Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sada's portfolio drive to act with Vijay

May 31, 2006

That Vijay's next project is going to be the remake of `Pokkiri' is fairly well known by now in the film circles. But what is not well known is the competition among leading ladies of Kollywood to pair with Vijay in this potential hit movie.

The film may have two heroines and this is what has spurred on the race. Ileana, Asin, and Trisha are the names doing the rounds and suddenly, to the surprise of many, Sada, has thrown her hat in the ring. It seems, Sada, with a completely revamped portfolio, has approached Vijay for work in `Pokkiri'.

The portfolio also has a covering letter attached to it which says that she has kept her dates free so that early shoot can begin. Asin's name, one hears, has been finalized but who is the other leading lady?

Is it going to be Ileana – the new sensation of Tollywood, or is it going to be Sada? Only Vijay knows the answer!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Vijay's Sudden London Visit

- 27.05.2006

With his wife and children Vijay made a sudden visit to his father-in-law's place in London. After taking time off with `Puli' being dropped, Vijay is suddenly showing signs of activity. The reason is `Pokkiri.' This film starring Mahesh Babu and Ileana broke all records in Andhra.

Vijay will star in its Tamil re-make to be directed by Prabhu Deva whose `Pournami' flopped miserable.When Vijay's market was its lowest, `Thirumalai' gave a bit of boost. `Gilli' that followed put Vijay quite on top. `Gilli' was a re-make of Mahesh Babu's Telugu film `Okkadu.' Happy that this success could be repeated, Vijay went for a pleasant break to London with his family.

Vijay is expected to return on 30th. On his return, the photo session is expected to take place in specially erected sets. The shooting is expected to commence in June. Asin, who was to star with Vijay in `Puli,' has been approached.

If call sheets don't work out, then other leading ladies will be approached. Whatever be the case, next month Vijay will definitely face the camera!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Vijay, the Pokiri....

Vijay is glad that Pokiri has set a new record in Telugu film history.

The first week revenue has come to the tune of 9.11 crore. Maa TV has bought the satellite rights of the movie by paying Rs.90 lakhs.

Vijay is glad because he has committed to do the Tamil re-make of the movie. Rights for the Tamil movie has been sold to Singanamala Ramesh at the price of Rs.1.40 crores.

Before taking up Pokiri, Vijay did plan to remake Pawan's Bangaram but quickly repelled from the project after witnessing the demise of the original Telugu movie.

It's believed that Prabhu Deva is going to direct the movie. Prakash Raj the lucky villain of Vijay is going to be the villain, again.

Meantime, Vijay is biting his nails anticipating a big hit.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Asin pairing with Vijay and Cheran

Is Asin without films? 'No' she tells. She has signed in for Vijay's Pokiri, directed by Prabhudeva.
But wasn't there a break? 'Yes, there was a break' admits Asin, 'But that was a break, which I wanted myself. I intentionally kept myself free.'

The duration of the break is 8 months!

Pokiri is the remake of Telugu hit, produced by financier Ramesh under the banner of ‘Kanagaratna Movies’. In fact, Vijay's first heroine choice was Ileana, the original Telugu film heroine. But her call sheets couldn't be obtained. Then, the hunting extended to Bollywood girls, No success. So, Asin it was.

This is a right choice indeed since Vijay-Asin pair provided a delightful treat in Sivakasi.
Pokiri apart, Asin is doing an art film, Missi Amma pairing opposite to director Cheran. This is again a Telugu movie with plenty of scope for Asin.

Also, Asin is keeping her fingers crossed to see the release of Godfather, a movie with Ajith.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pasupathy on song

[Tuesday, May 23, 2006]

Koothu-Pattarai fame Pasupathy, a talent unearthed by Kamal Haasan in Virumandi, has his hands full now.

Though he acted in baddie roles in several movies after Virumandi, the good showing by Pasupathy as Vikram's brother in Majaa has propelled him to fame.

He is pinning all his hopes on his forthcoming venture Veyyil being produced by director Shankar and directed by Shankar's protege Vasantha Balan.

Meanwhile the good news is that Pasupathy has accepted to play the baddie in Vijay's forthcoming movie (a remake of Telugu hit Pokiri). Prakash Raj played the baddie in the original.

If I have scope to perform, I don't mind accepting the offer straightaway, he says.

Vijay and Asin are back with 'Pokiri'
P.V. Sathish Kumar
[Tuesday, May 23, 2006]

Vijay is to pair with Asin again in "Pokiri'', a remark of the Telugu hit "Pokiri". The same pair had earlier given the huge success film "Sivakasi".

Vijay was looking for a Bollywood heroine like Katrina Kaif but he has finally chosen Asin to play opposite him in "Pokiri''. She has become selective about signing films and is now doing a number of commercials.

The film is to be directed by Prabhu Deva. This is the first Tamil film to be directed by Prabhu Deva even though he has directed two Telugu movies. The grapevine has it that directors Vishnuvardhan and Lawrence were approached first, but both of them declined.

Mani Sharma, who did the original Telugu film, will be scoring the music for this Tamil remake also, it is learnt. Leading financier and producer Ramesh will be producing this film which will have Prakash Raj playing the villain as in the original.

Shooting of ''Pokiri'' is set to start on June 1st and the film is expected to be ready for Deepavali release this year.

Monday, May 22, 2006

How Asin came in for Vijay's Pokiri!!

May 22, 2006

We at behindwoods have been covering the ongoing drama about Vijay's next film at every twist and turn. We told you about the several films which were being considered. Now we know for sure that it would be Pokiri which is the remake of a Telugu film with Prabudeva as the director.

As for the heroine, Bhavana was said to be the first choice and then it was Ileana. While both girls were eager to act with Vijay they could not accommodate their dates. So, the choice fell on Vijay's lucky mascot, Asin. The Vijay-Asin pair had earlier given the hit Sivakasi last year.

Asin is quite selective about her roles nowadays as she is eyeing Bollywood and does not want to be seen as signing every film that comes her way. Knowing Prabudeva's standing as a good director in Telugu, she agreed for the role.

This would also be Prabudeva's first film as a director in Tamil. Mani Sharma who did the original score would be the music director in Tamil as well.

Asin opposite Vijay again

[Monday, May 22, 2006]

After Sivakasi, Asin has been cast opposite Vijay again. She will play the ladylove of Vijay for the Tamil remake of the Telugu blockbuster Pokiri to be directed by Prabhudeva. Music is by Mani Sharma who did the original.

Mahesh Babu and Ileana played the lead roles in Pokiri directed by Puri Jagannath.Asin is currently acting opposite Pawan Kalyan for the Telugu movie Annavaram.

Asin had recently signed Missiamma, which is again a remake of a Telugu hit movie Missamma that starred Bhoomika in the lead role.

In the Tamil version, actor-director Cheran plays an important role.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Vijay joins hands with Prabhudeva

Tamil superstar Vijay and hero-turned director Prabhudeva have joined hands for the first time.

Prabhudeva, known as the Michael Jackson of the South, will direct ‘Ilaya Dalapathi’ Vijay in his forthcoming project.

The film, titled ‘Pokkiri’, is the remake of a Telugu flick. Shooting for the movie is expected to start in the first week of June.

Prabhudeva is considered to be a lucky director. Incidentally, he directed a Telugu film with Vishnuvardhan in the male lead last year. The flick turned out to be a super hit.

Since then, the ‘dancing sensation’ has received a host of directorial offers. And the offer to direct Vijay is one of them.

Vijay’s myriad fans are hoping that the duo will come out with a winner.

All the best, Vijay!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Asin in `Pokiri` remake!

By Moviebuzz | Saturday, 20 May , 2006, 10:05

Finally after eight long months of waiting, Asin has at last signed a film! She is going to be Vijay's heroine in Prabhu Deva directed remake of the Telugu hit Pokiri produced by financier Ramesh under the banner of `Kanagaratna Movies'.

Ileana who did the original was Vijay's first choice but she has become too busy in Telugu and after scouting for some new Bollywood girls, Asin has been finally zeroed in. It is definitely the right choice as Vijay-Asin pair was a treat in that super hit Sivakasi.

Now Pokiri has a deadly combination of Vijay, Asin and director Prabhu Deva, which will definitely provide maximum entertainment. Music is by Mani Sharma who did the original and had given that chartbuster item number song for Vijay Aalthotta Bhoopathi… in Youth.

The villain in Pokiri remake will be Pasupathy and camera by Venu .

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bhavana fever grips Vijay
- 19.05.2006

With her fresh, childish good looks, Bhavana enters your heart like a rose sprinkled with delicate dewdrops. So charmed are producers, directors and actors that they all want Bhavana to act in their film.

Making her debut in `Nammal,' Bhavana's growth in Malayalam films was gradual. In the film `Chronic Bachelor' (re-made in Tamil as `Engal Anna'), Bhavana plays the sister of Mammootty. She played Dilip's jodi in `CID Moosa.' Another film that catapulted her to fame is `Sopnakoodu,' where she co-starred with Meera Jasmine and Prithviraj.

In Tamil films, her acting in `Chithiram Pesidhadi' rocketed her to fame and she won appreciation from Tamils world wide. After that, Bhavana's call sheet got full with roles in `Kizhakku Kadarkarai Saalai' directed by S S Stanley, `Veyil' directed by Vasanthabalan, `Koodal Nagar' directed by Seenu Ramasamy and `Naan Kadavul' directed by Bala.

When such is the situation, Bhavana has also impressed Ilaya Dalapathy Vijay. It's neither aunty Trisha nor Malabar Asin this time. He wants Bhavana as his leading lady in his new film (the Tamil remake of `Pokkiri') to be directed by Prabhu Deva and is trying his level best to sign her on. She is ready too, but the call sheet problem is posing a big hurdle.

S S Stanley's film has just started. `Koodal Nagar' has not yet started. She has given 6 months non-stop call sheet for `Naan Kadavul.' In such a predicament, it does not look like Vijay's Bhavana fever is going to be cured. So he may have to settle for either aunty or Malabar!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Prabhudeva assures a blockbuster with Vijay

After the flop of Adhi, Vijay has been keeping low but there is high expectation from him about the announcement for his next film. Several films did the rounds like Puli, Murasu etc. but none have come through. Now it has been confirmed that he would go ahead with Pokiri instead of Bangaram. But the problem has been with finding the right director.

Vijay is going the Vikram way in plumping for remakes, but he is not so successful in finding directors of his choice. Hari, Mishkin and other young Turks have slithered the chance despite getting to work with Vijay basically because they would like to do their own script and not a remake one. Even Suchi Ganesan would have to wait. Therefore, it has been decided that Prabudeva would direct him.

Elated at the chance, the boneless wonder, dancer turned director said that he would always remain thankful to the Tamil audience for identifying the creative spark in him. But as a director he had found much success in Telugu and therefore now he was approaching the Tamil audience once again in the new avatar of a director.

He hoped that he would be able to perform up to the expectations of Vijay fans and the Tamil audience. He understood the great responsibility shouldered by him and would do his best.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Vijay makes his move

[Wednesday, May 17, 2006]

Vijay is all set to break his silence. Rumours are abuzz that the actor has finally decided to begin his next venture, after almost a gap of five months.Sources say the actor has accepted to be part of the Tamil remake of Telugu hit Pokiri which starred Mahesh Babu in the lead role.

Buzz is that actor-turned-director Prabhu Deva might wield the megaphone for the movie.Vijay was tipped to begin Murasu to be directed by Muthuvadugu and later the actor changed minds to do the Tamil remake of Bangaram. Even that did not take off. Finally he has settled for Pokiri.

Pokiri is a movie on land mafia and the exchanges between the gangsters. Vijay had previously remade Mahesh Babu's Okkadu as Ghilli with phenomenal success.Prabhu Deva being called to direct is the highlight.

Source :

Suchi Ganesan - waiting for Vijay's nod

May 17, 2006

Well, even though there is no word from Vijay, Director Suchi Ganesan, who is known for making off beat films yet with all the ingredients of a commercial cinema, has a story ready for Vijay. If Vijay gives his nod, Suchi will be working with Vijay soon.

Suchi Ganesan's `Thiruttupayalae' has performed exceedingly well at the box office. His earlier films Virumbugiraen and Five Star too were hits. Given this trend, Ganesan must be having some ace up his sleeve for Vijay this time. Producer Kalpathi A Suresh, the man who made `Thiruttupayalae' is ready with cash if Vijay signs up.

Suchi Ganesan is seeking dates with Ilaya Dhalapathi and if he gets them, two major figures in Kodambakkam will be working on an action thriller of a different sort.

Courtesy: Behindwoods

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Prabhu Deva to direct Vijay!

By Moviebuzz Tuesday, 16 May , 2006, 09:04

After three directors – Hari, Vishnvardhan and Jeeva said "No" to Vijay, Prabhu Deva has agreed to direct the Tamil remake of the hit Telugu film Pokiri for a whopping price.Leading financier and producer Ramesh will be producing this film which will have Prakash Raj playing villain like in the original.

The music will be by Mani Sharma who did the Telugu version. The heroineis yet to be decided though talks are going on with some Mumbai girls. It will be an all out Vijay mass formula film which will start rolling from June 1 and completed in four months flat as the producer wants to release the film for Diwali 2006.

Prabhu Deva will be directing his first Tamil film after doing two inTelugu. It will also be his first action based film as both the films he did were musicals.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Vijay makes his move

Vijay along with his father director S A Chandrasekhar was one of the early birdies from Tamil filmdom to call on DMK deputy general secretary M K Stalin to convey his best wishes on the victory of DMK led alliance in the Assembly elections.

The actor visited Stalin's residence in Chennai on Friday morning and presented him a shawl and expressed his greetings. It may be recalled that Vijay was rumoured a few months ago to have joined the DMK and was also spotted in a stamp release function in New Delhi along with DMK Ministers in the Central government.

However he denied all the reports as rumours then.Vijay is also set to do a movie to be produced by Stalin's son.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Vijay released Kai Vandha Kalai cassette

The old and famous GV Films Ltd organization has taken the first step towards audio cassettes and CD business. It is going to release the audio cassettes and CDs of its own movies and also for other movies.

The first film from this new venture is Kai Vandha Kalai. Music is for the movie is by Dhina and the lyrics are by Vairamuthu. Actor Vijay released its audio cassettes and CDs. `Sri Krishna Sweets' owner Murali received it from him. This is not a new job for this organization.

One of the top management persons from GV Films, Usha Venkatramani was already there in this field. All the cassettes and CDs are going to be released under the title `GV-Sonic'. Kai Vadha Kalai is fast approaching the theatres.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Vijay as Pokiri?


Vijay had plans of doing a Telugu remake since his latest movie did not do that well at the box office. Originally he had planned to remake the movie Bangaram starring Pavan Kalyan. Since the movie received only mediocre response after release, it seems that the Ilayathalapathy has his own doubts regarding the choice of the movie.

Latest rumours are that he has expressed his desire to remake the Mahesh Babu movie Pokiri which is a blockbuster hit in Tollywood. This movie directed by Trivikram is a perfect commercial masala and has impressed Vijay, so we might look forward to the Tamil version pretty soon.

Dharani exudes optimism

[Wednesday, May 10, 2006]

Director Dharani is optimistic that his recent release Bangaram would become a blockbuster.The movie produced by A M Rathnam for Sri Surya Movies features Pawan Kalyan in the lead role .The movie released last week received lukewarm response at the box office.

Talking to Indiaglitz, Dharani says, 'Initially there was some problem with the length of the movie. Now we have trimmed first twenty minutes of the movie. Now the movie is more engrossing and is appreciated by fans of Pawan Kalyan. Bangaram would surely make it big.'

He also dismissed rumors that Vijay has changed his plans with regard to doing the remake of Bangaram in Tamil. No decision has been taken on that front.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ilaya Dalapathy turns to `Pokkiri' - hot news!-


After the failure of `Aathi,' Vijay has been in confusion aboutwhat project to work in next. It was expected that Vijay would act inthe Tamil re-make of Dharani's `Bangaram' but Vijay hassuddenly turned his attention to `Pokkiri.'

It has even been reported that the Tamil rights for `Bangaram'has been bought from A M Rathnam. Though there were great expectations of`Bangaram,' it has been shuffling along. In contrast, the modest`Pokkiri' starring Mahesh Babu with no great expectations is breaking all box office records in Andhra.

`Pokkiri' is directed by Puri Jagannath and stars Ileana asMahesh Babu's heroine. (She's at present acting as RaviKrishna's jodi in `Kedi' directed by Jothikrishna). In the first week of release, action film `Pokkiri' grossed 9 crores 11 lakhs. This is a feat in Telugu cinema.

The re-make rights in Tamil has also sold for a record sum hitherto not seen. Producer and distributor Singanamala Ramesh has reportedly given 1 crore 40 lakhs for `Pokkiri'! The film's success at the box office has made Vijay eager to star init. One can expect a formal announcement soon.

If Vijay goes ahead with this project what happens to Appachan who has given 2 crores advance to Vijay and has been waiting for years? He just has to wait for Vijay's next film!

Vijay does his democratic duty

IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, May 09, 2006]
Actor Rajinikanth flew from Hyderabad and cast his vote at Stella Maris College in Chennai.Talking to media men, the actor said that he awaits with great interest to see the outcome of the polls.Among others who cast their votes included Sarath Kumar, Radhika, Vijay,Karthik, Nepolean, Vindhya, Kovai Sarala, Senthil, S S Chandran, Suriya, Siva Kumar, Vijayakumar, director R V Uthayakumar among others.
Vijay along with his wife and parents came to vote at Kaveri HighSchool, Saligramam. There was a slight disturbance when the election officials from other booths came to see Vijay.
Saligramam's star voter Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay came topolling booth to cast his vote, along with his father SA Chandrasekhar,wife Sangeetha and mother Shobha early in the morning.

Reel Buzz: Bangaram's Tamil Producer Demands Money Back!

A.M.Ratnam produced Dharani directed Bangaram with Pawan Kalyan in thelead has bombed at the Andhra box-office. The film failed to get anopening and from day one it started dropping. It is Pawan Kalyan'shat trick of flops!

The industry blames Dharani for the Bangaram debacle as he had no storyand the screenplay was a big let down. They say that Dharani-Pawandifference of opinion clearly shows on-screen. And the trimming done inthe second half did not had any effect in collections.

More bad news forRatnam is that Vijay the Tamil superstar has now decided not to do theBangaram remake and producer `Swargachitra' Appachan is nowdemanding money back from him.

Monday, May 08, 2006

No to remake, yes to remake

[Monday, May 08, 2006]

With Bangaram did not do well at the box office, Vijay has reportedly shelved his plans to do the Tamil remake of the movie.

Having made up his mind to remake a Telugu movie, Vijay, according to sources, has expressed his desire to do the remake of Pokiri, a recent blockbuster in Telugu featuring Mahesh Babu.

The movie directed by Trivikram with music by Mani Sharma is the latest big hit in Tollywood, with all commercial ingredients.

Vijay who saw the movie was reportedly impressed and might go ahead with its Tamil version.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Vijay in Hyderabad. Decides to go for Pokiri!!

May 06, 2006

Trisha celebrated a boisterous birthday in her adopted city Hyderabad, a place where she is seen more often these days than in her native Chennai and, to add more noise and joy to the scene was Vijay, her co-star from her last hit `Ghilli'. Festivities were said to have started in full `spirit' after Vijay had made `an entry' around 12 p.m in true hero style.

But the reason for Vijay's visit to Hyderabad was not just to participate in Trisha's birthday bash but to get a real first-hand knowledge of `Bangaram', a Pawan Kalyan starrer, which he wanted to be remade in Tamil with Bharathan, a former assistant of Dharani, directing the movie. Vijay felt that this venture would bring him back to the top, but `Bangaram' seems to have been very un-inspiring even for Vijay's liking. It has taken a bad opening and has been torn to shreds by critics and fans alike.

On the other hand, Mahesh Babu's `Pokiri', the film that has all the necessary ingredients to appeal to today's audience, has been declared a super hit by the trade and it is this movie that has caught the attention of Vijay. Not wanting to waste time on a possible dud, Vijay wisely is thinking of getting `Pokiri' under his belt and if the industry is to be believed, he has already bought the film's rights.

Vijay has indicated that he is not at all in a hurry to remake his erstwhile choice and he would rather wait and make something big.But then, you never know with film makers and their sentiments, but one thing is sure; if at all the Tamil version of `Bangaram' hits the screen, then you can surely expect quite a few departures from the original!


Friday, May 05, 2006

Vijay in a dilemma

[Friday, May 05, 2006]

Director Dharani's Telugu flick Bangaram featuring Pawan Kalyan in the lead role finally hit the theatres this week. Interestingly actor Vijay pinning faith in the film had bought the remake rights of Bangaram.

With his last release Aathi, almost a few months ago, did not do well at the theatres, Vijay wants a hit to sustain his top spot in the industry. He shelved a couple of projects waiting to commence the remake of Bangaram.

Now one has to wait and watch what Vijay's next movie would be. Will he continue with his wait and watch game?

Vijay in re-make of `Bangaram'
- 05.05.2006

Who will be the next chief minister? What is Vijay's next film? These questions are on top of everyone's mind nowadays in Kodambakkam! After `Aathi' flopped, Vijay is very hesitant to sign on his next film. The reason is supposed to be the lack of suitable story.

The last gossip was that Vijay's next film would be `Murasu' to be directed by Muthu Vadugu. Now Dharani's `Bangaram' seems to be competition. In `Bangaram,' Pavan Kalyan is a local television reporter. His romantic interest is Madhu Chopra (alias Nila). Rime Sen has a small role and Trisha does one dance number. Produced by AM Rathnam, `Bangaram' got released in Andhra yesterday.

Sources say Vijay has bought the Tamil rights for`Bangaram' from AM Rathnam who laid down the condition that theTamil version of `Bangaram' should not be released at the same time as `Bhima.' Since Bangaram in Telugu means gold, the Tamil version could be called`Thangam.'

Vijay could have 2 heroines and Dharani'sassistant Bharathan could direct the film, say our sources.Whatever be the case, firm news about Vijay's next film will be available only after the election results on May 11.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bangaram’ result pushes Vijay to reconsider Thangam?

For Pawan Kalyan's city fans, it was a disappointment—people coming out of the theatres saying that it was a boring film and heading for a disaster. Only the audience in B and C centres can save the movie now. So, was it a let down after all the hype and hoopla?

One man worried about the report is Vijay. He had placed a lot of hope on it for he had bought the Tamil rights of the film to act in it. Vijay is now in a dilemma—should he go for it or not? There has been no reaction from him to the reports; sources close to him say that he is rethinking.

Even if dares and goes ahead with the film, he may ask Bharathan, the director, to make suitable changes so that the Tamil version may not bomb.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No Chennai release for `Bangaram`!

By Moviebuzz Tuesday, 02 May , 2006, 10:26

Pawan Kalyan fans in Chennai have been dumped by producer A.M.Ratnam who has decided not to release Bangaram in Chennai and Tamilnadu borders areas with Andhra! Ratnam says he had no other go, as he had sold the Tamil dubbing rights of the films to produce `Swargachitra' Appachan who is remaking it in Tamil with superstar Vijay.

The Tamil superstar had insisted that the Telugu version should not be shown in any theatre in Tamilnadu. In fact Ratnam has paid back the huge advance that he had taken from Sathyam theatre in Chennai.Pawan Kalyan fans association in Chennai has strongly protested against this move not to screen Bangaram in the city.

Said a spokesperson of Pawan fans club to "We had already spent money to make hoardings at the theatre. We just don't understand why a Telugu film for which the remake rights have been sold, not be released in Chennai? Why should we suffer? "

The Pawan Kalyan fans in Chennai are now planning to hire buses and go to Nellore or Tirupati, the nearest point to watch their favourite hero on the first day, first show!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Vijay grabs `Pokiri`!

By Moviebuzz Tuesday, 02 May , 2006, 20:12

On Monday, three days after Mahesh Babu’s Pokiri, a Telugu film was declared a super hit by Andhra trade, our ‘Ilayathalapathi’ Vijay has come forward to do the remake of yet another film! Remember that his next project is a remake of Bangaram another Telugu film releasing today (May 3).

South India’s leading film financier and producer Satyamurthi Ramesh has grabbed the remake rights of Pokiri for Vijay. Two years back, Ramesh had got Vijay’s dates to do a film to be directed by Selvaraghavan. Now the latest we hear is that Selva-Vijay project has been postponed and as of now, the actor will be doing the Pokiri remake for Ramesh.

It looks like after Vijay completes ‘Swargachitra’ Appachan’s Thangam (Bangaram remake), he will start work on Pokiri remake with a well known Tamil director. Vijay still believes that remakes work wonders for him like Ghilli (remake of Mahesh Babu’s Okkadu) and even Tirupachi which was inspired from Mahesh’s Arjun.

In a way, Pokiri seems to be an ideal film for remake as it is a masala entertainer for the masses.