive for its sheer unnaturalness. It's sad that the sexy siren from Mumbai has been reduced to the state of a glorified junior artist.

Jeeva's cinematography lends an aesthetic touch to the movie. The dance, ambience, and picturisation of the first song sequence with Genelia, is a commendable group effort. But the second (`Gundu Manga ... ') is an aberration. Composer Devi Sriprasad's beats in the racy numbers are so typically Telugu.

The choreography of the `Maaro ... Maaro' song will make the young in the audience try a jig (Raju Sundaram?). The hospital sequence, where you see Sachein holding the dying girl's hands till the end, appears contrived mainly because the loving mom of the child who you had seen earlier is nowhere in sight at the crucial moment! Instead you see `Thalaivaasal' Vijay suddenly walking in as the dad.

`Sachein' should prove a successful debut for writer-director John Mahendran. The tagline calls it `The Miracle of Love.' Only there's nothing new about this miracle — `Sachein' is a fairytale romance where all ends well.


Priyanka wants one more with Vijay

[Wednesday, April 20, 2005]

Former Miss World and actress Priyanka Chopra is a hot and happening gal in Bollywood. The tall actress, who made her debut in silver screen with Thamizhan opposite Vijay, has now one secret desire.

What's that? "I want to do another movie in Tamil and that to opposite Vijay. I am a great fan of his and love all his movies".

Priyanka says that since the subsequent offers that she got after Tamizhan failed to impress her, she stayed put in Mumbai. But I am keen to do a movie in Kollywood now, she says.

Priyanka Chopra, who sang a song - Hot Party in Thamizhan with Vijay, says "I have a great passion for music. I love to come out with a private music album soon".

Whenever I choose an offer, I would ensure that it is a movie with good story involving good technicians, she adds. Knowing her priorities right is Priyanka Chopra.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sachien Review - Rediff.com

Sachein, April 14th, 2005


If you want to know what Sachein (yes, the numerologist seems to have been at work) is all about, here goes: College boy meets college girl, falls in love, and declares his love.

The girl does not believe in infatuation and vociferously spurns the boy's love. But finally, the girl falls in love with the boy but does not divulge it to him -- it would hurt her ego to do so.
The film ends with the boy and girl in a tight embrace but only after some suspenseful moments.

No, it's not at a railway station but at an airport. So instead of the train's horn, you hear the announcement: 'passengers are requested to proceed for a security check...'

Though the story and situations are predictable, what makes the film interesting is the way writer-director John Mahendran has shaped Sachein's character. And Vijay is simply adorable in the film! He may be in his early 30s but looks every inch a college student, unlike Ajith in Ji.

Hugely successful action films like Gilli, Thirupatchi and Madurai have given Vijay numerous young male fans but with this film, he is all set become the darling of the teenagers. He oozes style and innocence, and his portrayal of Sachein, with a tinge of comedy, is quite novel and endearing.

Genelia's character Shalini is not just a dancing doll. She is as important in the film as Sachein, which is a rarity in a Vijay film. For instance Trisha, the top Tamil female lead now and Vijay's co-star in his earlier blockbusters, has never had a strong role opposite Vijay.

But it seems no other actress could have portrayed Shalini with so much energy and innocence as Genelia. She matches up to Vijay in acting and style too.

John Mahendran told rediff.com that Bipasha Basu is not an item number showpiece in the film. I would say her item number is most disappointing and her character is redundant and forgettable. In her scenes with Genelia, Bips looks like her aunt!

Even in sex appeal, Genelia wins. It is ridiculous to see a jaded-looking Bipasha trying to seduce a much younger-looking Vijay. She looks more like an agony aunt to Genelia than a seductress to Vijay!

There is a lot of daring action from Vijay, never mind whether they are needed.

Though it is a college story, nobody is ever seen going to class, and there is no talk of studies either. The only thing they discuss is love. You also will not get any idea what they study.

Are Vijay and Genelia classmates? No idea. But they seem to finish college at the same time.
Yes, Sachein is one of those films you should not question, just watch and enjoy.

But I can assure you one thing. The film will stay in your mind for a while because of the way Mahendran has shaped the characters, and the way Vijay and Genelia have portrayed their roles.