Saturday, October 28, 2006

Shreya gets her chances

[Saturday, October 28, 2006]

For nearly a year Shreya has been totally committed to the Sivaji project. But a film with Rajini-Shankar combination brings in its wake several opportunities and new chances.

Shreya, who is pretty smart, understands that. And she has been vindicated for her choice.

Now, she is slowly getting new offers. Along with Sivaji, she has Thiruvilayadal Arambam with Dhanush. That is going to be a rollicking comedy.

And then there is the big one with Vijay. So a movie with Vijay is a big one for any actress. The movie Azhagiya Tamizh Magan will be on the floors soon.

Shreya was so thrilled when the offer came that she agreed straightaway without even hearing the story. `I agreed immediately as it was Vijay's movie. I did not even listen to the story,' she

Confidence thy name is Shreya.

“Thousands had gathered to see Vijay…”

Oct 28, 2006
Vijay &  Arun

One of our ardent fans from SriLanka, Arun had sent us his experience of meeting actor Vijay with a photo. We are happy to publish it on his request.

If you come across any such experiences, wish to share any photograph that you took with a star, want to report any news or write on anything related to movies, please email us at and we will be more than willing to publish it.

Anything for the fans!

Arun’s email reads as below:

To the Editor,

I would like to write about my experience of meeting actor Vijay.

Vijay made a visit to Sri Lanka in the recent past. He was received with a VIP treatment by all Lankans at the air port. The next day he had a fans gathering at a famous theatre here and thousands of people were waiting to see him. While he started to chat with the people, most of the people rushed to the front to see him. So unfortunately police had to safeguard Vijay by taking him safely inside. Later I went personally to the hotel room in which Vijay stayed and clicked some pictures with him and his family. He was very friendly with all of us and basically was in his usual casual mood. We had dinner together. And it was a nice experience with him.

Thank you
Arun Subash Fernando (Sri Lanka)


Friday, October 27, 2006

It’s vintage Vijay

[Friday, October 27, 2006]

The one good thing about actor Vijay is that he certainly likes to keep abreast with the films that are being released in Tamil.

He is one of the regulars at the special shows.

Last night, the young star along with his wife Sangeetha saw a special show of Vattaram. He was said to be impressed with what he saw.

Vijay also had a special screening of Dharmapuri a few days back. Director Perarasu arranged that show.

Perarasu, who says that he owes his career to Vijay, was happy with the response from the star. Vijay hugged the director after the film and congratulated him on giving a gritty masala entertainer.

Perarasu had directed Vijay in commercial hits like Thirupachi and Sivakasi.

Vijay is currently working in Pokiri and will later take up Azhagiya Tamizhmagan.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Vijay dons new get-up!


Mention the word get-up, and it was always considered obscene by Vijay. But for the first time in his career, he has actually considered one!


Like his guru Rajini, Vijay believes in appearing as his usual self in films and cruising to victory. Till now, Vijay has maintained that a get-up will not suit him, but he seems to have changed his tune of late. He now says if the character will look good in it, he's willing to give it a try.

Why this sudden change? During 'Pokkiri' he got himself a screen test. With a big twirling moustache, side burns covering half his face and flat, gelled hairstyle, Vijay was taken aback at his own reflection.

He could hardly recognize himself. Only then was he convinced that it's not a bad thing to change appearances once in a way.

So, Vijay's fans could expect to see their idol in some new get-up sometime!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Vijay & Trisha are together again!

Vijay and Trisha the hottest pair of Tamil cinema are together again. They are coming for the first time on the small screen to chat up with Anu Hassan for her Diwali special show "Alive Koffee with Anu" on Vijay TV ( Oct 21, 9am).

'Ilaya Thalapathi' Vijay and his favourite heroine Trisha will appear together for the first time ever on a television show. Anu Hassan is sure to get the show rocking with the duo in their elements. Vijay, the reserved person confesses that he is a brat with close pals and his shyness stops him from getting close to people that easily. Trisha will share some interesting secrets in this candid chat.

Says Anu Hassan: "Initially I was bit hesitant over the guests, as Vijay is reserved by nature. But he really made me comfortable and made the chat lively. Trisha was very bubbly and outspoken"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Vishal and Vijay--- a big combo

[Thursday, October 19, 2006]

Guess what is the secret desire of Vishal?

Is it acting with Aishwarya Rai or even Kate Winslett? Or is it working with James Cameron? Or is to co-act with Jackie Chan?

No, his wishes are quite earthy and eminently attainable.

He wants to direct. Now, if you ask what is so special about an actor directing a film, well, Vishal wants to direct a movie with Vijay as hero.

Recently he told newsmen that he wants to direct a film. ‘Naturally I would like to play the hero in it. But if I want to cast another star in it, it will have to be Vijay,’ Vishal said.

That is a pretty interesting prospect. A marquee hero with a marquee star ---a combination that is sure to beat market expectations.

Ajith vs Vijay: Punch dialogues in Pokkiri, Aalwar?
Oct 19, 2006

It has become a fashion statement in cine industry to let out punch dialogues or innuendoes at one another. Though this appears very juvenile to intelligent audience, the masses and the fans seemed to enjoy this verbal warfare. This `culture' of punch dialogues would be overflowing in the films of Ajith and Vijay.

But according to the latest buzz, both the actors seemed to have come of age and mellowed down a lot. Perhaps they would have realized the futility of such exercise. In their forthcoming Pokkiri
and Varalaru, reliable sources reveal that there are no insinuating dialogues hurled at each other.

"Good things are bound to happen only when someone analyzes the past" is a statement mouthed by Ultimate star Ajith while his archrival Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay has a different shade when he says, "Once when I decide on something, I myself cannot change it".

Whatever it is, when there is bonhomie all over the place, it is good for everyone especially the crazy fans of the stars who are otherwise at loggerheads with each other

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shreya is Azhagiya Tamil Magal for Vijay
Oct 18, 2006

Sherya has become the apple of Ajith and Vijay's eye. They mulled over casting her for Kireedom and Azhagiya Tamil Magan (ATM) and while Trisha bagged Kireedom, Vijay went away with Shreya for his ATM as reported by us earlier. Shreya's career is skyrocketing owing to her role in Sivaji with Rajini.

She is flooded with offers even before she finished her project with Rajini. However, the poor girl is bind with the contract that she signed with Shankar, which restricts her from signing for any other projects before the completion of her shoots for Sivaji.

Now that Sivaji is on the verge of completion with 80 per cent of its shoots are over, Shreya is free to accept the offers that come along. She is ecstatic and thrilled to be cast opposite Vijay and
stated that she still hasn't recovered from the pleasant shock that Sivaji conferred her. She will start shooting for ATM after Vijay wraps up the shoots of Pokkiri. She is currently shooting for
Thiruvilayadal as Sivaji's shoots are off for Diwali.

Apart from her projects in Tamil, she has the Hindi flick Awara Pawan in her kitty with serial kisser Imran Hashmi. On the other hand, Shreya declares that lip sync is a strict no-no for her and she will not be caught kissing an actor on his lips onscreen. Well, we are glad if you keep up the word girl.

Dalapathy narrow win over Thala in race for heroine!
- 18.10.2006

Thala and Dalapathy competed at the same time for a heroine. Who emerged the winner?

After 'Pokkiri,' Vijay is to act in 'Azhagiya Thamizhmagan. ' After 'Azhwar,' Ajith is to act in 'Kireetam.'

Both of them wanted Shriya to be their heroine in the new film. It's worthy of mentioning that Asin is the heroine in both 'Pokkiri' and 'Azhwar'!

Presently acting in 'Sivaji,' Shriya was in a state of confusion. When she quoted 45 lakhs as her fee for 'Kireetam,' the producer was quite shocked. In the meantime, Appachan who's producing Vijay's new film handed over the advance to Shriya. One could say Vijay has a narrow win over Ajith!

As soon as she finishes shooting with guru Rajinikanth, Shriya will be all set to continue with shishya Vijay! This has naturally put her into a mood of elation.

So who finally made it as heroine in Thala's 'Kireetam'? None other than Vijay's dear pal Trisha!

~Crap No.34567 from

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Puthusaa Varuvaan Pokkiri - Kungumam Interview

Translated by: Steve Purushothaman(Yahoo Vijay Fan's Group)

Vijay's face shows the happiness of Pokkri shooting which finished 60 percent. We have to ask " Is Vijay at home?" to Vijay himself. Because he looks very slim and trim.

Whenever he opens his mouth, he always praises Prabhu Deva.

Vijay speaks...... ......

Telugu Pokiri has already run very well in TamilNadu. Lots of people knew the story and movie. But, Tamil POKKIRI will not be the same as telugu version.

The reason for that is Prabhu Deva. He took only the core subject, and he has come out with new ideas for the scenes. Its really amazing.

He thinks even deeper and takes new scenes. I am really amazed with his involvement. We shoot one song in AVM studio, the set was like Ship. It was like we are dancing inside the ship. Mumbai
Model Mumaitkhan danced with me.

" Enn sella peru Apple - Ennai saisaa kadichikoo... Enn sonntha ooru Ooty - Ennai sweater-raa podhukoo"... . was the song.

Even though the dance Master was Sridhar, Prabhu Deva improved all the steps and danced for me. When I saw him dancing, I felt like my breath stopped. He asked me to dance like that.

Even though I can dance well, I was afraid to dance in front of him. I said "You to go to the other side, I'll dance" Then I danced. That "perfection" is reason which has raised him from dance master to actor to director.

The are six songs in the movie, but only four have been recorded. The way Prabhu Deva is asking for tunes from Manisharma also looks different. Usually, we'll ask tunes after explaining the situation. Then we'll improve the visual from the tunes. But, Prabhu Deva tells all the visuals that will be there in the song to Manisharma at first ask then asks for tunes. Because of this we get lots of tunes. With this method only, he got all four tunes from the music director.

The same goes to fight scenes. We shot one fight scene in Golkonda Fort. There was a building behind the fort. Damsels used to dance there during the king's ages. Fight master Vijayan composed the fight scene there, it was mass fight scene. We took the fight for many days.

Asin is along with me this time. We like some heroines. And when I act with some heroines Fans like it. You should find out which category Asin is, when the movie comes out.

There are artists who suit the serious and comic characters like Prakash Raj and Vadivelu. Cameraman Nirav Shah done his work perfectly by understanding what Prabhu Deva feels and thinks. With this mutual understanding, the film is nearing finishing stage.

This movie will be totally different from my movies. Prabhu Deva is very eager to show me "newly". Not only me, even Asin will look "new".

Mothathula Pokkiri Putham Puthusaa Iruppan, Pongalukku Varruvaan...

Vijay on a mission to construct a hospital
Oct 17, 2006

Changes are the only unchanging element in life and it is more personified in the cine industry. Life here could really be a roller coaster ride for people who are casual. There is a lot of precedence in this industry where people have been decimated to a pitiable state mainly due to their extravagant attitude towards finances.

Of course, the present younger breed is much knowledgeable and have their feet firmly grounded. One such example is Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay who is very cautious when it comes to matters of money.

He has constructed marriage halls, which are being rented out at affordable rates to his fans and people belonging to the weaker sections of society. His next venture is to construct a hospital, which would be completely equipped with the latest aids to combat all kinds of medical emergencies. The plan has already been finalized with all the current technological innovations in place.

His father SA Chandrashekar is scouting for a good place to launch this latest mission. Discussions are already underway with eminent people in the industry. Vijay already has a senior in this field in the form of director Bharathiraja who runs a hospital in his name in Chennai.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Appachan makes his dream come true…

- 13.10.2006

Swargachitra Appachan never had a problem to find actors to star in his Malayalam films. Some of the unforgettable films in Malayalam were produced by him. Needless to say, he is one of the most respected film producers in Kerala.

But, he was caught in a nightmare for the past two years, ever since he announced that he wanted to make a film with Tamil hero Vijay. Two years ago, he had signed the actor up for his new film and also had paid a huge amount of money as token advance. With that, the chasing began. The actor completed atleast two films since then, with other producers and directors. Nobody knew what happened to his film with Appachan.

Somewhere in between, Swargachitra Appachan ended up with the remake rights of a film that nobody wanted to touch.

Now, it looks as if the producer's bad times are finally over.

Vijay has agreed to work in his film from December. His favorite director's (Dharani) assistant is going to make his debut as a director with this film. The script hasn't been finalized yet. This one is going to be a usual Vijay film- action, love, dance sequences, comedy…

We really hope that the film makes Swargachitra Appachan's efforts worth it.

~Crap No.34566 from Cinesouth~

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ajith and Vijay vie for Shreya

There are three categories of actresses in the filmdom. The first category of them consists of artists who start their career with the big bang and sustain their success. The second one may not be highly successful but cling on to top heroes to make a mark for themselves. The third category is the pitiable unlucky ones who just recede away without creating any ripple despite being talented. Shreya belongs to the second category of heroines who have not given any major hits but extremely lucky enough to be cast with superstar Rajinikanth. Today she is absolutely the envy of all stars around.

Her pairing with Rajini has done wonders to her career. Though the much expected film Sivaji is near its completion, this gorgeous lady has not accepted any other assignment. Sources reveal that director Shankar has instructed the heroine to stay away from signing on the dotted line till the film is completed. This is primarily to finish the film in time without disturbances. Shankar being an experienced and seasoned director in the field, Shreya has taken his advice sincerely. Since Thiruvilayadal with Dhanush was committed earlier, Shreya is acting in that film alone now.

In the industry she is on the receiving end of the green eyed monsters as she is fortunate enough to act with the legendary super star on one hand and with his son-in-law Dhanush on the other hand who has also equally proved his capability in films.

Offers are pouring in but the intelligent lady has not accepted them all. She is waiting for the release of the film which would surely enable her to hike her rates. She has not given her consent to most of them but has given the `go ahead' for Vijay in his next film `Azhagiya Tamil Magan'. Vijay is fulfilling his promise to Appachan who is producing this movie with director Bharathan, former assistant of Dharani. This project is on the cards till Pokkiri gets completed. There is a likelihood of Shreya being the heroine for Ajith's Kireedom too. Such is the status of Shreya's career now.

The mere fact of Rajinikanth' s heroine sure does wonders for any actress and for Shreya it has been a Jackpot all through. Here is wishing the star all luck and success.

Crap Courtesy: Behindwoods. com

News regarding Azhagiya Thamizh Magan from various sites

Vijay's Azhagiya Thamizhmagan - October 11, 2006

Vijay is busy shooting for his Telugu remake movie Pokiri. Meanwhile he's made plans for his next venture, Azhagiya Thamizhmagan.

It is reported that this movie directed by Bharathan (once assistant director of Dharani) will start rolling from Pongal.

Appachan of Navodaya films, who produced the Vijay starrer Friends, will produce this movie also.

The highlight of the movie will be A.R.Rahman's music. This movie is expected to be a good commercial entertainer packed with laughs.

Vijay and Rehman join forces
IndiaGlitz - October 10th

After Udhaya, Vijay and A R Rehman would come together again for movie early next year. Though Vijay had acted in over 40 films, he had teamed up with Rehman for just one film (Udhaya).

Now the two would team up for a movie titled Azhagiya Thamizhmagan.The movie features Vijay and Shreya in lead roles and would be produced by Appachan of Navodaya Films, who churned out Friends starring Vijay before.

Bharathan, an one-time associate of Dharani would direct the movie. Buzz is that the movie is a hilarious entertainer and shooting would begin early February. Soon after Vijay completes the shooting for Pokiri, work to commence Azhagiya Thamizhmagan would begin.

Source :

Vijay to join with A R Rahman again - Oct 08, 2006

They are the two big names in Tamil cinema. Vijay and Rahman share many things in common. Youngsters swear for them and scream their lungs out when their new movie is out. They are the youth icons of Tamil cinema.

Wouldn't that be nice to have them together in a movie? Well, they have worked in Udaya and owing to many complexities, the movie's release was hopelessly delayed. When it was finally released it only managed to create a mediocre response and vanished from the box office in a jiffy.

That was history though. We have got news from reliable industry sources that Vijay's next movie will have Rahman's music. Vijay has finalized on his next movie as he had promised earlier to work for Appachan's banner Swargachitra.

His commitment to Pokkiri delayed the process and now as Pokkiri is in the verge of completion, Vijay has nodded his agreement to Appachan to go ahead with the plans.Bharathan who worked with Vijay in Gilli as an Assistant Director and dialogue writer will be directing the movie, which is named as `Azhagiya Tamil Magan'.

Rumors also suggest that Shreya is the lead choice for the movie. However, she can only confirm her commitment after the release of Sivaji as per her contract.

Vijay is `Azhagiya Tamizh Magan`!
By Moviebuzz Monday, 09 October , 2006, 14:09

Swargachitra Appachan who was going around in circles for the last two years trying to make a film with Vijay, is now a relieved man. Bharathan who was Dharani’s assistant and dialogue writer has worked out a script for him and the film is tentatively titled as Azgagiya Tamizh Magan, a very catchy title.

After Karunanidhi’s new policy of tax exemption for films with Tamil titles, lyrics from old songs fromMGR classics seems to be the flavour of the season.

Recently Gautham Menon had picked Pachaikili Muthucharam a popular MGR song as title for his new film.Now Bharathan has taken Azhagiya Tamizh Magal from MGR’s Rickshawkaran, changed the gender and made it Azhagiya Tamizh Magan to suit Ilayathalapathi’s image!

According to Appachan, the shoot of this love storywith action and sentiments will start from December and will release for summer 2007. It will have music by A.R.Rahman and Shreya is likely to be the heroine.

Vijay's Next Film - October 10th

The title and heroine of Vijay's next film after `Pokkiri' has been decided!

The film will be produced by Appachan, the producer of `Friends.' The story was narrated by Bharathan (Dharani's assistant) before `Pokkiri' was finalized.

Titled `Azhagiya Thamizh Magan,' the film is to be as cute as the title suggests.

AR Rehman has been approached for music composition. After `Udaya,' Rehman will be composing music for a Vijay in this film.

Vijay's chosen heroine is Shriya, who is right now the heroine of his idol Rajini. The photo session is to take place soon.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Vijay in full swing

October 14, 2006

Actor Vijay is currently seen in the shooting spot of Pokkiri. It is to be noted, this is yet another remake movie from Vijay. His earlier remake movie Ghilli had set records.

Vijay is hopeful to give yet another blockbuster with Pokkiri. The cute actress Asin dons the female lead role in this movie.

The title for Vijay's next film has been decided as Azhagiya Thamizh Magan. This movie will be produced by Appachan of Friends fame.

Sources say, Vijay was impressed by the story of Bharathan, assistant director of Dharani. Shriya will star opposite Vijay.

The photo session for Azhagiya Thamizh Magan will take place soon.

A report on Vijay Awards! (Vijay TV)

Courtesy: Navin(Yahoo Fans Group)

For info:

Well today's show was Ppl in diff parts of Tamil Nadu gave the names of their favourite actors,actress etc

For the favourite hero question over 40% of the public voiced VIJAY (99% in regions like Thanjavur). There were some extreme exaggerations coupled with excessive hamming from some Vijay fans. Among the younger lot Vijay is the KING!!

About 20% said Rajini(80% in Trichy),and the remaining 40% shared between other heroes like Kamal,Surya(lot of votes from the female section) and Ajith..

Verdict lies clear. Time for coronation is coming near. Anyway dont forget to vote for Vijay.

Vijay wants to do Rajini's film

IndiaGlitz [Saturday, October 14, 2006]

Vijay, many Kollywood observers, have said is the true follower of Rajinikanth's formula.

So it should come as small surprise that Vijay has evinced interest in doing a Rajini movie as a remake.

As everyone knows, today's fad is to remake and re-interpret hits of yesteryear.
Bollywood has started the trend. There is a talk of Tamil movies too following suit.

Among Rajini's hits, Billa and Thee are billed to be remade again.

In this context, Vijay, asked by a Tamil newspaper, has specifically said that if Rajini's blockbuster Murattu Kalai is remade, he would want to play the title role.

In a sense, it is also apt that somebody like Vijay, who has a mass following, take up the mantle of Rajinikanth.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Vijay's Diwali musings!

By Moviebuzz Sunday, 08 October , 2006, 12:20

For the first time in 7 years, our `Ilaya thalapathy' Vijay will not have a Diwali release. Vijay is one of the most prolific superstars who normally has at least three films a year. But in 2006 he had only one release, Aathi.

Vijay and Diwali are synonymous with each other. From 2000 to 2005, he made it a point to have a sure Diwali release. Here is Vijay's crackling Diwali list - three super hits and three average grossers.

2000 Diwali- Priyamanavale
2001 Diwali- Shajahan
2002 Diwali-Bhagavathy
2003 Diwali -Tirumalai
2004 Diwali -Madurae
2005 Diwali -Sivakasi

Now Vijay's 45th film Pokiri is due for release during Pongal 2007. Many of his fans expected him to complete 50 films in a career spanning 13 years in 2007.

However it looks like they will have to wait till 2008/2009 for his 50th film.

Note: Well, partly correct news, anyways, Deepavali without Vijay is very sad!!! :-((

Friday, October 06, 2006

Shreya, Vijay’s choice for his next film

Pokkiri will soon get completed and Vijay would be ready for his next film. In all probability his next assignment would be for producer Appachan. The film in every likelihood will be directed by Bharathan, who hails from director Dharani’s school of filmmaking.

It is learnt from reliable sources that Vijay is keen to cast Shreya as his leading lady for the film. But Shreya is playing her cards very carefully till the release of Sivaji. Shreya being a shrewd girl would weigh the pros and cons before deciding. Meanwhile Suresh Balaji who is committed with Ajith for his next directorial venture called Kireedom is also keen to rope in Shreya.

But there appears to be pressure from other sources for the heroine spot for the same film. As we had reported in this website, Trisha has shown tremendous interest to be cast as Ajith’s heroine in the same film. Nothing concrete has been finalized as on date. We would very soon know about Shreya’s choice whether it is Ajith or Vijay.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Azhagiya Tamil Magan - The NEXT!!!

From Ashok,

Hi Guys, Just Now I got official announcement of Vijay's Next movie. The details are,

Movie Name: Azhagiya Tamil Magan (Something different in Vijay Movies after a long gap of THULLATHA MANAMUM THULLUM)

Music Director: A.R.Rahman

Director: Barathan (Asst. of Dharani)

Producer: Appachan, Swagachitra Movies.

Movie's Pooja going to be held on this month. I don't have the extact date. I will post when i get the date. Enjoy ur day with this message. Give ur suggestion on the above combo of Vijay and ARR.

By Ashok

P.S: As per the latest reports, heroine seems to be "Sivaji" Shreya.. ;-)