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Jilla Movie Review - The Pongal Treat

Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu and the moment we think of the festival, it reminds us of Sun God who is the reason of the light of the world, cooking Pongal and it over boiling giving us happiness, tasting sweet pongal, sharing happiness and getting together with friends and family. That way, every film of Ilayathalapathy Vijay is a Pongal festival - he being the Sun to lighten our low spirits, making movies that makes our hearts overflow with happiness, and watching it with friends and family is like a festive get together. Above all, his movies harvest great profits for whoever associated with it.

This time, we had our Pongal treat from Vijay 4 days earlier than Pongal, leading to a week-long festival in our homes and theaters. It is not just a movie release this time, but a prestigious and fierce competition with an archrival (it is, however gently we try to level it out) after 7 long years. All we are concerned is Vijay's movie anyway, because for many people like me, it is the only time where Vijay meets us on a large screen and talks live to us. It is not just the movie of a favourite actor for lakhs of us, it is a celebration of their Anna for men and women, moment of pride about their son for many mothers and fathers and time to enjoy watching their idol for kids. He is part of our families, and his films are like his home coming for us.

Jilla, the pongal treat of Ilayathalapathy Vijay in 2014 has Kajal Aggarwal paired with him. The complete actor and Kerala superstar Mohanlal plays the pivotal role in the movie and it also stars Poornima Baghyaraj, Mahat Raghavendra, Nivetha Thomas, Thambi Ramaiyah, Soori, Sampath and many others. The movie was produced by R.B.Choudary under his Super Good Films banner had D.Imman making the music and one film old R.T.Neason the wielding megaphone. The film which released on January 10th is doing excellent business worldwide and has been lapped up by Vijay fans and family audience alike.

Jilla is the story of emotional bonding between Mohanlal and his foster son Vijay, who is more like a friend to him. A grey shaded Vijay, who can go to any extent for seeing father Lal happy, transforms into someone who says no for his every word in order to turn him into a clean state. Whether he succeeds in his attempts despite efforts from people around him to malign them forms the rest of the story. With less emotional drama and more essentials of a mass commercial, the film is a complete family entertainer for this festival season.

First and foremost, we should salute Vijay for believing in a director like Neason, whose earlier directorial venture has nothing much to speak about. Even Vijay fans including me had a doubt on his capabilities of making a movie with Vijay who is on a high expectation circle ever since Thuppakki became a blockbuster. But destroying all doubts, Neason has come out with a clean entertainer making the good use of Vijay's capabilities of Vijay as the fulcrum and balancing him with a superstar like Mohanlal on the other side. He may not come out with novel path breaking ideas, but he sure knew how to please Vijay's audience, which even experienced directors who have delivered blockbusters could not do once upon a time.

The screenplay moves in constant pace and holds an element of suspense and thrill throughout with few interesting twists. Aptly supported by crisp and effective dialogues of Bhaskaran, the director has built engaging scenes and has done all that is required of him in directing two mass heroes on screen. The story has family values, rivalry, vengeance, emotions, romance and comedy mixed together in giving a sweet pongal to the audience for this festival. Another important point is that there is no villain outside the story who is created only for the purpose of hero to take revenge on. The circumstances and situations create the negative characters. A perfect dish that has been cooked very well, it is definitely a treat for us.

All of the main supporting cast like Poornima, Mahat, Nivetha, Thambi Ramaiyah etc. have atleast one scene in the film to showcase their skills and they have made best use of it. Poornima as Vijay's mother plays a small yet significant role, because it is with her Vijay shares all his feelings first. Soori as Vijay's friend from police department has done a decent job in evoking a few laughters in the scenes he comes and is present throughout the movie. Sampath has a complicated role with varying shades and he has done an excellent job throughout the film. The film has some very good written and directed scenes, few of which I have listed below:

1. Intro scenes of Vijay and Mohanlal
2. Vijay visiting Kajal's house to see her
3. Transformation scenes of Vijay before interval block
4. Interval block scene and conversation between Lal and Vijay
5. Operation clean scenes post interval, especially Vijay's speech to his men
6. Vijay's two encounters with the police commissioner in two different moods
7. Vijay attending his sister's marriage as a 3rd person and later going for her support
8. Vijay tracing out the person creating rift between him and his father
9. Vijay taking his brother out of his house opposing Lal
10. Vijay and Lal uniting in the climax and setting feet together to fight their rival

Not to mention that the dialogues and background score in all these scenes highlighted the effect. This is where I should mention about Imman, who is another star of the movie. His songs and background score are a major plus for the film. Many times, they elevate a good scene to a whole another level, leaving Vijay fans in ecstatic feel. The Jilla theme, which also featured in the music album, has been used very effectively in many parts of the film. All of the songs, which are already chartbusters, have been well shot.

The first four songs of the film, all of them choreograhed by Raju Sundaram are beautiful and eye catching. "Paatu onnu kattu" is a typical mass number but with slow beats shot in a rural temple festival atmosphere colourfully and in a grand manner, with Lal and Vijay shaking legs together. Jiiva and Ramesh, who are also co-producers of the film make a special appearance. Verasa Pogayile is such a treat to the eyes. Featuring few of the village art forms and with a sweet concept, this song is yet another proof that Vijay can take any song to the next level, even with just expressions.

Jingunamani is another peppy number shot with Scarlett Wilson and another dancer in a grand setting. It has all elements of a negative character enjoying luxuries of the position he holds, yet features Vijay who makes us forget everything and get ourselves lost in the beats and dance. Another highlight song is Kandaangi sung by Vijay himself along with Shreya Ghosal. Shot in beautiful countryside locations of Japan, it has simple choreography and is very colorful. Vijay and Kajal Aggarwal share a very beautiful chemistry onscreen, which is evident in this song.

For me, the most favourite is the Eppo Maama Treatu, that comes as a excitement elevator between the serious part of the second half, as we gear up for the climax. Shot in colourful sets, this song choreographed by Sridhar is a real treat to watch. Especially, the last one minute of the song getting into massive beats is the best part. Among all, this song best showcases Vijay's dancing skills as far as this film is concerned. Art director Rajeevan’s work in all songs and scenes is commendable.

The stunts in the film have all been well choreographed, though there are a few over the top moments. But what is a mass commercial without those liberties? The highway fight in the first half, climax fight and numerous small fight scenes in between have all been done neatly, credits to Silva Stunts. The Cinematography by Ganesh Rajavelu has worked to the advantage of the film, both in indoor and outdoor scenes, as well as songs. There are no hurting camera angles that zoom in and zoom out usually in such movies. The interval block where the camera rotates throughout the scenes focusing on Vijay and Lal is a masterpiece. The film's editor Don Max has done a decent work and the operation clean sequence is his best job in the film.

Coming back to the main cast, Kajal Aggarwal, playing the lead opposite Vijay for a second time after Thuppakki, has limited scope to perform but has a significant part in the film. Playing a police inspector, she neither looks manly like some heroines do, neither looks weak for the role. She also does well in comedy scenes and emotional scenes. Wish she had more screen time, but the script could not offer more than this for her role.

The film is strongly built on the foundation of the relationship between Mohanlal and Vijay. It is the chemistry between them as father-son, friends and rivals, which works out very well for the script to become effective. If Lal is like a lion, sitting like a king basking in pride after all hunting, Vijay is the tiger who goes for hunt whenever the lion needs him to. So, when lion and tiger step together forward to finish off their common enemy, it’s like a wild hunt which is such a thrill to watch. The emotional bonding between the two and their off-screen friendship has worked out in favour of their roles. Their characterization also matches the mythology, Shiva being the egoistic angry man who has no discount in punishing people even if it is his own son. Shakthi on the other had is a character who is a pacifier for Shiva when he goes out of control, but at the same time does things against his wish when required. But niether of them can exist without the other.

Lal, the excellent and complete actor he is brings his mass and class to his role, playing the role of unbeatable and egoistic Shivan who is only moved by his Shakthi (Vijay). This is a role, that would have been a challenge for many actors because the character has a lot of grey shades yet should be portrayed positively and not as a negative role. Also, it has many levels of emotions packed into a single person; the experience of Lal has helped him portray all of them with ease. Mohanlal is truly an asset for the film, without whom the film would have been less convincing and incomplete. There may be a feeling as Lal's character has less importance in the second half, but remove him out of the picture, the whole proceedings will make no sense.

The towering glory of the film is Ilayathalapathy Vijay, for whom this is a very different characterization than his usual do-gooder. Half of the film, his character is slightly towards the gray edge where he skims through without crossing the limits. The later half, he transforms slowly into a force that will oppose his mighty father even at the cost of losing his relationship with him. The burning fury, the subtle emotions, the heartfelt relationships, the fun elements, the weird yet steady romance, the guilt, the realization, the cleansing up, the perseverance to change his father, the determination to succeed in his mission - his character is a gamut of all emotions and he does all of them with such ease and is a delight to watch.  His changeover from a son who says Yes for every wish of his father to someone who opposes his every move is very natural.

Especially, the body language he maintains throughout the first half of the film is so different. He is presumptuous, cold-shouldered, smug and conceited, so unusual of Vijay but perfectly suits his character. Even in second half, he maintains a casual attitude and carries a pride so consistently, he has lived his character. His performances and dialogue delivery in each of the ten highlighted scenes above and throughout the movie is outstanding as usual. Thanks to Komal Sahani and Rajendran, his costumes are awesome especially the police costume fits him to a T. He has been a complete entertainer always and carries his role brilliantly in the film, probably the main reason for you to watch the film again and again.

To sum it up, Jilla is a perfect treat for Pongal for Vijay fans and family audiences. It is a clean entertainer that will guarantee you satisfaction and must be watched for the deadly combo of Vijay and Mohanlal. Such combos are healthy to happen in today's scenario where Tamil cinema is received and celebrated across borders of the state. So, this Pongal festival, enjoy the sweet Pongal at your houses and also the treat Pongal from Vijay in theatres.

Jilla - Entertainment with no boundaries.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kandaangi Karaoke Contest!

Hey guys,

We know all of you love Kandaangi song from Jilla and are constantly humming it. Of course, who could not?

Now, bring out that subtle singer in you for a full fledged version of the song using the karaoke track in the album. Record your own version of the song in your own voice with Karaoke track (you can use a female pair if you want ;-)) and send in your entries to vijaythe3m@gmail.com. If u dont want to sing solo, girls can use Vijay's voice and guys Shreya Ghosal's as pair :D

You can win Movie Tickets for Jilla, We will also upload the winning track online and share it amongst fans.

The deadline for the contest is 5th Jan 10 PM. So take that microphone and start now! We are waiting!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Jilla - Audio Review

Jilla is the Pongal Treat of 2014 from Vijay for his fans. Expectations are high on this film as it is expected to join the string of hits Vijay has been churning out ever since Kavalan. Starring Mohanlal in a pivotal role and Kajal Aggarwal paired opposite Vijay for a second time since Thuppakki, the film has music by D.Imman. The music director, a favorite with music lovers with his long list of hits recently has definitely work hard to give an album to satisfy everyone. Without compromising on his trademarks and at the same time keeping in mind Vijay's mass following, he has given a high energy album seasoned with melodies. A brief review of the individual songs follows.

Paatu Onnu Kattu

The album starts literally with a bang of guitar and drums, then Chenda Melam joins in, giving the feel of being in a village festival. A different opening song for a Vijay film, that too a duet, Imman makes sure in giving all the required mass feel to it. SPB and Shankar Mahadevan put in through their voices, the expressions of an affectionate father towards his trustworthy son and a obedient son towards his respected father. A song with the flavour of both Tamil Nadu and Kerala, this is sure to attract the masses in the first listen itself. Simple and meaningful lyrics by Yugabarathy are catchy.

Verasa Pogayile

This romantic ballad sung by Imman himself has simple western orchestration where the violin and whistling interludes stand out. Beautifully written lyrics by Parvathy explaining the after effects of falling on love, are brought to life by Imman by his expressive singing. This is one of the best solos by the music director. Though a little better work could have been done on composing the harmony, on the whole the song emerges as a winner. It seems "Verasaa pogayile" means "when going swiftly" in Madurai slang. New word for the day!


A folkish fast beat song with a slight touch of carnatic too here and there and with heavy percussions, this will set you swinging to the beat. Simple and colloquial lyrics makes it easier to sing along. Sunidhi Chauhan and Ranjith who have both sung many hit solo songs Vijay films earlier, come together for this high energy number. The Veena interlude, a favorite in Imman songs is there here too. It is sad that the song is short with only one charanam. Nevertheless, short duration, high impact cracker of a song. Aamaango!

Kandaangi Kandaangi

The Chinese violin that plays at the very beginning of this song, takes you to a different world altogether. As if that was not enough, Vijay and Shreya Ghosal with their "Kanjaa vecha Kuralu" export you to another level of eternal bliss. A very very scintillating melody that requires a thorough professional to execute it, has been handled in the best possible way by the lead singers. No one would have expected this level of excellence from Vijay, though we all know he is a brilliant singer. The kick in Vijay's voice with the nasha in Sherya's voice makes this a perfect folk cocktail. The parts in harmony are awesomely done by both singers and same holds good for the finale also. Imman makes best arrangement of this song with lot of string instruments especially the chinese violin and mild percussion. Vairamuthu's lyrics after a long time in Vijay film is an added icing on this cake.

Yeppa Maama Treat

Super singer fame A.V.Pooja enters a new genre of her career in film singing with this kuthu number. Imman also has a diametrically opposite avatar in this song compared to Verasa Pogayile song. The changeover from western to folk and from fast to faster beats towards the end is done casually and neatly. With English rap and folkish lyrics, this is a perfect party song. It will rock the theatres with the visuals and Vijay's dance.

Jilla Theme

A perfect ending to the  high energy album with backing vocals from Super Singer contestants, this theme rocks all through and will definitely be a treat to watch on screen with scenes. Lyrics portraying the characteristics of Jilla aka Ilayathalapathy Vijay written by Viveka are excellent. Here too, the transition from western to country side has been done neatly. The Chenda Melam towards the end and that particular arrangement transports us to God's own country for a moment, only to return back to the first song of the album once again.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thuppakki – Audio Review

After a lot of unwanted hurdles, it was a very quick initiation of the trigger this week. We are talking about the audio launch of Thuppakki, all set to fire for this Diwali. The film produced by Kalaipuli Thanu under V creations banner stars Ilayathalapathy Vijay and Kajal Aggarwal, has music composed by Harris Jayaraj and directed by A.R.Murugadoss. While the fireworks are just a month away, the celebrations have begun today with the audio. We bring to you a brief review of the songs here.

Starting with a Sufi style prelude, “Kutti Puli Kootam” breaks into a bhangra style with a lot of mass appeal in its lyrics penned by Viveka. The whole song speaks about enjoying life to the fullest and brings in a lot of energy and youthfulness. Though a mass song, it has lot of melody in it and sung by an interesting combo of Hariharan and Tippu. A totally different opening song for a Vijay film, nevertheless electrifying.
Verdict: Magnum

“Antarctica” is a typical Madhankarky romantic song, with a lot of intelligence thrown in. Rendered sharply by Vijay Prakash with good support from Krissh, this is a song that will become your more favorite, the more you listen to it. Simply done, it is totally about the love of a soldier, so naturally lot of parallels are drawn between love and war. Lyrics gain upper hand and you cannot afford to miss the brilliance in them.
Verdict: Firearm

Pa.Vijay brings out the painful feelings and dutiful sacrifices of army men in “Poi Varavaa” through meaningful writing and Karthik gives it life with his vocals. Very apt use of instruments and melancholic Chinmayee’s supporting harmony, makes your heart go out to those jawans guarding our lives everyday unmindful of their own. A song with lot of substance given in a sweet capsule of melody.
Verdict: Howitzer

“Vennilave” starts with Hindi vocals and is an excellent melody that fuses South Indian percussion with Hindustani strings. Singing for the first time in a Vijay film, Harris’s favorite Bombay Jayashree soothingly takes us through a soulful rendition with ample support from Hariharan. Na.Muthukumar’s lyrics speak in a good depth about blissful love and the bliss is in our hearts when we finish listening. Such a feather touch melody after so long in a Vijay film is a bonus.
Verdict: Air Rifle

“Alaika Laika” is a peppy duet sung by Javed Ali( why this fixation on him Harris?) and an excellent Sayanora Philip (who last sang Ice Katti from Madurey for a Vijay film). A simple middel east meets western composition that will become hummable after a few listenings because of its catchy lyrics and excellent foot tapping rhythm. If Olli Belly is for Nanban, Alaika Laika is for Thuppakki. Interestingly, both are penned by Pa.Vijay. Special mention to funny sounds like Dwain Dwain, Waing Waing and lyrics like “Nee inippana uraipaana Aggarwal alwaa” :)
Verdict: Kalashnikov

Jagdish on Mission is an awesome short theme instrumental, some of which appears in teaser too. Very energetic and western, it perfectly sets the theme for an action thriller. Good orchestration by Harris and a fitting finale for the rocking album.
Verdict: Stun Gun

If there is one song that has too too too much of repeat value in the album, it can be none other than Google Google. Vijay’s return to singing after 7 years, his outstanding singing, Madhan Karky’s absolutely attractive lyrics, perfect party beats, excellent composition, Andrea’s voice that almost gives a feel of Kajal singing it – six bullets make it a perfect six shooter. The lyrics are prefectly in line with modern day lovers and what they do. Above all, it is Vijay who makes this song a delight. You wish to listen to more and more of him, and can’t resist looping the song in your music system. The unimaginably wonderful singing like never before by Vijay and the subtle touches that he gives to the song are only to the experienced by listening. You can’t help wondering why such a professional singer like Vijay sings once in 7 years while bathroom singers release 7 songs in a year. Anyways, its time to rejoice with VJ on the floor.

Verdict: Saturday Night Special

The album is the perfect treat for not just Vijay fans but all music lovers. But the special icing on the cake for Vijay fans is Vijay’s singing and the album is worth a lot just for that. Thanks a lot to Harris Jayaraj for bringing the best of Vijay and giving us a delightful album.

Thuppaki – Fully loaded

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Nanban - Movie Review

Remaking a movie is neither an easy job, nor a cakewalk as it is visualized by many. You not only need to repeat the success but also ensure that you are not tampering the original to give a bad output. Except that the film maker starts off with a readymade story and screenplay, everything else about the film is original and filmmaking is any day not a word document to cut and paste from other’s work. Having said these, remaking a classic to give another classic that receives universal acclaim is no easy job. The Nanban team has done such an excellent work that they deserve this success. For Vijay haters, the review ends here and the page close button is on your top right. Others can read further.
It has been many years since we saw a Vijay film sans heroism, fights and villains – a film that relies only on emotions, relationships and situations, where character is the hero. There was Jeeva of Kadhalukku Mariyadhai, Kutty of Thulladha Manamum Thullum, Bhoomi of Kavalan, but they were still avatars of Vijay who are heroes in their own right. But the hero this time is Panjavan Paarivendhan aka Paari – the hero Vijay has completely got into the skin of the character that you forget the hero in him. He is your friend, your nanban.

The script of the movie done by Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi has been beautifully adopted for Tamil audience such that you don’t feel anything alien in the whole proceedings. The dialogues written by Madhan Karky and Shankar are crisp, youthful and fit in exactly with the mood of the scenes. The speech of Silencer, which was much acclaimed in the original, leaves the audience ROTFL much talked about song lyrics, especially Ask Laska and ‘All Is Well’, are well brought out in the visuals. Lot of intelligence has been put into the film and it has paid off.

The chemistry between the lead pair, though they appear together for very few scenes and couple of songs is really cute and they really make a good pair. Their subtle love that runs along with the story is a delight to watch. But what makes a bigger impression is the chemistry between the lead trio – Vijay, Jiiva and Srikanth. It has worked out so well, otherwise we would not have been on an emotional journey with them for 3+ hours.
Arts and Science
Muthuraj’s art direction is easy on the eyes and colorful – be it the hostel settings, the grafitti train in ‘Ask Laska’ song or the grandeur in ‘Irukaanna’ song. Being a film based on education, the intelligent usage of simple and complex scientific concepts in the film deserves a huge applause, ofcourse, credits to the original. Special mention to the delivery scene of Anuya who plays Illeana’s sister. It has been brought out so well that it is not just convincing but also emotional.

Sound Engineering and Film Editing
Oscar winner Resul Pookutty has a major role in making the audience feel like being part of the visuals, through his excellent sound mixing, especially in college scenes. Editor Anthony takes the credit of keeping the audience glued to the screen despite the 3+ hours length of the film, without a single boring moment.

Harris Jayaraj’s songs, which are already chartbusters, have become visual treats in the film. In a film with just three songs (the rest are used in background with situations), he stands out with his excellent background score, probably a comeback area for him. “En Friend ah pola” song appearing both in title and end credits lingers in mind for a long time. The new end credit version is a sweet surprise.

The three songs choreographed are a celebration. If ‘All Is Well’ is funny and entertaining, ‘Ask Laska’ is an intelligent treat, Shobi deserves a big applause for both. Farah Khan makes best use of the dancer in Vijay in Irukaanna song, both sexy and colorful with belly dancers.

The camera work by Manoj Paramahamsa is one of the biggest strengths of the film. The lens man brings out the college backdrop so well that you feel like watching your own. If use of black-and-white in the scene at Jiiva’s home is hilarious, it is breath taking when his camera shows Indian locations in a never seen before grandiose. Also worth mentioning are his romantic presentation of ‘Ask Laska’ and the sexy camera work in ‘Olli Belly’ song.

Film Management
Frankly speaking, having received brickbats for his handling of student life in Boys, Shankar presents a diagonally different view of the same through a rollercoaster of emotions. Whatever would have been good has been made to be the best – the Shankar touch is evident throughout. No one else could have recreated the magic of 3 Idiots so well, his urge to do better than the original is visible in every frame. The perfect casting, excellent adaptation, getting the best out of his cast and crew and simple things like Shankar’s guest appearance in ‘Ask Laska’ song, the funny clap boards, the effort put into making All is  Well song (as earlier seen from the making video) are what Shankar brings into Nanban to make it a guaranteed entertainer.

There is more than Engineering and Medicine in education and things other than marks and ranks in college life. Your life should be decided by what your heart feels and not what others feel about you. This is what is the film speaks about through a gripping narration and this review more or less brings out the same. There is a lot more to look for in education.

The Rank Holders

Supporting cast: There is a huge supporting cast in the film of which the short appearances of Vijay Vasanth, Balaji (of Jaya TV) as college senior and S.J.Suryah are worth a mention. Rest of the cast inclusing Anuya, Uma Padhmanabhan, Rinson (of Jodi No.1) as Millimeter, Manobala and others do what is required of them.

Sathyan: He has a meaty role in Nanban unlike the sidekick roles he usually does. He surprisingly manages well till the end and leaves the audience in splits in his teacher’s day speech scene.

Sathyaraj: As the nightmarish college dean Virus, Sathyaraj has given a convincing performance, far different from his usual style. Villainism is nothing new to him but playing the character that has been immortalized by Boman Irani in Hindi, he has lived to the expectations.

Illeana: As a naughty daughter of Sathyaraj, the ‘Olli Belly Jelly Belly’ girl has played her role well, especially in scenes where she confronts her father trying to save Jiiva from his revenge and when she helps her sister deliver her child through web conferencing. Her funny lines in the scene where she gets drunk and in the final scene deserve a mention. And yes, she looks stunning in the two songs she appears in.

Srikanth: This is a lifetime opportunity for the actor who has been starring in not so great films in recent times. And he has utilized it well, being the narrator of the film in his ‘cursed-to-be-engineer’ role of Venkatramakrishnan. His emotional scene with his parents brings the best of him.

Jiiva: A fine actor, he lives his role as Sevarkodi Senthil, performing brilliantly in comedy and emotional scenes. If he makes us teary in the scene where he attempts suicide, his comedy timing in ‘Induction motor’ scene makes audience roar with laughter. Shankar has effectively used the fabulous natural actor in him.

Vijay: If there is a backbone that supports the whole film, it is Vijay’s role as Panchavan Paarivendhan, which I doubt anyone else would have done with such utmost sincerity and at the same time fitting perfectly for the character. Having played many physically powerful mass hero roles and sweet romantic hero characters, he has shed all his heroism and image to underplay the role of a mentally strong genius. As a naughty student wishing to see a change in education system, caring friend who wants his friends to get the best out of life, romantic lover who locks his emotions, daring youngster to challenge his dean, novice helping his lover’s sister to deliver a child – Vijay’s role has a lot of dimensions to it and shines in each of it outstandingly. From an uneducated local mechanic to a college topper, everything comes to him with ease and all it requires is a skilled director to use it in a powerful script. And this time, everything has fallen into place which gives every fan the delight of watching Vijay in the role of a lifetime. Thalaivaa! You are great!

To sum up, Nanban is one of the best engineered remakes. Disliking a film like this definitely prescribes you a doctor appointment for psychiatric cure. You see it as a copy, you copy paste your comments of hatred usually made for Vijay films. You see it as a remake, you will end up making only comparisons. You see it as a Vijay film, your bias on Vijay will alter your opinions. You see it as an entertainer, it gives you loads of entertainment, more than what you expect. It is a beautiful journey of life that every movie lover will enjoy.

Verdict: A for Awesome, B for Blockbuster. All izz Well!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Nanban – Audio Review

Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s films have had albums from Srikanth Deva, Dheena to Ilayaraja, A.R.Rahman and it is a record that almost all of his albums have been successful irrespective of its music composer. So it is a natural expectation that the first time combination of Vijay and Harris Jayaraj will be a rocking album and given the earlier record of Shankar with Harris in Anniyan, expectations were two fold. The audio of Gemini Film Circuit’s “Nanban” released today has given to listeners more than what they expected out of it. The album is an ultimate bundle of chart busters which are sure of stay on top of charts in the days to come.

The album begins with “En Frienda pola yaaru machan“, an anthem of friendship speaking of how the relationship is essential in life and how superior is its worth. Sung by Krish and Suchith Suresan, this song has so much vigor and intensity that it oozes out youthfulness all over. Your close friends will really flash across your eyes for a moment atleast, as you hear this song. Meaningful lines like “Thozhanin tholgalum annai madi, avan dhoorathil poothitta thoppul kodi” catch your attention instantly. Mixture of colloquial and poetic verses, the song speaks enough for itself through its lyrics written by Viveka. Harris Jayaraj’s simple orchestration with Guitar running throughout retains the feel in the voices of lead singers perfectly.

“Heartiley Battery charge thaan All is well” is an all fun song composed in complete peppy and hip hop style. The song through its simple yet intelligent lyrics by Na.Muthukumar teaches the don’t care attitude to enjoy life to the fullest by following your heart. There is more to college life than books, marks and ranks which is beautifully told in the lyrics. Hemachandran and Mukesh give all elements needed for this typical college song and make this an out and out enjoyable song. The visuals are sure to take the song to a different level making it more entertaining.

Chinmayi starts off the melody in “Ask Laska Amour Amour Ai Ast Ast Liebe”, a beautifully crafted duet, both musically and lyrically. The opening lines are full of words meaning love in different languages. The violin and kanjeera mix in the second interlude along with trademark chorus of Harris sounds too good.  Madhan Karky‘s imagination has no bounds as he mixes simple science and maths for his similes and metaphors in the song, a very very novel idea. But what stands out is again his opening lines- it is not difficult to gather words for love from 16 languages but it requires great technique to put them together in a tune that too with rhyme. On the other hand, Vijay Prakash and Chinmayi rock with their vocals, full of romantic intensity and Suvi gives ample support through her rap lines. It is always a pleasant feel to hear Chinmayi’s non-modulated voice and being a language expert she does the multilingual verses even better. The composition, a mixture of western, middle east and carnatic is very neatly done.

“Endhan Kann Munne Kaanamal Ponene” is a soft romantic number- short and sweet- with lyrics penned by Karky once again. With a simple guitar accompaniment, this Tamil version of ‘Give me Sunshine’ is so mellifluous that you are lost in it in no time. Aalaap Raju like his previous hits with Harris, brings out the pain of love in this song very beautifully. It would be a perfect situational song that will fit in well in the film.

Composed fully in Middle east style with western beats, “Irukaana Iduppirukaana Illayana Illeana” is a peppy duet that lingers in your ears for a long time even after you finish listening. The song is rendered with full vibrance by Vijay Prakash and Sunidhi Chauhan while Javed Ali gets a small verse to sing in the middle. The harmony is something never heard before in Harris Jayaraj’s compositions. Pa.Vijay‘s lyrics are full of imagination and rare words like Thuthanagam (which means Zinc). The lyricist has cleverly played with words a lot throughout giving it both the rhyme and pattern instantly catching your attention. It is really difficult for anyone to get all words in the song right without lyrics in hand.
Nalla Nanban vendum endru” is a pathos song with an amazing melancholy feel brought in by the rendition of Ramakrishnan Murthy, a new find of Harris. Composed in classical style and written by Na. Muthukumar, this is another song that goes along with the situation in the film. A lot of orchestration dominates the number and it is all very well done to suit the mood. The veena and mirudhangam in the interludes are worth a mention. A wish for best friend, the song ends the album on an emotional note.

A long time after the days of Minnale and Ullam Ketkume, here comes an album from Harris Jayaraj with has youthfulness written all over it. Harris has two strong candidates for his support who make his tunes win hands down – all his lead singers many of whom are first timers with Harris and all his lyricists who have not just written words for the tunes, but have indeed made the tunes speak through their words. An album that not only caters to music lovers but also entertains the masses, this is the perfect one for a Vijay-Shankar combination film.

Nanban – Ilamai Pongal

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kaavalan - Audio Review

Good music can always melt your heart, give you lot of happiness and please your senses. The music of Ekaveera Creations' Kaavalan is a perfect example of this statement. From the days of Nilaave Vaa, Vijay and Vidhyasagar combination has always been special and they both together have given us a good number of chartbuster albums. But after Nilaave Vaa, this is just the second time they have come with an album dominated by melodies and a romantic theme, miles away from what is typically expected from them. The change has definitely been very good and the happiness in your heart when you finish listening the album is a proof of it.

The album begins with the bang of "Vinnai Kaapan Oruvan" sung by Tipu (who has sung many fast numbers for Vijay) and Swetha. The magic of "Soora Thenga" and "Nee endha ooru" is brought out in this song again by Vijay-Tipu-Vidhyasagar combo. Swetha's voice is sweet and pleasant on the ears. The rich orchestration brings in a festive mood that it is intended for. Lyrics by Pa.Vijay are easy on the lips and the whole song itself has a simple tune and pattern which will sure catch the listener's attention at the first listen itself. This is the only mass number in the whole album but still has a good melody woven into it.

Karthik comes up next with "Yaaradhu Yaaradhu" with the voice of Suchitra (almost a harmony) in the interludes. This is an outstanding solo romantic melody in a Vijay film that has come after years, last one being "Kanmoodi Thirakumbodhu" in Sachein. But this is one song which has an amazing feel to it, as it was in "Ennai Thaalata Varuvaalo" from "Kadhaluku Mariyadhai". Yugabharathi's lyrics are excellent, especially the lines like "Vidayaaga Kelvi Thandhadhu, Thelivaaga Kuzhamba Vaipadhu" easily depict the feelings of a confused lover. Karthik is an expert in such songs and his voice adds a huge value to the song, flowing like a clear stream throughout.

"Step, Step, Step it Up" is a dance number that has a feel like many of those Ricky Martin's peppy songs (especially 'Maria'). With simple Tamizh lyrics by Viveka (unlike father-abusing senseless lines) and brilliant rendition by Benny Dayal and Megha, it has all qualities of a chartbuster. The song has a catchy Spanish-like tune and a western style composition which is sure to send a vibration to the listening ears. Thankfully, not much of techno sounds there. Considering that Ilayathalapathy would burn the floor with his unbeaten dance steps, this song will soon leap steps up and up for sure.

Karthik yet again entertains us, this time with a melodious and peppy romantic solo "Sada Sada Sada Sada Mazhai". A song about mixed bag of feelings a guy has for his girl, it is bound to become listener's favourite instantly, mainly for the child-like innocence Karthik brings into it with his scintillating voice. Yugabharathi impresses for one more time with the intelligent use of words in his lyrics. Some examples are: "Solla mozhi indri thamizh sorkal ennai vittu vittu andharathil ammi kuthudhe", "Kuralaale ennul kudiyerik konda kolaikaari" and "Medhuvaga chellum gadikaara mullum unai kaana solli nacharikudhe".

The album concludes with yet another romantic melody "Pattampoochi Koopidumbodhu" which is special for a unique reason. KK, Kabilan and Vidhyasagar each of whom are known for many fast numbers of Vijay have come together with a sweet melody that is too very pleasing. Though melody is Vidhyasagar's area of expertise, it is KK who surprises with his well-controlled and soft rendition, far from his usual style. Kabilan's lines like "Alaivarisayil nee sirikka, tholai thodarbinil naan irukka, udhadum udhadum pesum pozhudhu ulagai marandhene" are very catchy. Rita of "Vaada Maapla"(Villu) fame does a great job too in her another avatar.

To sum up, the album speaks volumes about the romantic feel in the film and has already created lot of expectations not just about the visuals of the songs but also about the whole film. It is a "feel-good" album that is sure to stay long in our memories and it comes as a nice change from the usual firework music albums of Vijay in recent past. Vidyasagar deserves a huge credit for giving Vijay fans a chance to celebrate a special 'music festival' in December.

Kaavalan - The Musical Chill of December.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Triple offer from Vijay

IndiaGlitz [Thursday, May 27, 2010]
Vijay is at an important cross road now. With controversies and criticisms mounting Ilaya Thalapathi has finally decided to put everything to rest and make every body happy.

As the first step Vijay has decided to release three films this year to make the theatre owners happy. Siddique's ‘Kaavalkaran’ is 60% complete and is generating good trade talk so far. ‘Jayam’ Raja is also ready for ‘Velayudham’ and there will be an official announcement next week.

Also there is news about Vijay giving his consent to do the remake of ‘3-Idiots’ in Tamil. It’s likely that Vijay will announce this at the launch function of ‘Velayudham’.

With these sudden developments the theatre owners are convinced and are ready for Vijay films again.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vijay is Siddique's actor

IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, May 26, 2010]
After a long time a Vijay film is progressing without his regular codes in place. Heavy mettle intro song, punch dialogues, flying villains etc are put on the side by Siddique in ‘Kaavalkaran’, sources say.

With criticisms from all over for his regular routine flicks of late Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay has finally given into his director. In ‘Kaavalkaran’ it is the director who is calling the shots, they say. There won’t be a intro song elevating hero to a super hero or punch dialogues at the wrong places or villains flying all over at a breath of the hero in ‘Kaavalkaran’.
So as clay in the hands of God Vijay has submitted himself into the hands of Siddique. The sudden shift of attitude may be surprising for many but all Vijay lovers are seeing this as a change for the better.

After the earlier Siddique-Vijay combo ‘Friends’ is an all time classic. We expect them to repeat the feat.

Madhi to shoot Vijay

IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, May 25, 2010]
Cameraman Madhi who started off with ‘Punnagai Desam’ is going from strength to strength. He has done a variety of films of different genre to showcase his ability. Oru Kalluriyin Kadhai, Ninaithale, Silambattam are some of Madhi's earlier films.
Films like Veyil and Nepali brought feathers to the cap of Madhi. And with ‘Paiyaa’ Madhi has become one of the hot shot cameramen in demand.
Now Madhi is in the big league after ‘Jayam’ Raja signing him to shoot Vijay in ‘Velayudham’. After Karthi, Madhi has got the opportunity to work with another major star. ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’ will be Madhi’s second film with Karthi.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hansika to be paired with Vijay

Vijay's 52nd flick 'Velayudham' will be directed by jayam Raja and produced by Aascar Ravichandran. Before it has been sad as Genelia will do the female lead role for the movie. Now Hansika Motwani replace Genelia.

Now the actress is busy in Maapillai Shooting, the shooting of the movie will end in few days after that she will join hands in 'Velayudham' unit and she also signed in Jayam Ravi's Itch Movie directed by Prabhu Deva.

The 'Velayudham' Movie Pooja will take place shortly at Nehru Stadium.

Vijay hits back

Ilaiyathalapathy Vijay has hit back at his detractors within the industry by doing two films simultaneously, and planning to start a third film by August.

All this is his silent response to get back at "vested interests" who are trying to put a ban on his films. After the failure of Sura, the theatre's association in the NSC area (North and South Arcot and Chengalpet) of Tamil Nadu recently announced that they wanted the actor to take "moral responsibility for the failure of Sura".

They wanted the actor to refund at least 40 per cent of the amount that they had paid as MG (Minimum Guarantee).

A spokesperson of the Chengalpet-Kanchipuram Theatre Association, said, "All recent Vijay films, including the latest Sura have been failures. We had lost crores earlier paying MG's by screening Azhagiya Thamizh Magan, Kuruvi, Villu, and Vettaikkaran and now, Sura is a washout. Superstars like Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan had compensated us when their films bombed. If he is not willing to pay cash as compensation, Vijay can do a film for us to make up for the losses."

Now, Vijay, instead of getting into a slanging match with exhibitors and distributors, has quietly begun work on two films. For nearly a decade after he became a superstar, Vijay has been doing only one film at a time, and having a release once in a year. Now, the actor is working on two films — Kavalkaran and Velayutham — simultaneously and will also start work on the Tamil remake of 3 Idiots.

Says Siddique, who's directing the actor for Kavalkaran, "We are now shooting the college campus scenes of the film with Vijay and Asin in Vellore and after this schedule, nearly 70 percent of the film will be complete. It is going to be a different type of Vijay entertainer, which is sure to be lapped up by the family audiences."

On Sunday, Hansika Motwani flew down to Chennai from Mumbai to do a photo shoot with the star at a studio in Saligramam, for producer Aascar Ravichandran's Jayam Raja directed Velayutham. The film is rumoured to be a remake of Nagarjuna's Telugu hit Azad (released way back in 2000), which was inspired from Amitabh Bachchan's 1989 flop Main Azad Hoon, which was in turn a carbon copy of Frank Capra's 1941 classic Meet John Doe! Vijay will have two heroines — Genelia and Hansika — in the film and will play a fictitious `man of the masses' created by a female journalist. For the first time ever, Harris Jayaraj will provide music for a Vijay film.

The producer of Velayutham, Aascar Ravichandran, is veteran producer and distributor who controls more than 30 screens in NSC area, and has a proven track record with hits like Anniyan and Dasavatharam. Remember, it was Ravichandran who made Vijay a superstar when he took over the marketing of Kadhalukku Mariyadhai in 1996. A source close to Vijay said, "Vijay sir is reworking his mass hero image to suit the taste of family audiences. Kavalkaran and Velayutham are carefully planned out projects and he is sure to bounce back with these films followed by the 3 Idiots remake."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dedicated to SAVAMs all over - SHIMs Part 2

Two years back I was more than happy to bring to you people the article for SHIMs which I hope to some extent was an answer to the non-stop nonsense criticism prevailing about Vijay that time. Now two years later, when I sit to write part 2, times have changed and so is the mindset of people. Unfortunately, this part is dedicated not only to all those junks and sadists whose only purpose of existence is to tease and abuse Vijay, but also to the section of Vijay fans which has been polluted by the influence of other (over)actors’ films and Hollywood impact.

This article is directed to SAVAMs. While SHIMs was just an acronym, SAVAM in its meaning denotes dead bodies, and also expands as "Senseless Anti Vijay & Adulterated Morons". This is to mean that whoever fits in the description given above are those who cannot appreciate the dynamism and talents of Vijay and are no different than dead bodies. But of course, these dead bodies can read and interpret what I say, even if they ignore this, I care a damn about it, this is my dedication for Vijay and his fans.

There are 3 categories of SAVAMs I would like to specially address to: Bloggers writing blogs against Vijay, sadist people who forward negative messages about Vijay and jobless corporate people who forward mails against Vijay and his films. The worst thing about the second and third categories is, most of these people are our close friends and relatives who inspite of knowing that we are Vijay fans purposefully tease us. Such messages when it comes from people close to us hurts a lot, because we don't expect such acts from them even if others forwards such messages.

Talking about bloggers, a PC/laptop with a high speed broadband connection (especially those living abroad) and a OC blogspace courtesy Google are enough for them to happily scream all nonsense about Vijay. These jobless sadists have no work other than downloading or watching online the movies, imagine worst cam prints minus theatre atmosphere, and then write a review in their junkyard(means blogspace) using the worst filthy and unparliamentary language you can ever think of. Sitting in an A/C room and joblessly watching a movie on laptop with a beer can in hand and loads of shit inside the head will definitely won't give any enjoyment of watching a commercial film of a mass hero.

These SAVAMs write as if they are Gurus of Tamil Cinema and are striving hard to encourage good and different(read Kamal/Surya) films and as if they grew up watching high standard hollywood and kollywood films. And they would even provide ratings for top 10 movies in their blogs for offbeat movies, bashing up commercial movies, least realizing that the movies they listed neither did anything good for its producers nor gave any viewing pleasure for the general audience. Not to forget that many of these people would have spent their early childhood with half trousers and leaking noses, watching dirty commercial cinema of 80's in their nearest theaters.

Nowadays one more worst sub-category has emerged which writes review without even watching the movie just for showing off their "humor sense" and "writing skills". And a bunch of shameless morons comment on these posts and make fun out of it. For Vettaikaaran I remember reading two worst reviews, one of which was a complete nonsense fake imaginary review and other one saying he liked Vettaikaaran and his son didn't like it, finally revealing he watched MGR's Vettaikaaran. Neither Vijay pleaded them to watch his movies, nor did they have any compulsion to do it. Inspite of knowing that they would not like it and it would give them headache or whatever, these SAVAMs watch it or pretend to do so, only for the sole purpose of writing an abusive post on it. Uselessness at its peak!

Coming to SMS forwarding category, SAVAMs effectively use their free SMS pack by sending abuse messages and forwards about Vijay, mainly to Vijay fans in their contact list. The most irritating thing is, even those who don't message/mail you frequently, immediately do a forward when they get an anti-Vijay SMS or email. I don't know what kind of sadistic pleasure it gives them, but when they put up a horrific smile on their face and come to ask you if you saw the mail/SMS, you feel like slapping them tight and slitting their throat. Atleast, I feel so.

The corporate junkies are even more worse. Apart from doing the selfless service of copy pasting contents from above said junk blogs, they use their hard learnt technical knowledge on photoshop, flash and other things by creating videos, photos and animations against Vijay, wasting their time and talent for someone whom they consider "not even worth to be an actor". And hats off to their intelligence, as many of our friends pointed out, they have been doing free publicity for Vettaikaaran at the cost of their wasted time and resources of the company these SAVAMs work for.

Now over to the other side of the story. The moment you start sending them reply mails strongly or show them a straight face or start sending them mails abusing/making fun of their so-called favorite actors, it will bring the hell out of them. They come back shamelessly telling that they are fan of no one and they like good movies, or they liked so and so movie of Vijay but now his movies are bad etc etc. Mega serials lose out to such stories from these SAVAMs! :P

First of all the SAVAMs should realize that, for people like me, watching Surya doing a dumb romantic scene or Kamal coming in various avatars or singing in his heavy throat is as much torture as you feel while watching a Vijay movie, and even more than that. In fact, I can write out a mail criticizing every so-called best films of other actors and bring out as many negatives as possible from them to compose an anti-actorX mail. But Vijay has not taught me that, he infact asks me every time to watch all actors movies, but this loyal heart refuses to.

Earlier the complaint on Vijay was that he follows the same old formula and not changing from it. Now many heroes, not only those who are "shedding their blood and sweat" for Tamil Cinema but even those mushrooms who popped up in yesterday's rain have started doing these type of movies. Hence the complaint has changed as Vijay should work with directors like the others do and he should provide movies which are watchable like they give. And those SAVAMs remarking on remakes, must analyze the track record of other mass heroes, who in the same timeline of their career as Vijay is in now, have made unimaginable number of remakes, many of them Xerox copies, which is proven from the data collected from their own websites.

And for the SAVAMs who categorize Vijay films as the ones made for C class audience, I would request them to go and see in their nearby theaters where Vettaikaaran is screened, not for watching the film, but to see the spread of crowd watching the film. Families, housewives, children, grandparents who dismiss their strain and come for watching an entertainer - If the ones you see in your own family are C-Class audience, then these people are also C-class. Fans give the movies the required opening and initial momentum, but it is this family crowd that takes it forward to give the movie its long run. Getting a director who makes films for city audience, a music director who shamelessly lifts tunes from western songs and a production house powerful enough to hold other movies to be released against you doesn’t make you a top actor, neither your film is top class.

All these family audiences were not gained overnight. It is Vijay's hard work and his work onscreen that has earned him these fans. He had no father to back him with a good history(It is a fact to be accepted that SAC's legacy has written only negative impressions during Vijay's debut), he didn't marry someone whose popularity he can cash-in with family audience and nor did he do anything special to impress kids. But still they love him and watch his movies with their parents. And with nil smoking or drinking scenes (he pledged not to keep them after ATM) and not even bedroom scenes ("making love" as other actors name it) today Vijay's films are clean films as he knows his social responsibility and impact on his audience. Am sure, none of the SAVAMs will have an answer for why this happens.

Those who want getup changes from Vijay, first think of a single movie recently where any actor doing dual role has shown any difference between two roles without any changes in getup or hairstyle or anything, just with voice modulation and body language, like Vijay did in ATM. Doing 10 yrs or 60 yrs role is not important, how you show a difference in the same age similar looking characters is most important. And if someone thinks Vijay does same kind of action or expressions in all movies, every other actor does the same, atleast Vijay's expressions are enjoyable unlike the constant irritating "Eeeeeeeee" expression given by few actors in all their songs including pathos songs.

If changing getups and doing different roles is hard work, then do you call Vijay's efforts for every film as a cakewalk? Especially what about the risks and brave attempts in stunts he takes in these films some of which would have cost his life itself? Can anyone deny the struggle Vijay put himself through in films like Badri for the sake of his fans? Not even once he has spoken about all these sitting in all channels and dedicating it to his wife and son, he dedicates everything only for his fans. Infact, most of his interviews does not promote his films; he comes on TV only for fans.

It really makes me laugh at the ignorance of SAVAMs when I see mails and messages which portray Vijay as a remake actor and as a mass masala hero. I doubt if these jerks would have even seen the movies of Vijay before Ghilli, especially those from Poove Unakaaga till Vaseegara which has different flavors of Vijay in different commercial movies. Infact, I am sure many of Vijay fans themselves have not seen many of these movies and they know only the mass avatar of Vijay. I suggest them to have a round of these classics and then speak anything you want about Vijay in public forums.

And for those SAVAMs, who speak about Vijay's appearance and looks, it is this face that lives in the hearts of millions and millions of Tamil people, including small kids and mothers. People, who like Vijay, like him for what he is and not for how he looks. If looking fair or showing off body or building 6 packs is how a hero image can be attained, even lifeless dough made from maida flour looks fair and even a old man carrying gunny bags for a living, has 6 packs. These qualities doesn't make a hero suitable for a role, ultimately, how you carry on the role as yourself shows your real talent.

Another important string of messages that does rounds is those which quotes Vijay as "10th Std fail" and makes fun of his doctorate. Anyone who follows Vijay's history knows very well that he is a college drop out and who stopped with 10th std is a well known fact that need not be told. Moreover, - this is what has earned a doctorate for Vijay, not his educational qualification or his acting career. And none of his charity activities was even known to anyone, nor published in any media openly unless his fans themselves brought it out especially with online advancements. Without getting the facts right, some crap brain SAVAMs keep sending such nonsense mails/messages which doesn't actually have a meaning.

I can clearly state one thing. With the same formula, even if Vijay gives another Ghilli or a better film, the SAVAMs won’t stop their talks. Even if Vijay does a movie with Selvaraghavan or Ameer or any other "different" director for that matter, whatever role he plays offbeat or different from his usual, however best he acts in it, the anti-Vijay crowd will continue to tease him in one way or the other. Either they will blame Vijay of spoiling the film and director's name or they will say that so-and-so actor would have been the better choice. And if the film is a hit and good, then they will find minor faults in the film and even turn the topic as "the director gave life for Vijay" and so on.

What I am trying to convey is that, their only aim is to criticize and abuse Vijay by whatever means and reasons they can irrespective of the type and quality of films he is going to give. Even for Vettaikaaran, when they couldn't talk anything bad about the film, they started sending mail forwards making fun about the silky shirt Vijay wore in "Karikaalan" song. I replied only one thing: "It is better than roaming around in a film topless or sleeveless exhibiting body or wearing wife's t-shirts and attending functions"

Vijay has been there in film industry for more than one and a half decades and he has seen all ups and downs in his career. He has seen the good and bad and whenever there was bad, he has successfully come out of it, more stronger and escalated himself to the top. I am telling this to all those who can't stop comparing Vijay with other actors. Vijay is in his 17th year of acting and he is doing his 50th film. When you look at his past and see the times when he was in the same time line and film count as other actors he is being compared with, you can definitely say he was in a better position than what they are today.

I can prove this just by one instance, when Vijay surpassed Rajini a decade ago in a poll conducted by Kumudham for popular actor/actress among college students. The actors whom you are talking about didn't even have a place in that poll. And these other actors will also pass through a time as Vijay did in past 2 years. And that time, we will tie our hands and see how they and their fans react to the situation (Some already did have crossed that stage, wherein they started doing "different" to survive in the industry, now they claim that they can't sleep well unless they give different films)

Before I finish, I just have only one request to all Vijay fans. You have got a treasure in Vijay out of which only a small part is enjoyed by you. He has many more years to go and many more films to come, and he will surely move himself towards better and bigger position in Tamil film history. Meanwhile, just as you say "India lost the match, but Sachin batted well", "the film was bad but Rahman's music kaaga paakalam", "Whatever others feel, I will watch it because it is a Manirathnam film" and so on, please cultivate the habit of saying "However the film was, Vijay did well and I am happy about it", because that is the least he wants from us for all the hard work and toil he puts in for the film.

Mistakes do happen and they get corrected, then better things happen, Vettaikaaran is the best example for it. All that you people need is patience, tolerance and immunity from SAVAMs who have the capacity to rape your senses with their shitty thoughts. If you already have these, never lose it, else you will be left out when in future the history is rewritten.










Love Vijay,
Vijay Fan

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vijay’s 50th film: Director announced

[Thursday, June 25, 2009]

It’s not Perarasu, nor is it Jayam Raja. It is now confirmed that Vijay’s fiftieth film will be directed by SP Rajkumar. The man, who is currently directing 'Azhagar Malai' with RK in the lead, will next direct the Ilaya Thalapathy in his landmark film, apart from penning the story, screenplay and dialogues. The film will be produced by Sangili Murugan’s Murugan Cine Arts.


Vijay, who is currently working with director Babu Sivan for 'Vettaikkaran', is expected to begin work on the new film later this year. With ‘Vettaikkaran’ almost 70 percent done, Vijay will start work on his 50th flick, tentatively titled 'Urimai Kural' in September.

SP Rajkumar had earlier teamed up with Vijay for ‘Friends’, for which he had written the dialogues. Sangili Murugan, meanwhile, had produced Vijay’s blockbuster 'Kadhalukku Mariyadhai'. The trio getting together is expected to produce yet another blockbuster for the Ilaya Thalapathy, who expects a hit now.

The actor is expected to do a flick with Jayam Raja following this. Ajith’s 50 film, which will begin a little later this year, will be directed by Venkat Prabhu.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tamil association threatens to boycott Vijay movies

"As if a repercussion to the interest he showed in politics, the Tamil Association of Canada has threatened that the immigrant Tamils will boycott Vijay's movies if he decides to join the Congress party. The announcement was made in a press release by the Association after news was out that Vijay met the Congress supremo Rahul Gandhi in Delhi recently."

"The press note also states that though the Association is not against Vijay entering into politics, it would boycott his movies if he joined the Congress party. The note goes on to mention that it's the Congress that helped the Srilankan government in the recent war that displaced millions of Tamils in the island nation and rendered many more homeless."

source: Behindwoods