Friday, October 24, 2003

Thirumalai, Oct 24th, 2003

Thirumalai (Vijay) is a two-wheeler mechanic who lives in Pudupet and has three close friends for whom he would do anything. Raghuvaran is an artist who comes to stay near Tirumalai’s mechanic shop with his wife Nagalakshmi (Kousalya). Thirumalai happens to meet Swetha (Jothika), on a New Year’s Day. As she appears in front of him all of a sudden, she happens to greet saying ‘Everyone will do fine’. From that very day, things start to shine up in Thirumalai’s life. He falls in love with Swetha as he thinks that good things started to happen in his life only after she greeted him.

Swetha first ignores him, but soon she understands his nature and reciprocates. Meanwhile Swetha’s father (Avinash), a business tycoon who owns six satellite channels hates the idea of a mechanic being his son-in-law and seeks the help of a local thug Arasu (Manoj.K.Jayan) whose only job is to kill people for huge money. Arasu plots an attempt to kill Thirumalai. Does Thirumalai succeed in winning his girl or is he caught up in the plot against him forms the rest of the story.

Vijay presents the character that has a quite a few fine distinctions, creditably. Vijay, who generally does not believe in exerting himself too much in the emotions department, (there are a couple of exceptions though), has made a laudable effort. When he comes to know that Arasu’s men have kidnapped all his friends, Vijay's anguish over the incident have been well outlined by him. Jothika is as fresh as she was in Kushi and delights the audience with her dances especially Dhimusu Kattai number.Kiran comes in an item number Vaadi emma jakkamma.

There is nothing new in Vivek’s comedy track.Debutant director Ramana an assistant to R.K.Selvamanai moves the film at an interesting pace. Little more care could have been taken on the screenplay. The highlights of the film are Vidhya Sagar’s music and Peter Heyn’s stunts. Vidhya Sagar’s re-recording enhances the effect of many scenes, including the fight sequences. R.Rathinavelu’s camera work is catchy especially in the foreign locales.