Tuesday, January 31, 2006

From a die-hard Vijay fan

These are questions in my heart for a long time. Time has come to ask them in public:

1) Being next only to Rajini in terms of fan following, why he is not geting his fans support in the huge media of Internet? He is the one who is most criticised badly in web forums, groups and cine websites. Even though it doesn't matter much for his popularity, why none of his fans raise voice against this and are silent observers?

2) With so much of love and afftection from mass category, what is his status in the minds of class audience? Again he is the one who is always bashed up in corporate forums(personal experience) and he is portrayed as a joker through SMS messages and chain mails... (Mind you, I received over 10 copies of "Pls help this guy" in last 1 day)

3) Has he degraded from class hero category gained through films Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai and Kushi? Oflate, his films do better in B and C centers than in A centers, giving enough room for people to stamp him as a B grade hero(He is called so and I have painfully seen it in a web forum). What should he do to regain his status amongst city audience? (I know there are lots of his fans among city audience but his films are still not aceptable to all classes)

4) Why is he hesitant to try something away from usual masala routine inspite of having so much of talent? Is it because his films with a difference like Kannukkul Nilavu, Sachien and Aathi did not receive the expected response? Again, when people are cribbing about the need of something different from him, why is it not getting appreciated?

5) Who the hell on the earth made Vijay think that his fans love only masala stuff? If I get to see that person, I will hang him to death. And please, please, Perarasu, Hari are not class directors in any way, they may give huge hits, but their stories are at a level that should be enacted by Sarath Kumar or Sathyaraj(very sorry to say this). And he has to become a director's guy to make his journey legendary in Tamil Cinema history... When will Vijay realise this?

6) When crappy mails are forwarded and messages sent through SMS degrading Vijay, why are we not doing anything to stop such things and wasting our time comparing other actors with Vijay? Comparing Vijay with Rajini is not at all healthy in any way and we are going to be the losers fighting with Rajini fans...(Coz their strength also constitutes good amount of Vijay fans)Such egoistic statements pulled down that A actor's reputation once and I never ever want that to happen for Vijay.

7) Why the hell is Vijay trying to be friendly with that A actor, when he does not deserve it? First they banked upon the late release of Aathi to claim their film had a huge opening... Now, I read in a forum the other actor's fan commenting like this:
"Vijay did not attend the pooja of Thirupathi movie to wish A actor, but he came to AVM for asking a chance to act in AVM movie to Saravanan. On the way, he dropped in to the function. Since Saravanan refused his offer he had used his brother Balasubramanian to produce his future movie using the feud between the two brothers"

This is just a sample. 100's of such stories are revolving around the powerful internet, imagine the impact it could have on those browsing such items. Ultimately, our aim is to keep Vijay in high esteem. Yahoo groups is one way of it, but there are lots more battles to be fought on the net to save this esteem forever. Unfortunately, lack of fan power in such sties and forums paves way for spreading bad things about Vijay.

All I want to say to Vijay fans, is expand your horizons over the net, keep spreading good things about Vijay through word of mouth(Nothing wrong, its not cheap publicity)... Time has come to show our fan power and put an end point to all craps on Vijay.

Long live my hero!!! Long live his fans!!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Junior Vijay's queries to Papa Vijay

*January 30, 2006*

Actor Vijay has a problem at home. Sibling rivalry! Ever since the new arrival of a baby daughter Divya at home, his son has become jealous. The son feels that the he is not getting his due attention because of the newarrival.

He would throw tantrums and not look at the baby at all. However that has changed, thanks to Vijay counseling his son. Yet the boy keeps asking Vijay, "You love me still, don't you?" That evokes a caring smile and hug from Vijay.

Vijay's son studies in a school inAdayar. Whenever Vijay is not shooting, he drops his son at school and picks him up in the evening. By the way, his daughter's name Divya is an anagram of his dead sister's name Vidya.

Aathi review - nowrunning.com

Producer:S.A. Chandrasekar
Cast: Vijay,Trisha,Prakashraj, Vivek, Manivannan, Vijayakumar,Nasser, Devan and Sita
Music: Vidyasagar
Screenplay: Ramana

RATING::::::::::::::::3 STARS.
By P.V. Sathish Kumar

Aathi (Vijay) has a mission to accomplish. To carry this out, he joins a college in Chennai against the wishes of his parents (Seethaand Manivannan). Anjali (Trisha) is also a student of the same college. Both Anjali and Aathi lead a life of gilded surface, which disguises the darkness beneath. Both, Aathi and Anjali want to avenge the killers of their parents.

The irony is that they both aim the same killers, without the other knowing about this.Aathi and Anjali cross each other on several occasions in the college, and soon they understand that they both have same tastes and liking. As the life goes, their relationship advances. Oncewhile performing rites, Aathi recognizes his Uncle (Nasser) andlearns that Anjali is his own Uncle's daughter. Together they decide to assassinate the baddies RDX (Saikumar) and his henchmen. How they accomplish this forms the rest of the story.

Vijay as Aathi excels in his performance and his screen presences is terrific. He fits the role of a cold-blooded undercover assassin andthe actions scenes by Peter Haynes are well choreographed. For a change, Trisha has got equal footage as Vijay and she has also given a commendable performance. She looks ravishing especially in song sequences. The lead pair's well-known chemistry once again comes alive on screen.

Saikumar from Tollywood as RDX has performed brilliantly. He is a perfect choice for the crude character. Vivek as a mild, well-manned sidekick manages to tickle the funny bone in his cameo. Prakash Raj,Nasser, Manivannan and Seetha have done their brief rolls well.The film has a high dose of violence and not many lighter moments.

Though the first half of the film is good the second half s a trifle dull and drags as it show the hero assassinating all the villains and hence become predictable.Director Ramanaa may have a valid excuse to justify the overdose of violence; after all it's a remake. However, better editing could have made the film crisper.

Vidyasagar's music is good. Particularly the song "Olli, Olli Iduppe..." stands out. Soundarrajan's camera has captured some scenic locals of Switzerland in song sequences.Though not bracingly pleasurable, the movie is worth for its well etched out dialogues, racy action sequences and Vijay's brisk acting.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Vijay at 4th place in Loyola college Survey

Loyola College has been conducting various surveys year after year on several subjects. This time an army of 18 people marched under the leadership of Prof. Bishop Rajanayakam. They have conducted several surveys on various issues in all districts except in Nilagiri. Yesterday they made the results public.

One item that is a matter of interest for us has found place in it. That is concerning the Top 10 list of actors.

Clinging on to the last name in the list is Sharat Kumar. He could secure only 1.5 points. The 9th place goes to Surya who has captured 3 points. Re-entering through 'Paramasivan' Ajith is in the 8th place with 3.1 points. Next in 7th place is Vikram with 3.2 points. Kamal could secure only 7.5 points and is ranked at 6th.

What is interesting about this Top 10 list is that even after their passing away, both M.G.R. and Sivaji have secured 13 points and 9.6 points and placed at 3rd and 5th ranks respectively. Between these two giants is our own Thirumalai Vijay securing 10 points.

Vijayakanth who had started a new political party has been blessed by Tamil people with the 2nd position with 13.9 points. But the one who is racing ahead with 18.9 points and occupying the No.1 rank is Rajini.

In the last year survey conducted during April, Rajini was in No.2 rank. 'Chandramuki's' success catapulted Rajini to No.1 rank.

Courtesy: Link

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Vijay takes a break!

By Moviebuzz
Tuesday, 24 January , 2006, 17:27

Vijay is taking a break. He is off to London this weekend! Sangeetaand children are already there with her parents, and Vijay plans tojust chill out for the next two weeks there.

For the first time in hiscareer, Vijay has not announced a new film after a release!2006 has started badly for Vijay. His father was hospitalised andtheir home production Aathi was lukewarm at the box-office. And when he went to New Delhi for the release of a postal stamp, it was given apolitical colour by his detractors. Another set back was when he could not agree with S.J Suryah over the much-hyped Puli storyline and they decided to scrap the project.

All this personal set backs weighed heavily in his mind, so forsometime he wanted to get away from Chennai and work pressures. Thebest way out was to take a holiday, get rejuvenated and then come back to work.

One thing is clear that Vijay's next film will be produced by Swargacitra Appachan. But the whole confusion is- who will be the director? Vijay wants to go back to the comfort of the `Formula' and do another Tirupachi or Sivakasi with his favourite Perarasu.But Perarasu is now working on Ajit's AVM produced Tirupati and has already committed to do another Vijay film for Ayngaran the leading overseas buyer and video rights holder of Tamil films.

Sources close to Vijay say that he will take a call on his next director for Appachan film, only after he comes back from London in mid- February. Till then a lot of directors who have narrated stories to him like Hari, Muthuvadigu younger brother and assistant of hisfavourite director Perarasu and Udayan ( Vijaykanth's Perarasu director) will be on tender hooks!

Anyway Vijay needs a break; let him enjoy his holiday as he chills out in -8 degrees with his family!

Vijay lends Asin a helping hand

- 24.01.2006

It seems Vijay has promised Asin that she would be the heroine of his next film. For a person who stays a few feet away from heroines, the first lady to break his Vishwamitra like penance was Trisha. The next person seems to be Asin.

As soon as it was confirmed that S J Suryah was to direct Vijay in 'Puli,' the first thing to be done was select the heroine. Suryah tried very hard to rope in Nila as the heroine of 'Puli,' but Vijay held on to Asin as his leading lady.

Now that project 'Puli' itself has run into problems, Asin is losing sleep over her lost opportunity. Vijay has seemingly consoled her that she would definitely be the heroine of his next film. Apart from this information, Asin also mentioned that Aamir Khan who had seen 'Ghajini' and was impressed, had called her and invited her to step into Mumbai for a duet or two.

Asin is right now acting in a Telugu film 'Annavaram' and plans to take off to Mumbai after that. Like Asin, if one has a godfather in every language, why Bollywood, even Hollywood seems a possibility!

Courtesy: cinesouth.com

With love Vijay - Vikatan series

This week's edition contained Vijay speaking on his dancing skills..Some excerpts from that:

He says "I am a bathroom singer and bedroom dancer.. I used to practice steps of all popular songs standing before the mirror in my bedroom. I have done lots of stage dancing in school and college days which helped me identify the talent in me."

"Prabhudeva and Lawrence are dance masters who gives me most difficult steps. Both of them make me dance really very hard and 'bend nimithiduvaanga' :-) But at the same time, when ppl enjoy these dance numbers on screen with whistles, I feel like all pains disappearing in a moment."

"A good music director, excellent dance master and sincere actor-if these 3 unite nothing can stop a song's success and thats the reason why my songs become hits"

"Rasigan movie's 'Bombay city shilpa shetty' was my first kuthu song onscreen. It continues in every movie till 'Olli Olli Iduppe'"

"Regarding dancing partners, Simran is the best. U should be very careful if u have a partenr like her..Otherwise in very few steps she will push u back in competition..Its really a jolly competition"

"I attribute all my dancing skills to my dance masters and my concentration in learning from them and my observations when they teach for group dancers has made me a good dancer. I have learnt a lot from these masters."

"Today from young kids to old ppl enjoy my dance. Children affected by Tsunami stay happy for atleast 5 mins seeing my dance on TV.. I thank god for this and this is the boon in my life"

Monday, January 23, 2006

Aathi review - Cinesouth

He gets up after being felled repeatedly, he laughs as blood drips from him, he emerges from a smashed car as if sauntering to have snacks, even when his shirt back catches fire he is cool as if dipping in the Niagara…that's what Vijay reels out in his film, enough to string a garland of abnormal happenings!

Father, paternal grandfather and grandmother, grandpa and grandma, uncle, aunt…Villain Saikumar vanquishes the whole family that has been living together in peace and harmony.The young Vijay and Trisha escape from Saikumar's clutches and grow up in different places, with the common aim of taking revenge on Saikumar.

When it becomes known that Trisha is Vijay's `intended' bride, the villains raise their hands. Rifle shots ring out, knives slash across the air and finally Vijay and Trisha take revenge on the villains.Vijay usually does not change even the medicine bottles in his films, but in this, the action hero has done things a bit different.

Forget about Vijay's fights and his dance. The story is not great, so it is a strain to find out what on earth was in `Athanokkate' that the film had to be made in Tamil. Saikumar is impatient to get his hands on Vijay who has been dodging him, when Vijay appears before him in person. The villain has a henchman at 2 feet intervals, but Vijay coolly washes his face in mineral water, throws out challenges to the villain with his legs crossed, and dares him to lay a finger on him.

Having learnt all this, the villain does not leave even a scratch on Vijay and sends him off. Then there's a gaping loophole in the story. When Vijay challenges the villain, his voice modulation in that scene would be a feast to his fans.Like the moon shines down when the dark clouds part, Trisha enters the screen, but the beauty suddenly drags out the DGP's guts and makes us applaud her action.

If one expected that she would outshine Vijay in acting, one is disappointed because she does her usual dancing stuff showing off her slim hips. The villain who trembles at the very glance of Vijay has the grand name of RDX but his characterization is like a damp firework. Vivek's comedy is something we have been seeing for the past many years, so his comedy times are bad times for the audience.

Saikumar makes Santhanabharathi a minister but he turns out to be weak character. When he sits on the roadside drinking tea and gossiping with the villain, it seems like an illogical cover up of something.

Vidyasagar's music for `ennai konja konja…' is very melodious. Playback singers Hariharan and Sujatha are so good that their voices should be insured!From Trisha's entry into the film till the climax scenes, cameraman Sounderarajan has made a poem on celluloid. Brinda, Kalyan and Shobi have done good choreography.

Vehicles driving at 40km an hour get totally wrecked on collision, so it is rather difficult to appreciate the fact that stunt master Peter Hain makes Vijay and the villain escape from cars driving at thrice the speed. It looks rather ridiculous and makes one laugh.This film is a carbon copy remake of `Athanokatte' but through all the reels, one cannot find director Ramana's touch in any of the scenes. That is rather unfortunate.

`Aathi' is half baked.

Vijay who draws audiences
Vidyasagar's music
Dance masters


Fact file from Chennai on Vijay

I am back after my short trip to Chennai... I have become a mad Vijay fan these days. So many things are becoming visible for me only now :P.

Ok let me give some few things I had watched..

1) Many good brands are promoting Aathi and Vice versa... Reliance Webworld, Sunfeast biscuits, Jayachandran Textiles, Saravana Stores etc... Huge banners are seen in many places in the city.

2) Sunfeast is providing a Vijay mask for kids with the purchase of biscuits it seems(I heard the ad is shown in TV but I never waste time in watching ads on tv :D I saw it in a big cut out near Guindy)

3) Sivakaasi has silently completed 80 days now, and huge posters were seen in many places... Its still running successfully(I think 3 shows??) in Devi Bala.

4) Mayajaal is showing 10 shows of Aadhi as compared to 8 shows of Psm. I was reminded of PVR Cinemas,Bangalore were 5 shows of Psm were cut down to 2 on the very 4th day, where as Aathi is going steadily with 3 shows a day from the beginning...

5) There is a fan club of Vijay in almost every street of T.Nagar(my area) and West Mambalam, most of which are streets of lower middle class and lower class... Important point to note is that many places, both Vijay and A actor's fan's club are very nearby and are working out peacefully.

6) I heard that one of my relative's marriage was held in JS Kalyana Madapam of Vijay(hope i got the name correct).. In future, I wish that my marriage be held there.. Lolz!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

AADHI - Big steps forward

Review by Sai Anand, Owner-Moderator Yahoo Vijay Fans group

Ippo Illati Eppo, that sums up Aadhi and Vijay! Vijay has often been ridiculed for doing the same thing again and again. His fans lap up his movies which have a customary opening intro song, some big graphic fights, romance, comedy, sentiments, etc. But Aadhi is not the usual Vijay film! It has quality in it yet its perfectly acceptable for the commercial viewer! IPPO Vijay indha madhiri padam pannala na vera EPPO! He doesnt have his usual customary opening song, his comedy is toned down highly from his usual films. The whole film has a high quality film's look to it which is extra-ordinary.

Story & Screenplay:

A revenge story! Two children whose family get brutally killed wait to take revenge on those murderers! This is a usual story of the 80's but the treatment to the film is what makes it up the pedestal! The screenplay is just one word - TERRIFIC! Ramana has weaved magic with
the screenplay! The introduction of the characters and the first half was very interesting though some felt it moved a bit slowly but what the hell? We cant have everything so fast in life, can we? If Ramana can keep this up and can improve some more of his flaws, he can be a high quality director!


One big minus is the violence! This violence can put off children from watching this film! I am sure my parents arent gonna like it and watch it! The climax was a big yawn. I mean lot of blood wasted in the climax! The cutting of the villian's head mid air from the bridge looked a bit brutal!


I have already reviewed the music here! The music is excellent, and when coupled with the movie, it sounds even more brilliant! Song picturisations are fantastic! My favorite is the Olli Olli Iduppe!
Athi Athika was so sweet. My sister with whom I watched the film in the theatre, loved it so much and still raves about the love between the family (we are used to such family sentiments!). Durra was a great song too!


Deserves mention here! Manivannan, Seetha, Vijay's sister, the family, Nasseer, Ghilli's villian (Sada in this film), etc all did very well and added power to the film!


Great comedy from Vivek! IT was somewhat different with his introduction! It was a surprise! But then summa chappunu pochu.... But he was very good with his comedy! Better than his role in

Sai Kumar:

WOW!!! HE WAS JUST WOWWWW....>!!!!!! I have never seen such a powerful villian for a long time on the Tamil screen! He is the best ever villian that I have seen so far in Tamil Cinema after
Raghuvaran's Marc Antony in Baasha! What a powerful eyes? Great dialogue delivery! Who dubbed for him (I dont think he himself did it!). But he deserves a big big award for this film! His face still rankles in my mind! His dialogue "Vaada Ghilli...." was mind blowing! I can just go on raving about Sai Kumar but let me leave it at here! He has a great future in Tamil Cinema provided he does good movies!


The way her role was projected by many reviews in this group, I expected a bit more and was a wee bit disappointed! But definitely this role should be one of her best roles that she has done so far!
Her first scene was rocking! But I dont know why, I couldnt relate that expression on her face with her image! I couldnt see Trisha showing revenge on her face! But still she did a great job! She was
extremely beautiful in the songs and her pairing with Vijay is just electrifying!


For the rest, I have mentioned their real names but for our Thalaivan, I have mentioned AADHI above! He has lived as Aadhi to say it exactly! The first scene was so good and that I couldnt stop
myself from trying to whistle (oodhina verum kaathu thaan vandhadhu!). When his title "Ilayathalapathy" came on screen, whistles flew... He has improved so so much in his dialogue delivery in this film! He has delivered some of his best dialogues in this film. The stand out scene of Vijay was the scene where he goes to RDX's house and challenges him! Enna super dialogue po!!! Theatre eh ore alaral...."Naa Pullai illa da Pullii.....".. Super punch!!!! Vijay has achieved another peak by acting in this film!


This film was so good that I have my section of favorite scenes:

1. Scene 1 - Trisha kills the police officer
2. Vijay meets Trisha at the library (Akhilandeshwari Amma..... Remember?)
3. Vijay beats up some one for taking obscene pictures
4. RDX introduction (enna introduction pa!)
5. Vijay's confrontation with RDX in the bar (enna kannu da adhu!)
6. Vijay's confrontation with RDX at his house (best scene of the film)

On the whole, this film is a must watch for all adults who can withstand bloodshed and some violence! Children below 18 and people with weak heart should stay away from it!

Rating : 100/100


The screening here was a big surprise! When I entered the 160 capacity theatre, there were only about 25-30 people! When the movie started, the crowd filled in like mad and when the interval was
announced, the count was close to 130-140!! The crowd was big and the whistling was very good to hear! I think this might lead the distributors to screen more Vijay films in future!

Aathi review - ApunKaChoice.Com

'Aathi' Disappoints
By P. Sreekumaran
Film critic, ApunKaChoice.Com

The pre-release hype was quite high. The expectations are that the Vijay-starrer ‘Aathi’ would mark a hat-trick of success for the Number 2 in Tamil cinema. However, the end product is disappointing, to say the least.

True, all the ingredients that enrich a typical Vijay film are there: action, emotion, comedy, romance and a surfeit of violence. But somehow, ‘Aathi’ leaves one cold unlike his earlier films like ‘Tirupachi’ and ‘Sivakasi’. It’s a bit like swigging a coke that lacks the fizz!

But ‘Aathi’ is no unmitigated disaster either, if you are a diehard Vijay fan, that is. For the loyal followers the young actor, the film packs a powerful punch: thrilling encounters, stunning action scenes, romantic interludes and comedy cameos. And, if the response in the first week is any indication, ‘Aathi’ is all set to set the cash registers ringing.

What more do you want? One might ask. The point is: if you go on making film after film on the staple diet of masala, the viewers’ palate may jade sooner than later. That is the lesson ‘Aathi’ hands out to the hero with the boyish look. Too much of even a good thing is bad, after all. Will he listen?

Aathi (Vijay) has a mission to accomplish. So, much against his parents (Manivannan and Seeta), Aathi, a resident of New Delhi sallies forth to Chennai, where he joins a college. Anjali (Trisha), a student in the same college, is a bird of the same feather. She is also out to avenge the killers of her parents. Her uncle (Nasser) fully supports her plan. Understandably, the duo, thrown together by circumstances, attract each other. The friendship matures into love soon.

The movie goes on to depict how the twosome go about accomplishing their joint mission. The villain is a character called RDX (brilliantly done by Malayalam actor Sai Kumar).A major drawback of ‘Aathi’ is the excess of violence that besets the film. The film literally drips with blood and gore, what with two-dozen killings!

Only the manner of killing is different. Some are hacked to death while others are shot. The ‘piece de resistance’ is the severed head of a bad guy hurtling through the air! The director Ramanna may have a valid excuse to justify the overdose of violence. After all, it is the remake of violence-filled Telugu film ‘Athanokkade’ featuring Kalyan Ram, Sindhu and Ashish Vidyarthi in the principal roles.

‘Aathi’ also suffers from a painfully slow pace. It could have been much better if it had been edited well. Vivek’s comedy act fails to tickle the viewers’ ribs. The silver lining is the screen presence of Vijay, who excels in action scenes brilliantly choreographed by Peter Haynes.

Trisha gives Vijay good company. And their famed chemistry once again comes alive on the silver screen. Prakash Raj is a competent police officer.

Music composer Vidyasagar has come out with a number of melodious songs. That is one of the redeeming features of ‘Aathi’.

If you are a Vijay fan, you will like ‘Aathi’. Otherwise...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Aathi review - The Hindu

Cliched, and typically Vijay


Surprisingly, the heroine of this action film, which has Vijay as hero, is not a glam doll. In fact she has some daredevilry to perform, while the hero takes the backseat for a while. But once he springs into action there's no stopping him. Suryan Arts' `Aadhi' (U/A) is in the same genre as the other major releases this month. And it is the second Telugu remake of this season. Vijay has tried out minor changes in his appearance, with coloured hair and a faint, dishevelled beard. Introduced as a fun loving person, the manner in which Vijay's role metamorphoses into a serious, vengeful character is an interesting feature of `Aadhi.'

Ramanaa, the screenplay and dialogue writer and director, teams up once again with Vijay. Why does Ramanaa make the characters repeat words so often? It sounds ludicrous after a point. Especially when even the villains adopt the same style.

Aadhi's is a happy family in Delhi. When he suddenly decides to shift base to Chennai, his parents are perplexed but come down with him. He meets Anjali (Trisha) and slowly friendship turns into love. Both of them have a secret mission on hand and go about their tasks. `Aadhi' is a story of justified vendetta.

Vijay's initial cheerfulness is enjoyable but as things get serious he tends to overdo the histrionics bit. Trisha looks radiant, her dancing is getting better and in the area of expressions too she seems to be honing her skills — the result is gratifying. Vivek's comedy scenes early in the film are a little like the track he followed in `University,' but on the whole his humour line is entertaining. Saikumar's eyes spew venom. The actor is an apt choice for the brutal role.

For the sake of being different, you have the hero decapitating the villain's head midair, but the neck (that looks like some synthetic make) dangling loose before it falls makes it comedy unintended. The film opens in Rameswaram with Vijay running on the railway track to save a friend. Next you see him in New Delhi — sequentially it's slightly confusing! And when the dove in Trisha's hands is absolutely motionless, you hear the sound of its fluttering wings. Such discrepancies are minor all right but they hamper the impact.

`Ennai Konja Konja ... ' is a scintillating duet from Vidyasagar. The re-recording in the scene where the hero and heroine visualise their childhood in the building that was once their ancestral home, is particularly commendable. Rajeevan's art lends gloss to the song sequences and magnificence to the flashback, though not all of it is natural.

Once the suspense is out, the predictable turn of events and the protraction begin to make you restless. In scenes where guns would have made matters crisp and quick, you have henchmen running around brandishing antique cutting tools! And just when you think `Aadhi's quota of blood and gore is over, the hero informs the audience there's more to come. That's when you wriggle with impatience.


Source: http://www.hindu.com/fr/2006/01/20/stories/2006012002970400.htm

Vijay, Hari and Harris to unite

January 19, 2006

Now that Vijay has opted out of Puli, Producer Appachan is looking for a good story for another Vijay movie. The film will be directed by Hari. They want to move out of the rut and are looking for an action film that doesn't have much blood and gore.

So, Hari is busy pinning out a family entertainer for Ilaya Thalapathi. Asin may play the heroine. Harris Jeyaraj, Hari’s choice this time may score the music.

Earlier there were discussions with AVM Balasubramanium to produce this movie. But it seems Appachan might finally walk away with it.

Courtesy: Behindwoods.com

AATHI leads tamil films released in Malaysia on BOX-OFFICE Collection

Here is the happy news about the first Box-Office report of Malaysia's films which now running on theatre. Aathi leads all the other release for Pongal. It might give clear and most true detail on which star takes the lead. It obviously none other than our ILAYATHALAPATHY.

The top ten chart includes all Hollywood, Hong Kong movies and all international release. Malaysian indian population is just around two percent of 23 million people and if AATHI a tamil movie gets second position in erm of box office collecion, it surely a mega blockbuster movie in Malaysia.

Malaysia Box Office Top Ten:
12 January 2006 - 18 January 2006

Long Khong
Baik Punya Cilok
King Kong
The Wig
Pride And Prejudice
Cheaper By The Dozen 2
Oliver Twist

-Compiled from Cinema Box Office sales totals in Malaysia each week (Thursday to Wednesday)

Sources: http://www.cinemaonline.com.my/charts/charts.asp?search=top


Friday, January 20, 2006

Fine chemistry on screen

IndiaGlitz [Friday, January 20, 2006]

Vijay and Trisha have been considered the lucky couple in Tamil film industry.

The two had teamed up to render big hits in Gilli and Thirupachi. Aathi,which features Trisha and Vijay together again got released last week, amidst great expectations.

Asked the secret of the couple's successon screen, Trisha says, 'Vijay and I have a beautiful chemistry on screen. We also have a strong bond of friendship. I feel very comfortable when acting with him. If I find difficult to emote in any scene, I discuss with Vijay. We have mutual discussions on the role and improvise on the sets.'

Naturally, the chemistry is working, and making history, too.

Source: http://www.indiaglitz.com/channels/tamil/article/19863.html

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Secret of success of my films with Vijay– Trisha

If there’s a poll on which is the best star jodi in Kollywood, the vote will definitely go to Trisha-Vijay.

Trisha keeps flying between Andhra and Tamilnadu and we halted her in her tracks. Here’s what she had to say.

“Vijay and I have a beautiful chemistry on screen. We also have a strong bond of friendship. I feel very comfortable when acting with him. If any scenes are difficult, I discuss with Vijay.
Without making a fuss, he tells me how to go about it. Sometimes, we have mutual discussions. These could be some of the reasons why our pairing is successful.”

Does she do anything to prevent the evil eye from affecting this success formula?

“I have no time for such things,” she said breezily as she got into her car and drove off.

Source: http://www.cinesouth.com/masala/hotnews/new/19012006-3.shtml

RIM to promote Aathi

Source: http://chennaionline.com/film/News/2006/01reliance.asp

Reliance India Mobile has announced its association with 'Aathi', a Vijay entertainer. Under the popular 'Showtime' property, the mega movie promotion platform, Aathi is aimed at enthralling RIM subscribers as a special Pongal package.

Aathi, an action packed thriller, has Vijay and Trisha in the lead star cast. Directed by Ramana, the movie has music by Vidyasagar, some of which has the potential to make it to the top of chartbusters. S A Chandrasekhar (popularly known as SAC) is the producer of this much-awaited flick.

“This event reiterates RIM's leadership in the field of unique mobile application suite as it offers the technology-savvy customers a powerful entertainment forum and a chance to experience a practical and modern communication tool. The content of this movie was released on the R World suite of data applications exclusively for Reliance IndiaMobile subscribers. They have to log onto R-World>MoviesNMore>Cine Ulagam section to access Aathi movie zone, where they can watch trailers, download ring tones, wall papers and participate in the contests. This latest initiative would make the mobile experience of all RIM customers even more exciting and enjoyable," said V G Somasekhar, RIM Geography Head, Tamil Nadu.

“Reliance IndiaMobile Showtime is a special entertainment platform brought exclusively to our customers through CDMA 2001X-based data capable handsets. This 360 degree effort also provides us an opportunity to showcase our broadband technology and an alternative platform for movie promotion," added Somasekhar. "We are committed to giving the customers the best at outstanding value. This stems from our philosophy that customers are the engine of our growth and success. In the process we are opening access to telecommunication in all it forms," Somasekhar said.

Aathi-related mobile data application will offer customers the opportunity to experience premium quality entertainment and the latest in high-quality mobile communication, he added. The hero of the movie will anchor his movie's preview on mobile phones, revolutionising data application in mobile telephony. All RIM subscribers in Tamil Nadu can view Vijay's interesting material on 'Aathi'.
Source: http://chennaionline.com/film/News/2006/01reliance.asp

Reliance India Mobile has announced its association with 'Aathi', a Vijay entertainer. Under the popular 'Showtime' property, the mega movie promotion platform, Aathi is aimed at enthralling RIM subscribers as a special Pongal package.

Aathi, an action packed thriller, has Vijay and Trisha in the lead star cast. Directed by Ramana, the movie has music by Vidyasagar, some of which has the potential to make it to the top of chartbusters. S A Chandrasekhar (popularly known as SAC) is the producer of this much-awaited flick.

“This event reiterates RIM's leadership in the field of unique mobile application suite as it offers the technology-savvy customers a powerful entertainment forum and a chance to experience a practical and modern communication tool. The content of this movie was released on the R World suite of data applications exclusively for Reliance IndiaMobile subscribers. They have to log onto R-World>MoviesNMore>Cine Ulagam section to access Aathi movie zone, where they can watch trailers, download ring tones, wall papers and participate in the contests. This latest initiative would make the mobile experience of all RIM customers even more exciting and enjoyable," said V G Somasekhar, RIM Geography Head, Tamil Nadu.

“Reliance IndiaMobile Showtime is a special entertainment platform brought exclusively to our customers through CDMA 2001X-based data capable handsets. This 360 degree effort also provides us an opportunity to showcase our broadband technology and an alternative platform for movie promotion," added Somasekhar. "We are committed to giving the customers the best at outstanding value. This stems from our philosophy that customers are the engine of our growth and success. In the process we are opening access to telecommunication in all it forms," Somasekhar said.

Aathi-related mobile data application will offer customers the opportunity to experience premium quality entertainment and the latest in high-quality mobile communication, he added. The hero of the movie will anchor his movie's preview on mobile phones, revolutionising data application in mobile telephony. All RIM subscribers in Tamil Nadu can view Vijay's interesting material on 'Aathi'.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Aathi review - Galatta.com

Cast: Vijay, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Manivannan, Vjayakumar, Naseer, etc.,
Direction: Ramana
Music: Vidyasagar
Producer: Shoba Chandrasekar

It is a general fact that revenge-based stories are much in demand in the film industry. With such a view, Aathi is framed. Not only is the hero bent upon talking revenge but the heroine too. Vijay has done a splendid role as usual. Director Ramana has used Vijay’s talents, handled them carefully and directed it towards success.

Anjali (Trisha) wearing a beautiful white dress attacks Devan with a knife and blood oozes from his body. This is the start of Aathi . Trisha studies in a college and is under the care of her uncle (Nasser). She is bent up on taking revenge against those who were responsible for her orphaned state. Aathi (Vijay) is brought up in New Delhi by his foster parents (Manivannan and Seetha). He moves to Chennai to study. Within him burns the fire of taking revenge against those who were responsible for the death of his parents and relatives.

Both Anjali and Aathi are directed towards the same cause. Aathi and Anjali gradually fall in love and try establishing their revenge mission together. What really happens after a lot of bloodshed, fight and thrilling moments is the real suspense. Vijay has worn the same garment of fight, dance and comedy as usual. Vijay’s comedy makes bellies roll.

Prakash Raj has proved himself as a cop. Sai Kumar has a villain has done a real good job too. Vidyasagar’s music and Vijay’s dance are good and appreciable. Camera work by Soundarajan is to be appreciated deeply.

Director Ramana has brought a beautiful output from the Telugu remake and made it feel homely. Aathi is a typical revenge-based movie where blood flows like ketchup.

Source: http://tamil.galatta.com/entertainment/movies/tamil/released/Aathi/

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Olli Olli Iduppe - The Best song of Aathi

I thought of writing this in my review, but there is so much to say...(too much na?? review for a single song!!!)

First of all, this was a rocking song from Vidyasagar which most of us loved on first hearing itself. Its a different mix of Punjabi folk, western beats and light kuthu... Singers Karthik and Anuradha Sriram have given life to the song esp. Anuradha with her different style of singing...

If audio itself had made so much of impact, how will be the video?? It was a double bonanza.. The best Pongal gift I could get!!!

The song was stunning with beautiful locales and excellent choreography..Hats off to Brindha. I think she is choreographing for a Vijay song after a long time. Nice work done...

Few things have to noted in the song: (Ppl who are yet to watch the movie notice this)

1) Vijay and Trisha's cutest facial expressions. Especially, when they move their eyes in a funniest manner...

2) The repeated step sequence for the "Alle..Alle Alle" lines... Everytime Vijay stands in his Sivakasi pose for a moment... It was really nice

3) The camera work... It was dancing along with Vijay and Trisha all over the song...

4) Vijay and Trisha were letting out smoke from their mouth most of the time.. I could imagine how cold it would have been :-)

This is really a song to watch out for... I liked it more than Ippo Illati Eppo. The best part is it comes in the movie after so mnay serious scenes that it relieves you from that stress easily!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Aathi review - IndiaGlitz

Aathi - And quietly flowed blood
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, January 17, 2006]

Revenge dramas always hold an attraction to the average cine-goer. Retaliation or retribution stories are, in a sense, the stories of the underdog. It is delayed vigilante justice. This idea, plus some interesting suspense, makes for interesting viewing in Aathi.

It is not just the hero who is bent on revenge. The heroine too is. Though the splash of gore may be slightly high, the film more than passes muster as Vijay once again seems in fine fettle.

Director Ramana has also not tried anything extravagant. He knows Vijay is the trump, and hence used it pretty handily.

The movie starts dramatically with Anjali (Trisha), clad in spotless white, thrusting a shining knife into Devan. As blood drips out, it never stops all through.

The story is about Aathi (Vijay), is brought up in New Delhi (by foster parents Seetha and Manivannan). He comes to Chennai apparently to study. But he is thirsting for revenge on those who had bumped off his parents and close relatives of uncles and aunts who were all living together in a joint family.

Anjali, aided by her uncle (Nasser) is also in the same college. She is also one a revenge mission. Her reason too is the same. And her target is also the same. Why? Well, there is a smart bit of suspense. Aathi and Anjali fall in love and set out on the trail of their antagonists.

So what is the real identity of the duo and does the arch villain (Sai Kumar) manage to have the last laugh. After plenty of rapier thrusts and blood-splattered moments, you find out.

Vijay just ambles through a role that allows him to do his typical stuff---dance, fight, humor around. He is such a consummate performer that there is more confidence to his work these days. His chemistry with Trisha also shows. They cut a fine pair and have fun.

Vijay has also tried some funky hair coloring. Vivek’s comedy, though repetitive, brings the house down in some places. Prakash Raj plays a typical cop.

The rest of the cast have designated work and they do it unobtrusively. Sai Kumar, as the baddie, goes over the top.

Vidyasagar’s music is on typical lines --- giving scope for Vijay to shimmy around.

The action sequences (Soundararajan’s camera work is very pleasing) are one of the high points of the film. As we said, blood flows like ketchup and sauce do in a Mc Donald outlet.

Director Ramana has faithfully stuck to the Telugu original and come up with a gritty entertainer.

Aathi - A complete report

Surprise!!! Blessing in disguise?? Well, thats what I can tell about this... Till yesterday, I thought I can watch Aathi only on 26th. But today I SAW IT!!!!!!!!!!

It was in a medium range theatre called "Lakshmi" near my house... I actually never new that there is such a decent theatre with a huuuuge screen near my house. Late-a therinjaalum latest-a therinjidhu.. I am happy :-)

Ok all other stories later... Lets come to the review part....

The movie in a single word is "AMAZING". Probably the best of Vijay's action flicks after Ghilli.

Story and Screenplay:

The storyline may be as old as 70's revenge stories... (Courtesy: Sify.com) Infact, 9 out of 10 movies today are rehashes of old formulae ... What makes them different is the screenplay. And this time Ramana has done it really well, infact one step ahead of the Telugu original.

For those watching the Tamil version, for the first time, there are lots and lots of suspenses in hold. The first half an hour may be like slow moving(still very good to watch) but after that the movie moves in top gear!!! And never in the middle you will get bored of it.

Next about the performances.

How many times can I say the same words for him?? Next time, I have to search in Barrons/Oxford and learn some new words I guess... lolz

A (very)^100 stunning, amazing, excellent performance by Vijay... He carries the movie from the end of the first half in his shoulders... His character begins as a soft person and gradually grows higher and higher where in the end, he stands sky-high with his performance.

He has not disappointed in any depeartment. Action, dance, emotions, dialogue delivery, body language, expressions, he is outstanding in anything and everything... Hats off to Vijay!!!

The best role she had done till date. Showing the fire to revenge and romance in her beautiful eyes, she walks away with all applause in a well etched character. When she makes her presence very much felt in front of mighty Vijay, isn't that a big success? Poor girl, atleast now Tamil cine makers should recognize her potential!!

And amazing onscreen chemistry runs throughout between this pair, which in all aspects is set to rock in the lines of Kamal-Sridevi, Prabhu-Kushboo and the likes....

A new stylish villain or rather anti-hero for Tamil Cinema... He excels much better than Asish Vidyaarthi in Telugu original, though I felt that he could have reduced his volume a bit... But still, a surprise package.

Nasser, Manivannan and Seetha with ever-excellent Prakashraj have done an excellent job in their brief yet powerful roles... Vivek is sufficient and provies adequate comedy in this action thriller. There are a whole lot of characters in the name of Vijay's family but all of them stay in our hearts, especially the kids playing young Vijay and Trisha.

Cinematography by Soundarrajan is excellent for all moods of the film and stunts are really outstanding. And thanks a lot to the stunt choreographers for saving us from one more Matrix effect fight in a Tamil movie... ;-)

All of them are great especially the Rain song and Olli Olli Iduppe... One can understand what makes this pair click so beautifully, if they watch "Olli Olli" song.. The family song was shot in an excellent way and different from usual sentimental songs...

Overall Pluses:
1) Vijay, Vijay, Vijay
2) Trisha
3) Saikumar
4) Camera and action
5) Sentiments shown in classy way(Not much ronaa, dhonaa)
6) Songs
7) Supporting artistes
8) Screenplay

So, is there any negative aspect?? Yes....

Overall minuses:
1) High volume performances of villain and his gang
2) Special effect in inerval scene
3) Too much of blood shed

Well, however the third one is compensated by the proper justification that screenplay provides for the bloodshed...

Best scenes:
1) Vijay and Trisha's introduction scenes
2) Vijay's challenging scene at villain's place
3) Scene where Vijay and Trisha feel their family in the library
4) Climax scene(I felt it was equally good as the Telugu one, although its the same old ending)

Things that could have been done better:
1) That biscuit marketing scene
2) Climax fight sequence(in parts)
3) Trisha calling Vijay as Mama (Athaan wud have been a better word I felt) :-)

Ramana has given a good entertainer and I must say that this is a huge comeback for him after Sullan... All the best for him!!!

But so much of violence will go on well with all class of people?? We have to wait and watch!!!

Overall verdict: A must watch for all Tamil cinema lovers

My Rating: 9/10

Coming back to the theatre, it was an almost housefull show.... People started moving out in the end of climax scene but stopped on seeing "Varan Varan Aadhi" at the end.. Good tactics by the director.

And God!!! I never knew that there is such an active fans club of Vijay here in Bangalore...Welcome Banners, cut-outs, thoranams with Vijay's face (thoranathukku Englees-la ennappa??).. It was like entering a theatre in Tamilnadu...

The crowd waiting outside for the next show, as I leave the theatre tells me that the film will be a big hit... I am keeping my fingers' crossed for that to happen atleast for the sake of this film being Vijay's home production...

For a guy who always wanted his producers and distributors to be happy, let the same happen for his father this time.. All the Best!!!

Aathi review - Sify.com

Movie Aathi
Director Ramanna
Producer S.A.Chandrasekhara
Music Vidyasagar
Cast Vijay, Trisha, Sai Kumar

By Moviebuzz -->
You can't judge a film by its teaser. After seeing the slick trailer of Aathi on television, one anticipated a cracker of a movie from Vijay's home production. Alas, it turns out to be just another assembly line revenge drama, with lot of blood and gore.

The opening scene of Trisha in all white like an angel sitting on a white bench feeding a white pigeon by a calm ocean and Devan coming and sitting by her side and exchanging pleasantries and suddenly she whips out a knife and kills him saying that she has been waiting for this moment for many years! It is the best scene in the film which indicates to the audience that it is a revenge drama.

Aathi follows the hoary formula of the 70's family- revenge drama(Yaadon ki Baarat type, where a young boy and his cousin his childhood sweet heart are witness to their happy joint family of father, mother, grandpa, uncles, aunts being butchered by a group of baddies!

The boy and his cousin are then separated, and after they grow up take revenge by eliminating the baddies, without knowing they are related to each other till the climax !

Aathi(Vijay) lives with his foster parents( Manivannan and Seeta) in New Delhi. He takes up a course in a Chennai college against his parents wishes, as he has a mission in life to eliminate the killers of his family.

Similarly Anjali(Trisha) studying in the same college has her own agenda to seek revenge on her parents killers, and she is assisted by her uncle(Nasser).Soon Aathi falls in love with Anjali, as she brings back memories of his childhood sweetheart and cousin who loved to dance in the rain.
The baddie brigade is headed by a guy RDX(Sai Kumar) and his minions. How Aathi and Anjali, without knowing each others real identity take revenge on the villains forms the rest of this vendetta tale.

Aathi is violence unlimited. There are more than 20 to 25 killings in the film. Some are hacked to death with sickle and swords including an interval freeze shot of a baddie's head chopped and flying in the air, others are shot at point blank range with blood oozing out.

Finally in the climax, a battered hero kills the main villain using a broken photo frame of his family picture as flying saucer to slit his throat! There is excess of blood and gore in this Vijay film.

Well, director Ramanna can justify the violence by saying that he was making the Telugu remake, of a revenge drama. But no excuses for brazen plugs for products (a ice cream, biscuit etc) which intrudes as placement ad's. The love story between the lead pair is only established through songs and dance which is thrust into the narration.

Ramanna inundates the script with action sequences and graphics of blasts, but they fail to accelerate the nearly three hour sluggish pace of the film. Vivek is a pain as his comedy track is the same that he did in his earlier film University of a college student who apes Tamil cinema's larger than life heroes.

The only redeeming factor in the film is Vijay with coloured hair and brooding eyes, in superbly choreographed action scenes of Peter Haynes. Trisha looks great and has equal footing with Vijay. The melodies of Vidyasagar are good but wasted in a revenge drama.

The villains are all stereotypes found in many earlier films. Sai Kumar as the main villain is always screeching, Prakash Raj in a cameo as a police officer and Nasser are adequate. Soundarrajan’s camera using a stedicam for the chase scenes is thrilling.

It is only Vijay's strong screen presence that makes Aathi, somewhat credible. At best, this hit and run revenge flick adds up to a action feast for the festival audience.

Verdict: Action Unlimited

Source: http://sify.com/movies/tamil/review.php?id=14121150&ctid=5&cid=2429

Friday, January 13, 2006

Sivakaasi completes 75 days

Vijay and Asin have paired up in Sivakaasi, directed by Perarasu with A.M. Ratnam producing it. Sivakaasi has been a real success and is most welcomed by everyone. Today is the 75th day for Sivakaasi. Galatta.com joins the movie's fans in wishing many more days of success for Sivakaasi!


SHOWBITS: Vijay sitting pretty

Malay Mail News Daily (Malaysia)By: Mohan Tambirajah Jan 13

REMAKES seem to work well for Tamil star Vijay. Ghilli, a rehash of telegu hit Okkadu did wonders for his career. Vijay's Ponggal offering Aathi, a rehash of another Telugu blockbuster Athanokkade, is expected to maintain his status a top-draw.

The film, produced by Vijay's father Chandrasekhar, is released by Suriyan Arts in conjunction with its silver jubilee presentation. Director Ramana who was responsible for Vijay's make-or-break film Thirumalai, is back working with the actor.

The pairing of Vijay-Trisha, which made Ghilli and Thirupachchi a success, is once again retained. Sai Kumar, who made strides as a hero in Telugu and Kannada films, plays the villain. Ramana is confident the final product will be well-received and keep intact Vijay's reputation as a hot commodity.

Vijay plays a college student in the film which has its usual fair share of action, romance and sentiments to cater to the wants of his fans. The supporting cast include Prakashraj, Vijayakumar, Nasser, Manivannan, Livingstone and Seetha.

Courtesy Link


The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh released a commemorative postage stamp on Pongal here today in the presence of Shri Dayanidhi Maran, Minister for Communications and Information Technology , Dr Shakeel Ahmad, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology and several other Cabinet Ministers.

Shri Vijay Tamil Film Actor received the First Stamp from the Prime Minister after its release. The stamp in denomination of Rs. Five is brought out by the Department of Posts. Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that Pongal is an ancient harvest festival that celebrates the toil of our farmers and hopes for the well being of our people. He stated that in many parts of our vast sub-continent , people come together through such festivals , cutting across ethnic , linguistic, religious and other boundaries.

He further said that Our government is deeply and sincerely committed to the welfare and well being of our farmers , workers and of all those who are engaged in building an India of our dreams. The Prime Minister said " I do believe that by the end of our tenure in office we will create a new environment of economic security and prosperity for our farmers and all those engaged in productive activity. This requires new investment in rural areas . New investment in irrigation , in rural roads, in power and communications, in education and health, in housing , in marketing and in transportation."

He stated that " if we really want to help the poor we must shift the emphasis away from subsides to encouraging social security . We need new ways of thinking about old problems" The Prime Minister also extended greetings to citizens on the happy.Speaking on the occasion, Shri Dayanidhi Maran said the festivities of Pongal mark re-affirmation of traditional values revolving around family and sharing. This stamp captures this spirit of festivity in pictorial form.

With this release of stamp, the Department of Posts honours the cultural traditions of our country and shares the happy festivities of the Tamil diaspora and many others, he added.Pongal, one of the most important festivals, particular of the Tamil people, is a thanksgiving ritual for a bountiful harvest which is celebrated with great joy by one and all. This festival follows a solar calendar and is celebrated on the same day each year.

The actual festivities of Pongal begin on 13th January and lasts for four days. From an astronomical standpoint, this is an important period because this is the time when the sun enters the Northern Hemisphere. The sun traverses from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer via the Equator from 14th January to 14th July, and this movement is termed as Uttarayan (summer solstice). The festival also marks the withdrawal of the North East Monsoons.

The first day of the Pongal festival is called Bhogi. The second day is `Pongal', the most important day, when great importance is given to the Sun. In the early morning, the family members gather outside their houses and cooks sweet rice, known as `Pongal', in clay pots. The overflowing pot is perceived as an auspicious sign of abundance and prosperity and excites the people to rise a chorus `Pongal O Pongal'. The celebration of `Makar Sankranti' in other parts of India coincides with Pongal. The third day is dedicated to cattle and is called Mattu Pongal. The cattle are gaily decorated with beads, bells and flowers – their horns painted and capped with gleaming metals.

A cattle procession is taken out and people offer fruits and other goodies to the animals. Kaanum Pongal is the fourth and final day of the festival. Resembling the North Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan, when the sister ties a Rakhi on the wrist of the brother as a token of love and in return for protection, this day also celebrates the bond between siblings. In essence, the festivities of Pongal mark a re-affirmation of traditional values revolving around family and sharing.

RM/ SAK/20060112/01-release of stamp on Pongal

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Aadhi censored with U/A certificate

Pongal films censored
By Moviebuzz
Tuesday, 10 January , 2006, 10:58

Vijay’s Aathi and Ajit’s Paramasivan has been censored on Monday, January 9 by Regional Censor board in Chennai.

The big news is that Aathi has got an ‘UA’ certificate while Paramasivan managed an “U’ certificate.

The censors felt that Aathi had a violent theme and a lot of blood and gore had to to trimmed down. Producer S.A.Chandrasekhara agreed for some minor cuts and the film was then passed with an ‘UA’ certificate.

In the case of Paramasivan it was a ‘U’ certificate after some minor cuts were made in a suggestive item number by Rahasiya and director P.Vasu agreed to trim some close-up shots of this dance number.

Earlier on Saturday, Saravana too was censored and given a 'UA' certificate for its violence.

Source: http://sify.com/movies/tamil/fullstory.php?id=14117731

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Vijay turns farmer!

By MoviebuzzSunday,
08 January , 2006, 13:02

Vijay seems to have understood the importance of marketing himself and his films. Last Diwali, he spent a day among the commoners in Sivakasi as a part of promoting his Sivakasi.

And now with Aathi due for release on Pongal Day, he has ensured thathe wins the support of his traditional B and C audience by turning`Farmer for a day'!

Vijay celebrated Pongal a week before the festival, in Nemam village(60 kms from Chennai) near Poonamalle along with the villagers. There was a huge crowd to receive him which consisted of his fans, villagers and the press.

Vijay was dressed as a typical Tamilian, in a white silk veshti and shirt. He went around making small friendly talks with the localsinsisting that he name a new born. He named the child Saravanan.He then visited a temple and had a meeting with the villagers under a banyan tree. The ladies offered him the traditional sweet pongal.

Soon our `Ilaya thalapathy' went into the fields and indulged inharvesting. Said Vijay: "It was a totally new experience for me. I am happy to spend a day with the farmers and my fans".

Remember that his Sivakasi trip was telecast on Vijay TV for Diwali and this time his trek to the fields will be shown on SUN TV on Pongal Day.

Aadhi Stills - 2

Vijay to Trisha: Tell me na, what makes us the best on-screen pair of today??


Smile of Victory: Alle Alle Alle... Alle

Trisha in rose and Vijay in shining yellow: Like a moon shining with Sun(of course, Vijay)


Vijay in battle field: Just like a triumphant warrior

Vijay: Cool pose of the most cool headed person =========================================================

Vijay sitting: Just like a tiger resting between two attacks


Vijay in yellow shirt: The Golden star.... So handsome!!!


Aadhi Stills - 1

Rajini embracing Vijay: Gr8 still.. 2 generation of superstars together...

Vijay with Vivek: They are back to rock!!!


Stay cool: I won't speak now.. Let my film do it!!!


Shut up: Just stop making false news out of me okay??? ;-)


Paayum Puli: But, Idhu andha Puli illeengnaa.... Adhu police puli :-)


Varaan Varaan Aadhi: Be careful!!!

Vijay in blue: Wow, wat a musical???

Some amazing stills of the movie Aathi from Behindwoods.com... Thanks a lot to this site for such superb stills!!! :-)

The stills continue.....

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My fans will like `Aathi` : Vijay

By Moviebuzz

Vijay is ready with his Pongal release Aathi and he is extremely happy by the way it has shaped out. In fact his dad S.A.Chandrasekhara is the producer of film under their home banner `Sooriyan Arts'.

In this exclusive interview Vijay speaks

How has Aathi shaped out?

Its going to be a racy entertainer that my fans will lap up. Though the producer is my dad, he did not even come once to the sets. At the same time, he gave us all what we asked for. Even though it is a remake of the Telugu hit Athanokkade, director Ramanna has changed the story to suit Tamil nativity.

We believe that Aathi does not have the usual Vijay mass elements…

I agree that it is not made like a Tirupachi or Sivakasi and does not have introductory song, lead punchlines, item song… But let me assure you that all essential Vijay items are there for my fans. The sentiments are worked our well.

Why did you do two trailers for the film?

We wanted to go savvy and high-tech with two trailers. The first trailer is "Aathi-Making Promo" and second "Aathi- theatre trailer". Both the promos have been slickly cut by Digital Magic and they have been able to give the feel of a racy action packed entertainer. We have done a title song exclusively for the trailer.

The music of Vidyasagar is already a chartbuster. Which is your favourite?

The audio of Aathi is already a hit especially the melodies. My favourite is "Olli olli iduppae..Odiyanam ethukku.".

Your combination with Trisha has always clicked. Do you think that this will be a hat trick victory for the pair?

(Smiles) Everybody seems to like the pair after Ghilli and Tirupachi. And in Aathi, Trisha has an equally important role, and appears in as many scenes as the hero. She has done a fantastic job.

What would you say is the USP of Aathi?

I would say that it is the story and the way Ramanna has shot the film. Added to that, Saikumar who plays villain is simply terrific. My confrontation scenes with him are superb.

Will Aathi be the Pongal winner? (Smiles)

I hope so..at least for my dad's sake!


Friday, January 06, 2006

Vijay hands it to Trisha

IndiaGlitz [Friday, January 06, 2006]

One of the biggest screen pairs in Tamil is Vijay and Trisha.The duo had a grand success in Gilli. The pairing is sensational and their on screen chemistry is magical.

They repeated themselves in Thirupachi. Again, it was top-drawer stuff.So when Vijay's father decided to make Aathi, he had no problem in choosing a heroine for his son on screen.

Vijay himself is pretty chuffed with their on-screen magnetic appeal.Vijay recently said that when distributors were sounded on whom he should pair with they unanimously chose Trisha's name.

Vijay, ever the dignified gentleman, leaves the credit to Trisha. `All praise should go to her,' he says in typical self-effacing style.

With so much hype, little wonder Aathi has so much expectation riding on it.

Vijay, Prakash Raj & Prabhu Deva combo

January 06, 2006

Why remake a Telugu hit? Why not bring a hit Telugu director and make an original Tamil hit?

This is the logic of S.A.Chandrasekara and son Vijay. And guess whom they have brought in? Prabhu Deva! Yes, folks, Prabhu Deva is gearing up to make a Vijay flick possibly mid 2006. The guy has turned religious and has been to Sabarimala recently with his son.

Prakashraj who is being appreciated for encouraging young directors after the Kanda naal mudhal success is expected to produce this movie for his Duet productions.Though talks were going on one to one between Vijay-Prakashraj and Vijay-Prabhu Deva, it now seems the three have decided to come together.

The three are yet to confirm the news officially.

Courtesy: Behindwoods.com

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Aathi` trailer premiered

By Moviebuzz
Wednesday, 04 January , 2006, 10:32

Vijay and his dad S.A.Chandrasekhara the producer of Aathi held a grand premiere of the trailer of their film produced under their home banner `Sooriyan Arts' at Green Park hotel, Chennai on Tuesday (Jan 3) evening at 7 pm.

Vijay has gone savvy and high-tech with two trailers. The first trailer is "Aathi-Making Promo" of 2 minutes and 45 seconds and "Aathi- theatre trailer" of 3 minutes and 55 seconds. Both the promos have been slickly cut by Digital Magic and they have been able to give the feel of a racy action packed Vijay entertainer.

The "Aathi-Making Promo" is cut very slickly and shows how the film was made in some exotic locations with all modern gadgets.For the theatre trailer, Vijay had insisted on an additional voice over Aathi title song which is not there in the audio to give it a typical Vijay mass look.

Said Vijay: "In Tirupachi there was "Kumbida Pona Deivam…" and in Sivakasi, it was "Vada Vada..Thozha…" as my introductory song. In Aathi there is no such song as the subject is the king. So in the trailer we created a special mass effect song which will not be there in the film".

The audio of Aathi is already a hit especially the melody "Olli olli iduppae..Odiyanam ethukku.. Otha viral mothiram podumadi athukku….", sung by Karthik and Anuradha Sriram picturised on Vijay and Trisha in Switzerland (see pic).

According to producer S.A.Chandrsekhara, "Aathi is a different Vijay film which does not have the usual Vijay mass elements. Here the story is the real hero of the film. Director Ramana has done a film with Tamil nativity".


'Aathi' Press Meet

[Wednesday, January 04, 2006]

Aathi is the talk of the town. And those who saw the trailers, screened by Vijay and his father S A Chandrasekhara (who is the producer of the film), undesrtood why the movie is being raved about so highly.It was had a smooth feel althrough and the cutting edge of technology could be feltall through.

In fact there were two trailers ---Aathi-Making Promo and Aathi-theatre trailer.The trailers made it clear that Vijay may be sitting on another winner. The entertainment that Vijay is so famous for and something that his fans have come to expect were all there.

The two trailers show some back-the-screen happenings ---it kind of creates the right expectation for the film. It shows that some smart marketing brain is at work.One song that is not in the album is also featured in the trailer.

Vijay say that this song will have the mass feel that he is so known for. The song, incidentally does not figure in the film, too.The audience will surely ask formore.Chandrasekhra says this would be a new kind of film Vijay's films.

The story and script would be the talking points, hesays.Aathi is a remake of the Telugu hit Athanokkade.


Aathi trailer released yesterday

Vijay and Trisha are pairing up in Aathi which is Vijay's home production. Vijay's father S.A. Chandrasekar is producing this film. The trailer release function took place yesterday at Hotel Green Park. Director Ramana released the trailer and Vijay received it.

Two trailers were released – one is the conventional film trailer, which shows that the movie has a lot of promise, and will be lapped up by Vijay's fans; the second trailer is "Behind the scenes" as we see at the end of Jackie Chan movies. The Audio of the film had been
released by Vikram since Vijay was not in station at that time.

Vikram was also one of the honoured guests at this function, and confirmed that he will be happy to work with Vijay in future, since they share a very close rapport.

Speaking on the occasion, Vijay said, "My father is the producer for this film. My father is not like other producers. He is a totally different man. He has never been on the shooting spots. He has always been in the office and provided us whatever we asked for. As far as this story is concerned, the story is the hero. I am just a support for the story. This is not just a hero-oriented movie; Trisha has an equally important role, and the plot hinges around
her. Everyone has ups and downs in their life. The last two years were bad for me. It was director Ramana who lifted me up. Trisha has done a really good job and the entire team is confident we have a winner here."


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Super 10 - Vijay special

This week's Kumudham had Vijay's listing down of answers for Super 10 questions... It was a really jolly interview. Here are they after me trying my level best to translate them ;-) !!!

1) One thing that you are afraid of?

* Cockroach

2) Two important plus points in you?

* Being silent
* Even if i get angry, escaping without letting it out

3) Three things that your wife doesn't like in you?

* Being silent always
* Moving away from the place when I get angry
* She says that I have affection, but don't know how to let it out.

4) Four things you like in your son Sanjay?

* He is smart in studies
* His love for his sister
* He does cinema dance well. If he watches any song immedaiately he dances superbly in the same way.
* His speaking style is unique. Semmaiya kalakkuvaar(how to translate this?? :-))

5) Five women who you think are world's most beautiful?

* My wife Sangeetha
* My mother Shoba
* Angelina Jolie
* Simran
* Madhuri Dixit

6) Six rules you follow to keep yourself handsome?

* What you eat reflects in your skin. So I eat good balanced diet
* Daily I sleep properly for 7 to 8 hours
* Everyday I drink 8 galsses of water. Then only our body will stay fresh without getting dehydrated.
* Regular and simple exercise
* Avoid standing in sun as much as possible
* Breathing fresh air as much as possible. And I won't stay in chillness for long time.

7) Seven favourite movies of yours?

* Sivakaasi
* Thiruppachi
* Ghilli
* Thirumalai
* Kushi
* Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai
* Thulladha Manamum Thullum

8) Eight actors who have amazed you with their excellent acting?

* Vikram
* Surya
* Simbu
* Dhanush
* Vadivelu
* Vivek
* Prakashraj
* Raghuvaran

9) Nine lies which according to you are very essential for love?

* "How many ever girls I see, I like only you very much"
* "You are beautiful when you are angry, you are beautiful when you are crying, summa irundhaalum(loss of words again :-)) you are beautiful, how is that?"
* "I feel like seeing you always"
* "My heart feels so happy when you are near me"
* "Nowadays I am not at all seeing any girl other than you"
* "You are killing me with a look like this"
* "My friends are feeling jealous that I have a very good lover liike you"
* "Really you are soooo hot"
* "I love you"

10) Ten movies, which you like the most and wish to watch very often?

* Road to Perdition
* Life Is Beautiful
* Cellular
* Nayagan
* Salaam Namasthe
* Annamalai
* Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai
* Enga Veetu Pillai
* Pithaamagan
* Passion Of Christ