Wednesday, June 04, 1997

Once More, Jun 4th, 1997

Starring : Sivaji Ganesan, Vijay, Saroja Devi, Anju Arvind, Simran, Manivannan.
Director : S.A. Chandrasekar
Genre : Romantic Drama

Condensed Story

Vijay (Vijay) is a rich kid whose only one aim in life is to have fun. Manivannan is his Uncle. Vijay is the Managing Director of a big tea estate in Ooty and his company goes on a big loss because of his mismanagement. Vijay spends most of his time in partying and talking to girls whatever he feels like. To manage the loss to his company, Vijay invites his Dad Rajsekar (who is in America) to come to India to sign some documents. As fate would have it, Vijay's dad dies in a plane crash on his way to India.

Manivannan comes up with this idea of making some elderly person to act as Vijay's father for a while (until the documents are signed). So they visit a Senior Home, where they meet Selvam (Sivaji) and they request him to act as Vijay's father. He agrees to it. He starts to act as Vijay's father. Selvam observes the careless, take-it-easy life style of Vijay and is reminded of his old days when he used to be like Vijay (movie clips for old Sivaji movie 'Iruvar Ullam' comes to help).

Selvam is very affectionate towards Vijay and he considers him as his son. Vijay finds out about Selvam's past life, that Selvam was married to Santha (SarojaDevi) and they have been living separated for the past 30 years. He wants them to get united and he searches and finds the whereabouts of Santha. Meanwhile, Kavitha (Simran) joins Vijay's company and she talks to Vijay in his own style.

Vijay is knocked out by Kavitha's beauty and he falls in love with her. Then, their love gets into trouble because of Kavitha's mother. Now, Vijay tries to unite Selvam and Santha. In return Selvam tries to unite Vijay and Kavitha. Will Selvam and Santha meet and get married 'Once More'. Will Vijay and Kavitha get married 'At least Once' forms the rest of the story.