Saturday, April 29, 2006

Vijay and Asin spared from arrest warrant for now

April 29, 2006

Sivakasi came, produced a few fireworks for the fans, and went unnoticed but the din generated by the lawyers - offended with a few scenes in the movie that allegedly show them in poor light - refuses to die away. First a case was filed in Neyveli against the actors Vijay and Asin, the producer A M Rathnam and the comedian Bhaskar for denigrating the profession of lawyers in the movie. There was another case against the same team in Madurai and they are finding it difficult, due to their traveling schedules, to appear in the courts in response to summons issued against them.

When the case came up for hearing on Friday, the actors and others, this time too, could not make it to the Madurai court and the petitioner promptly requested the court to issue arrest warrants against them. Much to the relief of Vijay and Co, the Magistrate has refused to take the arrest route and has adjourned the case for hearing on July 7th . `On that day, defendants have to be present, or else..' has been the warning from the Magistrate.

Meanwhile, the appeal filed by the actors in Madras High Court seeking transfer of cases to Chennai is yet to be disposed off by them. So, at present, Vijay and Asin may go to any part of the globe, singing duet songs, but on a particular day in July, they will have to mark their attendance in the courts of the temple town!


Friday, April 28, 2006

Vijay's diet is like him – simple and nice

April 28, 2006

Vijay's diet is much like the person that he is – simple and nice. His lunch - frugal by any standards – is actually a simple affair: just a cup of rice, `drumstick' sambhar, and vegetable `avial', with a lone concession to oil by way of a solitary `appalam'. Not quite the food meant for a top ranking star who can easily afford five-star meals every day.

Of late, Vijay has also been avoiding non-vegetarian food, and, many weeks, if not months, might have gone without him even touching a piece of mutton. He also does exercises regularly as he is finicky about keeping his weight under check.

If Vijay sports a slim `n' trim look in the coming days, then you know what's the secret behind it!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Asin - In a fix!

By Moviebuzz Thursday, 27 April , 2006, 10:36

After six months, Asin the number one heroine of 2005 faced the camera for Annavaram, a Telugu film last week in Hyderabad. It is not much of a role as it is the remake of Vijay's Tirupachi and she is doing the role that Trisha had done in the original. Sandhya plays the pivotal role of hero's sister in the film.

Asin's heart definitely beats for Tamil cinema where she shined the most. But unfortunately, she just does not have any `live' project other than Godfather opposite Ajit that is still lying in the cans. Her much awaited Gautham Menon film with Suriya for Ajay of `Lakshmi Productions' is still hanging on fire.

More bad news is that another film for which she was the front runner-Vijay's `Swargachitra' Appachan produced film is also slipping out of her hands! Remember that she was supposed to do Vijay's Puli and later Murasu. But now Vijay has decided to do Thangam, the Bangaram remake from Telugu, which has Nila and Reema Sen as heroines with Trisha in a guest role in the climax.

Now the latest we hear is that Bhavana and Mallika Kapoor are being approached to do the female leads in Thangam.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Heroine for Vijay's Thangam : Asin leads the list

April 26, 2006

Vijay's Thangam is all set to spin soon. The question is who will be the heroine? Initially, they preferred Nila herself who did the heroine role in Telugu version. But that idea would give a feeling of a remake movie.

Sivaji's heroine Shreya is in the scene. But she is not able to give the dates immediately as she has already given dates to Shankar and Dhanush's Thiruvilayadal had also booked her. Next is Trisha? No chance at all. After Aadhi's failure Vijay feels that he will not turn to Trisha at least for few years.

So chances are very bright for Asin. Since Asin-Vijay pair worked well in Sivakasi all the sides of Thangam unit voted unanimously for Asin So it may be Asin for Vijay again!! Let us wait and see who will pair Vijay in Thangam. All the best for Vijay...

Want to meet Vijay? Call Auto!

April 26, 2006

Whatever the superstar does, it gets copied some time or the other. The superstar played an auto driver (Auto is a motorized three wheeler in India used as a cab) in Baasha and now, Arya is playing one in Auto. Sibiraj is playing a similar role in Pattasu.

Not to be left behind, Vijay is playing an auto driver in a yet-to-be named film to be produced by Kavithaalaaya after Bharadhan's Thangam.


Monday, April 24, 2006

A successful century for Aathi...


After Sivakasi, Vijay has acted in Aathi. This is a home production for Vijay. Trisha has paired up with Vijay in this film. They have paired up in this film again after Ghilli and Tirupachi. This film has a strong story, action, sentiments and fire flying dialogues. Saikumar a hero in the Kannada and Telugu film world has acted as the villain here. Vidhyasagar is the music director for this film. This film has been a real success on the screens. This film is celebrating a successful hundred days run today (24/04/06). Waiting for Aathi to celebrate its Silver Jubilee soon.

To know more about Aathi click here:

Also to view Guest book where ppl have given good views abt the film, check out this link:

Srini's note: No big deal, Galatta has even reported 100 days of Saravana also. :-D Anyways, don't forget to visit the website.. Its super cool!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Find out the fees your favourite stars command!!

In an industry where crores are dumped to make a film, it is the hero that takes away a lion's share. Almost 40% of the production cost goes towards paying the hero. In this article we analyze how much our Kodambakkam heroes are paid and whether they are worth the crores they are paid.

Some heroes are paid in crores and some are paid in lakhs. Those that get more than one crore come in the top ranks of heroes. Let us take the Kodambakkam heroes and see how they are riding the entertainment industry.

Vijay : This young hero is the third highest paid actor with a tag of 5 crores. Like Rajini's movies, his flicks make brisk business. In the beginning of 2005 his rate was only three and a half crores but the success of Tirupaachi and Sivakasi has changed that. If he manages to pull off a few more hits, he will cross the 5 crore mark. His father S A Chandrasekhar manages his affairs and everyone knows that papa knows how a business is transacted. Swargachitra’s Appachhan is ready to pay upto eight crores to this guy for his next venture.

To Read the full article visit

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Thangam directed by Bharathan

Finally, Vijay has taken the decision to do the remake of the about to be released Pawan Kalyan starrer Bangaram directed by Dharani and produced by A.M.Ratnam in Telugu.

On Friday `Swargachitra' Appachan , Vijay's producer snapped the remake rights from producer A.M.Ratnam for a new record price. Remember that Appachan was supposed to do Puli with director S.J.Suryah and later Murasu with Muthuvadigu as he has Vijay's dates. First Puli was dropped and later Vijay became unhappy with the script of Muthuvadigu's Murasu, backed out the project.

Now the actor has made up his mind to do the Bangaram remake with Bharathan a long time assistant of Dharani as director. It seems that Vijay is confident about Bharathan's capabilities as an independent director as they had worked together for Dharani's Ghilli.

The rest of the Bangaram (Thangam in Tamil) team will be music director Vidyasagar, cameraman Gopinath and the rest of the cast will be announced soon. Shooting is likely to start in June.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Very good talk on Bangaram

The summer's high-explosive action movie Bangaram is now ready on the starting blocks.To be released in May first week, the film stars Pawan Kalyan, Meera Chopra, Reema Sen and Trisha.

Directed by Dharani, the hot shot masala director from Tamil, Bangharam has generated much positive talk within the industry. According to market grapevine, those who have seen the movie are just raving about it.

Tamil actor Vijay is one among the many who has supposedly seen it.He was so impressed by it that he has more or less decided to do it in Tamil. His association with Dharani goes a long way back. They have previously successfully remade Okkadu as Gilli in Tamil.

So Vijay wants to repeat history. Can he?


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Vijay sees `Bangaram`!

Our `Ilayathalapathy' Vijay saw the double positive (complete film with dialogues without re-recording done) of A.M.Ratnam's Dharani directed Telugu big budget extravaganza Bangaram at Media Artists studio in Chennai.

Vijay was highly impressed by Bangaram, its technical wizardry, story and racy presentation. Now the latest we hear is that he wants to remake it into Tamil for producer `Swargachitra' Appachan. Remember that had reported earlier about the possibilities of Murasu being dropped for the time being as Vijay is not happy with the script of Muthuvadigu, director Perarasu's brother!

Meanwhile there are rumours that Appachan has started talks with Ratnam about the Tamil remake rights of Bangaram whose re-recording is going on at Varsha Vallaki studio of Vidyasagar in Chennai. Bangaram is slated for release on May 3 worldwide.


Vijay's plans still fluid

[Wednesday, April 19, 2006]

Vijay, who was expected to commence his next venture titled Murasu to be directed by debutant Muthu Vaduguon 14 April. It now seems the project has been shelved.

However the latest buzz doing rounds in Kollywood is that he would join hands with director Dharani for hisnext movie. Sources say, Dharani is planning to do the Tamil remake of his under production Bangaram featuring Pawan Kalyan.

In all probability Vijay might play the lead role in the remake and the movie has been tentatively titled Thangam. It may be recalled that Vijay's blockbuster Gilli, a remake of Telugu hit Okkadu, was also directed byDharani.

Let's hope Dharani brings back luck to Vijay.

Vijay: Back to remakes?

Don’t be surprised if Vijay puts aside Mutthu Vadugu’s Murasu.

Vijay, it is reported, has bought the rights of Dharani’s Telugu movie Bangaram, and may make it in Tamil. Is this the reason why Vijay attended the audio-cassette release function of Bangaram in Hyderabad? Insiders say yes.

Have you ever seen Vijay attending any function outside Tamil Nadu any time? They ask. Vijay may ask Dharani himself, to direct the film. The two vibe and work very well. It was Dharani who had given the Vijay hit Gilli.

So is another Gilli in the making? Is Vijay back to his remake formula?


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vijay's Leisure time

Guess how Vijay spends his time at home. There he moves about his garden tending his pet plants and trees. Indoors it is his daughter and son that keep him engaged in joyous pastimes. Come sunset, Vijay dons a helmet with visor that completely covers his face and takes off on his bicycle. He moves about lanes and alleys near the Elliots beach without anyone recognizing him and returns home unnoticed. This has become a passion with him. “The freedom of anonymity is great!” says Vijay. True indeed for a man who is imprisoned by celebrity status.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Vijay’s good time and his next movie launch

Date:April 16, 2006

Believe it or not, Vijay believes in Astrology. And the times are not good for him right now. His ‘Seven and a half Saturn’ return is going on. The movie Murasu he was supposed to begin is now shelved. Director Muthuvadugu, Perarasu’s brother has not yet finished the script.

According to news trickling out of Muthu’s camp, it may be another couple of days or weeks before he has a script ready. Vijay is not bothered. He wants his next movie to begin in 2007 when his good time starts.

So, they say that his fans are not going to have any Vijay movie this Tamil New Year or Deepavali.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Vijay's surprise presence and absence at Bheema launch

April 15, 2006

After a six month break, Vikram will get down to action to the sound of the clapperboard. The pooja for `Bheema' directed by Lingusamy was held on Friday at the AVM studios, and was well attended by film personalities, including directors Shankar, Perarusu, Dharani, Sasi as well as leading producers. Both the director and actor looked buoyant.

Lingusamy remarked that Vikram's role in Bheema is `powerful' and will go down well with his fans. Speaking to the media about his six month gap after Majaa, Vikram said that he had used the break to follow a rigorous fitness regime to get a `lean and mean' look for his role in Bheema. Trisha, his pair on screen, looked cool in a pair of white jeans and black spaghetti strap tops.

The surprise element at the pooja was Vijay's presence. Vijay was one of the early birds to participate in the pooja, and had left before Vikram came in.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Vijay in a fix

[Thursday, April 13, 2006]

When rumors of Vijay beginning his next Murasu on 14 April spread, the theatre owners belonging to South Arcot and North Arcot districts have decided to go on fast on the day condemning the 'callous nature' of the actor and his father.

They have announced that they would go on a hunger strike when his next film is launched if the issue is not sorted out before commencing its shooting.

The ball now lies in Vijay's court.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hunger strike against Vijay’s new film!!

Theatre owners who have been left licking their wounds because of Aadhi, have been repeatedly pleading to Vijay and his father, SAC to bail them out of the financial losses suffered. Vijay and his father however claim that no one has suffered a loss because of Aadhi.

Theatre owners of Chenglepet, North Arcot and South Arcot has floated a new association called NSC Theatre Owners Joint Federation. S P Palaniappan has been elected as President and P Kannapan as Secretary for this association. In a resolution passed by the association, it has challenged Vijay's claim that no one has suffered while all the distributors have borne the brunt of losses to the tune of several lakhs and nearly 50-80 in percentage terms.

It has also announced that theatre owners of the association would go on a hunger strike when his next film is launched if their issue is not sorted out before that.

Vijay's friendship with Perarasu rocks

Life is a mystery. Friends turn foes and foes turn friends. Hero Vijay and director Perarasu are said to be very close friends. They had showered praise on one another recently but they are showering hatred now.

The news is doing round that Perarasu is not happy with Vijay after turning down his brother Muthuvadigu's film "Murasu". The film is under scanner now. Reliable sources said that Vijay is likely to drop "Murasu". He had earlier expressed his unhappiness on the script.

The worst thing is that Perarasu is furious with the actor's attitude towards his brother and his film, as he has written its story and screenplay. However, Vijay is doing a film with producer Appachan but with a different script and different director. He would start the shooting of his next film by the end of April after choosing a director.

On the other hand, Perarasu is looking forward to "Tirupati" to give him a hat trick.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Vijay has a strange ambition

Vijay has belted out many hits. He was supposed to act in Puli and Murasu for Swargachitra Productions but opted out, as he didn't want to take risk. It seems the strange ambition in him keeps him away from the present projects. He said that he has an ambition to act in a full-fledged cartoon film.

The actor said that he would announce his next film very soon when good script comes his way. He also added that he would not disappoint his fans, as he knows their tastes and preferences. Well, he has many child fans following. This must have prompted him to look for cartoon films.

However, another news is also doing round that he is keeping away from films because of astrologer's advice. But he rubbished it off by saying that he is not addicted to astrology though he respects it.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Vijay is not political

The news of actor Vijay's supporters entering the political fray has created surprise in filmdom. No sooner the news of one Madhavan contesting on behalf of Vijay Fans Association from Andipatti against Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa spread, than the actor promptly announced that he had not endorsed his fans to take to politics.

The actor reportedly denied given permission to his fans to use his name and contest on behalf of his association.In a press release, Vijay's father and noted director S A Chandrasekhar said,'Vijay is an artiste who loves all parties. He is a man who respects all religions. So, don't paint him with any color and confine him into a small circle.'


Friday, April 07, 2006

Vijay's film – Perarasu's regrets

- 07.04.2006

Several news on Vijay's new film, has made Perarasu more worried than even Vijay. After `Aathi', when `Puli' project was dropped, Vijay made it a point to meet director Perarasu. It is Perarasu's `Tirupachi' that raised Vijay's cinema graph that started going down after `Madurai'.

Again when `Sachein' was a near flop like `Madurai', it was Perarasu who released `Sivakasi' and maintained Vijay's success level. Vijay also counted `Tirupachi' and `Sivakasi' among his top 10 films and was grateful to Perarasu.Vijay's meeting with Perarasu was undertaken on the basis of this understanding.

Perarasu too narrated the one line story of `Murasu' in his usual style with action and sentiment. Vijay okayed the story. What remains is to write the screenplay and dialogues.Since Perarasu is busy with Ajith's `Tirupati,' it will take 3 months for Perarasu to start on the story of `Murasu.' But Vijay having spent too much time without any film, is not willing to wait for additional 3 months.

So, he is looking for stories. This is what is happening in Vijay's new film front. `Murasu' will surely be started as announced, but it may take some time. Perarasu regrets, `What can I do if reporters add information and incidents that are not true"?

Genuine regret!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vijay cautions fan clubs on election


Vijay is a very cautious person and his answers are always measured. If controversy was taking a walk on the street, Vijay would take a plane and fly away. What would he do if his name is being used in the elections?

Madhavan is contesting from Andipatti against Jayalalithaa. As soon as he filed his nomination, he gave an interview stating that he was the leader of the Theni District Vijay Fan Club and that really upset Vijay. He urgently consulted his father and made a statement.

"One Madhavan is contesting the election using my fan club's name. His claim that he is the leader of the Theni district fan club is a lie. In fact the Madurai district leader Thanga Pandian is looking after the affairs of the Theni district fan club. Moreover, Madhavan does not have the right or eligibility to use the name of my fan clubs. If anyone violates, legal action will be taken against them."

Vijay has stood away like a slippery fish from the election business, as he believes that may be detrimental to his growth. Asked by his fans what is expected of them, S A Chandrasekar has answered thus, "Vijay is an artiste who loves all parties. He is a man who respects all religions. Indeed Vijay is the favourite son of Tamilnadu. So, don't paint him with any colour and confine him into a small circle. As the Revolutionary Leader M.G.R. commanded, do good work and it will come to your help." (Incidentally, S A C was a D M K sympathizer).

Also on:

Thalapathy in Thalaivar’s way

April 06, 2006

Which actor or actress is contesting the elections. Which actor would cast his vote for which political party. Which actress is campaigning for whom. Come elections, the favourite pastime of movie freaks seems to be counting 'star votes'. No matter how hard the actors or actresses try, there's no escaping from the political drama. Speaking to the media recently, actor Vijay has appealed to all his 'Rasigar Manrams' and fans not to misuse his name for gathering votes. He remarked that although exercising one's franchisee is every body's right, casting their votes in favour of any political party is a matter of their own free will.

The actor was sad and upset about the recent incident where one Madhavan who calls himself Vijay Rasigar Manra Thalaivar of Theni district is contesting against Amma in the Andipatti constituency. He said incidents like this only tarnished his image. Vijay strictly opposed such 'cheap tactics' and further added that strict action would be taken against any individual or rasigar manram which misuses his name for political gain. Looks like stars and politics can never be apart.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Vijay wants to act in a cartoon film

April 04, 2006

We have seen him bash up goondas, rescue damsels in distress, deliver punch dialogues, and play the loving son or brother. Not just content with his usual formula films, Vijay is ever willing to discover himself. Apart from being an acclaimed dancer, he has even rendered one or two 'kuthu' songs in his earlier films, and went on to prove that he is good at crooning as well.

And now, Vijay has expressed his desire to act in a cartoon film exclusively for children. The action hero is cooling his heels for someone to approach him with a good 'storyline'.

After the fiasco of Aadhi, Vijay has been lying low. Speaking to media persons, he dismissed rumours that he was advised by a 'josiakarar' to stay away from film shoots for sometime. He also remarked that he will never let his fans down. Here is one actor who knows what it takes to deliver a hit.

Vijay wants to act in cartoon film
[Wednesday, April 05,2006]

Vijay has been staying quiet. He was slated to act in a couple of movies including Puli and Murasu for Swargachitra Productions.

Unfortunately the actor did not want to take any risk and chose to skip the projects.What's next for Vijay? When asked, the actor says, 'I wanted to act in Swargachitra Productions. However I am looking out for a good story and a script. The venture would be announced soon'.

The actor, says, ' I have not disappointed my fans. I know their tastesand preferences and waiting for a script that would satisfy their wants.' Dismissing rumors that he chose to stay indoors following advice from astrologers, Vijay says, 'I respect astrology, but I am not addicted to it.'

Vijay, who has a huge fan following which includes young children, says,'My ambition is to act in a full-length cartoon film'.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Just an idea flashed in my mind about the simlarities between Vijay and Shah Rukh Khan... There are striking differences between the two in many aspects, but I am listing out the similarities here...

* Both of them started off their careers with a negative impression all around about their looks, acting, dancing etc. Lots of negative comments had been thrown at both in early stages.

* Both of them have done films well qualified for Midnight viewing. If it was VJ’s songs in his earlier films being favorites in Midnight Masalas, SRK’s film “Maya Memsaab” is one of popular movies slated for midnight shows on Hindi Channels.

* Both of them have played negative hero roles in their early career. If SRK did it in Darr, Anjaam and Baazigar, VJ did it in Priyamudan.

* Both of them had total non-heroic looks when they started their careers and grew younger as years passed. While Vj is still able to carry over college guy image, SRK’s charm went to the extreme of getting him voted as Sexiest Man in India couple of years back.

* Both of them had love marriage arranged by parents. SRK married Gowri and Vj married Sangeetha.

* Both have a small and happy family. With wife, a son and a daughter. And both are similar in their attachment towards their family.

* Both of them have built a beautiful huge bungalow for their respective families. If SRK’s Mannat is the talk of Mumbai, Neelankarai house of VJ is no lesser, built completely in European style.

* Both of them are favourites of big production houses. If Yash Raj films has adopted SRK, VJ is the favourite of AM Rathnam’s Surya movies.

* Both guys have a very good knack for comedy. It is widely appreciated in the respective industries.

* While SRK is the brand ambassador of Sunfeast biscuits, Vijay’s films have been promoting Sunfeast brand of late.

* Both of them are being prompted as the next superstars in their respective industries. While for SRK, Superstar Amitabh himself has conferred the title, for VJ it is a tough job as Tamil Cine fans refuse to accept anyone other than Rajinikanth as Superstar.

* Both have good friendship with contemporaries. While for SRK it is Salman Khan, it is Vikram for VJ.

* Both of them were under criticism that all their films have similar story lines and look similar. While SRK has taken conscious efforts to avoid such tags, VJ has hardly tried to come out of the stamping.

* Both guys repeat heroines and experiment on On-Screen chemistry. Kajol turned out to be SRk’s best pair among Juhi and Madhuri. While Simran forms VJ’s best pair among Trisha and Jyothika.

* Both the stars’ wives take care of the costume department in their films.

* And last but not the least both stars are one among the highest paid actors in their respective industries.

Stars shine less!

By Moviebuzz
Tuesday, 04 April , 2006, 09:31

Is our Ilayathalapathy Vijay going through Sanidasa? It seems that his astrologers have said that it is bad times! The actor has not faced the camera for a new film for the past 105 days and it is a new record for him of not having taken part in a shoot for so many days in his 11-year-old career.

More trouble has come from unexpected quarters for Vijay in the form of Sarathkumar fans claiming that the DMK leadership especially Dayanidhi Maran was trying to promote him at the expense of their Annan! Vijay is totally apolitical and has absolutely no interest in entering politics and is unnecessarily being dragged into an unsavory situation by Sarath fans.

Meanwhile the grapevine is abuzz with rumours that a leading astrologer has asked Vijay not to face the camera for five months! Last week his father S.A.Chandrasekhara went on a pilgrimage to all temples in southern Tamilnadu to ward off evils of Sani. Chandrasekhar himself is in a fix as he is facing strong opposition in the forthcoming election to his being the Tamil film director'sAssociation president.

Let us hope that Vijay, the soft-spoken, well-mannered superstar gets his act together and resumes shoot at the earliest and come out with a mass masala entertainer for thousands of his fans.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Vijay: Go and just do it!!

They say, success begets success. No where is it more true than the tinsel world of Kollywood. There are several stories of ordinary guys who became stars overnight riding on the crest of a hit. In an industry which thrives on hype and carefully crafted PR dos, having a string of hits is a sure passport to continued popularity. Ilaya Thalapati Vijay was until recently the man with the Midas touch. He started out as a precocious hero but found a new persona with Kadhalukku Mariyadhai. He hit it big time with Poove unnakaga, Thulladha Manamum Thullum, Gilli and Tiruppachi. It created a halo of invincibility around him.

Despite a blip with Sachein, his Sivakasi proved to be a marginal grosser. His much awaited home production, Aathi, which was also touted as the acid test against his long time spat mate, Ajith’s Paramasivan, unexpectedly didn’t do well. The film also faced some unsavory finance controversies. All this set tongues wagging about how Vijay had become a burn out, a case of peaking too early.

Vijay’s formula has always been to go with a mixture of everything - sentiment, action, comedy and romance. This mish-mash worked well for a while, but after the shake up of Aadhi, Vijay is taking care about the scripts he would choose for his next film. He had disclosed in a magazine interview that he was not interested in experimenting or changing his screen image as he was concerned only about the expectations of his fans. But, the rejection of Aathi, and the conscious attempt by his idol, Rajini himself in choosing a fresh theme like in Chandramukhi, which assured him a comeback, have set Vijay thinking. He has only been listening to plots for the past several weeks.

He has begun to explore new directors and themes. So far, he has okayed only Muthuvadugu’s story. Even this news has been bogged down by reports that Vijay had suggested some changes and this was the reason for the postponement of the film.

Although Muthuvadugu is director Perarasu’s brother and Vijay shares excellent rapport with Perarasu, Vijay would not proceed until he gets the required level of confidence.

So, Muthu Vadugu has sought the help of three assistant directors of Shankar and with their help is now finalizing the script. There were also rumors that there were irreconcilable differences between Vijay and Muthuvadugu because of which the project could be called off. However, the director denied these reports and said that he was fine tuning the script. Pooja for the film would be held on April 14 at Prasad Studios.

So far no other films have been announced with Vijay. His much awaited film with S.J. Suryah, Puli has been called off after some issues in creative department.

All the happenings are well known to be repeated again. Apart from this, Vijay has listened to stories from Gautham Menon, Lingusamy, Saran, Vishnuvardhan, Hari, Ezhil and Ragavendra Lawrence. But none of these could satisfy Vijay for immediate start. However, Vijay has suggested some alterations to Hari, Lingusamy and Gautham’s stories. If they agree to these changes, Kavithalaya is expected to produce Hari’s, SPB Lingusamy’s and Seventh Channel Narayanan Gautham’s films.

Apart from son, father SAC also listens to lots of stories from all wannabe directors.

Vijay’s asking rate of whopping Rupees Five crores per film has not changed as he is confident that he will bounce back. He is taking precisely the right kind of steps to ensure continued success. It is in fact good for the Tamil film industry that an excellent actor like Vijay is taking the extra care in coming up with a solid product the next time. It needs to be remembered that recent hits like Autograph, New, Chithiram Pesuthadi or Gajini or Sethu for that matter were all rejected initially by top heroes. They however went on to create big records at the box office. Vijay should be careful that in his attempt to choose a story and modify it according to his persona, not to inadvertently miss a good story.

Director Mishkin had a story to tell about how many heroes simply refused to work in his film Chitthiram Paesuthadi and finally his friends pitched in as producers and Narain became the hero.

We at Behindwoods, wish Vijay all the very best in his pursuit and continue to remain as one of the most popular actors of this generation. Go and just do it!


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sachein - The only Tamil movie picturised Northern Ireland


Recently, Northern Ireland Government had invited Bollywoods producer directors association to promote their country. Indian cinema has started looking at Northern Ireland as new location to shoot songs.

In past two years a total of 11 indian movies were shot at Ireland. According to the authorities Sachein which starred Vijay is the only Tamil movie which was shot in Counties Wicklow and Kildare. It certainly would open the eyes of Tamil directors to shoot at Northern Ireland in future, as it promises new and fresh locations which haven't covered by Indian cameras.

We should thank director John for his effort to shoot the song from a new and undiscovered place (It was picturised for Kanmudi Thirakkumbothu song).