Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Anushka confirms her role in Vettaikaaran

Wednesday, 31 December , 2008, 11:23

Actress Anushka has confirmed that she will be paired with Vijay in his 49th movie, Vettaikaaran.

Speaking about returning to Tamil cinema after just one Tamil movie to her credit, two years back, she says “I’m glad that I’m back with a bang this time. My role in Vettaikaaran will be something that will show me as a capable actress as well. I play a medical student in the movie opposite Vijay”

The movie will be directed by debutant Babu Sivan.It is learnt that it has two heroines, and the hunt is on for the second heroine. Talks are on with one of the top actresses in Kollywood for the role.

Vijay, whose Villu is a Pongal release, is expected to take a short break and get back to work with Vettaikaran, which will start rolling from February.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top 5 heroes in Kollywood

At number 3 Vijay sits precariously as his Kuruvi has done only average business. But what makes him attractive is that the trade thinks he is still a safe bet with his mass masala potboilers. Added to that he has an awesome fan network including Sri Lankan Tamils across the globe who swear by him, as Villu turns red hot.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Vijay’s assent to Silambarasan’s director

December 26, 2008

Silambarasan’s Silambattam is doing good business all over and needless to say the crew is on cloud nine especially director Saravanan. Special shows have been arranged for almost all popular heroes who have praised the director and hero’s work.

In one of an exclusive show conducted for Ilaya Thalapathy, director Saravanan had made use of the opportunity and requested him to work under his direction. Impressed with Saravanan’s work, Vijay is also reported to have given his assent to hear a script. Perhaps Vijay may soon team up with Saravanan. We will keep you posted.

Anushka to be Vijay's lady love

Hot Telugu actress Anushka will play the role of Vijay's lady love in his yet to be launched movie Vettaikkaran.
Produced by AVM Balasubramanyam, under the AVM banner the film is Vijay's 49th movie. He will do his 50th movie under his own production banner.

Vijay has completed the shooting of Villu recently and is now busy finalizing the cast and crew of Vettaikkaran.

This title is considered to be a prestigious one, as it was earlier used by the legendary actor MGR in the sixties for one of his block buster movies.

Anushka who is very popular in Telugu, has agreed to be Karthi's pair in the forthcoming Siruthai as well.

Earlier the producer had approached Ileana for the same role. But due to the unavailability of her dates, Anushka was booked.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Vijay's double delight!

December 24, 2008

Putting widespread speculations to rest, Vijay's Vettaikaaran seems to have finally decided on its lead ladies. Yes you heard it right. If sources close to the Vettaikaaran team are to be believed, the movie could well have two heroines - Anushka and Tamanna.

Anushka has already paired up with Maddy for the average grosser Rendu while Tamanna is slowly catching up on the big league with her upcoming release Ayan where she is cast opposite Suriya.

Vettaikaaran is produced by AVM Balasubramanian and directed by Babu Sivan, the erstwhile assistant director of Dharani. Ravivarman wields the camera. Vettaikaaran is slated to go on floors after Vijay's commitments with Villu are over.

Anushka is Vijay’s heroine?

By Moviebuzz | Wednesday, 24 December , 2008, 11:35

Finally, Vijay’s Vettaikaaran has a heroine! Vijay’s 49th movie, to be directed by Babu Sivan, will see him pair with the Rendu heroine Anushka!

Anushka who is very popular in Telugu, has just agreed to play Karthi’s pair in the forthcoming Siruthai as well.

Earlier, it was Asin who was approached to play Vijay’s girl, as they are a lucky pair. Then, Ileana was being considered for the role. But with both unavailable to give dates, it was said that Priyamani was in the fray for the role.

It is now settled that Anushka will play Vijay’s love interest and shoot for the movie will begin in February.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Villu’s fight scenes on the net!

December 22, 2008

The Prabhu Deva-directed venture Villu has found its way to the net. The film stars Vijay and Nayanthara in the lead roles. The edited fight sequences from the film were found in a website, it is reported. Sources close to the Villu’s team points out that it could be the handiwork of someone close to the team and they are trying to zero in on the culprit.

Film directors and producers are now worried over this trend increasing, especially where the big budget films starring superstars are concerned. It may be recalled that films like Sivaji and Vaaranam Aayiram found its way to the net long before its release.

Vijay and Silambattam

December 22, 2008

Silambattam, the recently released film of Silambarasan is slowly warming up and the trade brands the film as a light hearted entertainer. For hero Silambarasan, this film has come after his last release Kaalai which received a lukewarm response from the box office. It has been reported in the media that Silambarasan has arranged for a many private viewing of his film. First it was for Ajith which was an exclusive show scheduled only for him. Ultimate Star is also reported to have liked Silambattam.

Following this, Silambarasan had arranged for a special show for Ilaya Thalapathy at the four frames theatres and if sources are to be believed, Vijay was much pleased with this entertainer of the little super star. It was said that Vijay liked the song 'Where is the party' very much. Besides these shows, Silambarasan has also arranged exclusive screening of the film for his other friends from the film industry viz. Sakthi, Premji, Jeyam Ravi, Bharath, Jai and Venkat Prabhu. Heroines like Priyamani and Vijayalakshmi were also said to have watched the film and were quite impressed by it.

Scenes from Villu leaked though net

Vijay's much expected mega venture Villu's major portions were leaked through Internet a couple of days ago.
A free video site has the nearly 10-minute fight scene picturised at an exclusive location in Chennai.

The scene has Vijay with fluorescent colored sarees all over him, jumping from a height, virtually flying in the air and pouncing upon the villains.

The scene seems partially edited with Vijay and Nayantara appearing only towards the end.

Ayngaran International the producers of the film have decided to take legal action against those culprits who have leaked it on the net.

Villu intro fight scene leaked on the net!

By Moviebuzz | Monday, 22 December , 2008, 09:20

Ilayathalapathy Vijay's introductory comic fight scene in Villu has been leaked on the net.

A free video site has the nearly 10-minute fight scene picturised in a 'dhobi ghat' and an inside an ice factory.

The scene has Vijay with florescent coloured saris all over him, jumping from height, flying in the air and pouncing on the villains.

Ladies who are watching him jump, say “Is it Spiderman or Superman? From this scene, the focus shifts inside an ice factory where our hero single-handedly handles half a dozen thugs.

The scene looked partially edited with only Vijay's and Nayanthara appearing towards the end, voice to be dubbed. Ayngaran International the producers of the film will be taking legal action against the culprits who have leaked it on the net.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A treat with Vijay's Villu!

It was indeed a great day for Vijay fans: the release of the most expected audio of the year, Ilayathalapathy's Villu. About 50 fans from all over Chennai gathered in front of Meta Music in Ritchie street where all the Music CD arrives first in the city.

Colorful banners, crackers, abhisekams, and all other elements to make a celebration bright and cheerful were present. The moment the discs arrived, crackers went off and the fans began shouting with joy, raising slogans about their hero Vijay. The audio shop owner understood the curiosity of the fans and had huge speakers playing the Villu songs.
Villu Audio Release

The tunes started with the Vijay special Intro song. Fans started to dance on the steps. It was like a big festival or a carnival taking place in the most busy part of the city. The shop owner said, "This is the first time an audio release was celebrated in a grand manner.

Only Rajini movies have such events, but Villu release was even grander than them". With such great fanatics behind Vijay, Villu is sure to become a huge hit.


Villu Audio Release

Villu Audio Release

Villu audio review - Behindwoods

Music review By Malathy Sundaram

Produced by K.Karunamoorthy and C.Arunpandian (‘Aegan’ team), directed by Prabhu Dheva (his second with Vijay after Pokkiri) and starring Vijay, Nayanthara, Prakash Raj (villain?) Vadivelu, Kushboo( item number), Napolean and others. The story appears to be a comedy-cum-action romance! Vijay is sent abroad on a puzzling assignment to eliminate some people, where he meets his love interest (is that why we have the name Villu for him—he is merely an instrument in his boss’s hands?) Is supposed to have been filmed in Italy and India. Music has been provided by the trendy composer Devi Sri Prasad (Santosh Subramaniam) who has tuned a hefty 8 songs! Are Vijay fans in for a treat?

Hey Rama Rama...
Vocals: Amalraj, Kovai Sarala
Lyrics: Kabilan.

A typical Vijay song, in terms of music, beats and sentiments! Is it the title song? With lines like ‘sattham inri udhavi seynja vazhum podhe sorgam varum--’ you can imagine the rest. Some fine rhythm arrangement we have here and a bit of violin. A miniscule effort from Sarala. Vijay fans are the target here, but haven’t they heard such songs earlier?!

Nee Kobappattaal...
Vocals: Sagar
Lyrics: P.Vijay.

A song that moves somewhat like a nursery rhyme, with simple lyrics and easy rhythm. The song of a love-stricken heart where the hero goes, ‘nee ennai marandhal mattum uyirai viduven’ and everytime he says that, the instruments-mandolin, later the sitar and the sax essay cute notes along. Appears set on Natabairavi scale. Small but nice inputs from live rhythms and the guitar.

Daddy Mummy...
Vocals: Mamta Mohandas, Naveen Madhav.
Lyrics: Viveka

A surprise from the young actress Mamta! Strong but nasal voice. Quite a sexy song with somewhat distasteful lyrics. The creative rhythms hijack the whole song and make it foot-tapping. The instrumental piece that goes ‘ma ma ma ga ri ga ma pa --- ga ma ri sa’ keeps up the pace. Is it clarinet that we hear? Hard to tell!

Are You Crazy...
Vocals: Divya.
Lyrics: Prabhu Deva, Akila, Ravi.

Just a quarter of a song , with the lady singer heaping abuse on a man and rounding off with ‘you,loser!’. Three people to pen this?

Jalsa Jalsa...
Vocals: Baba Seghal, Rita.
Lyrics: Rohini.

A song expressly designed for Vijay, as the singer himself remarks – ‘rock the floor ilaya thalapathy!’ Full of infectious rhythms—a groovy dance number rendered very neatly by Baba Seghal. A kind of Spanish meets native meets calypso kind of beats. Starts off with some Spanish words and a nice glide on the ‘paa’ swara. Adequate support from guitar, keys, drums and rhythm pads, of course. Look out for some breathless dancing from Vijay!!

Vaada Mapilley...
Vocals: Tipu, Rita , Vadivelu
Lyrics: Kabilan

Ha, ha , a delightful native ditty using the Sankarabaranam scale where the song starts off like a singalese ‘baila’ number and, moves on! At last we get to hear some good guitar, nagaswaram and thavil beats in the interludes. Vadivelu’s ‘bale’ ‘bale’ adds zing to the song. Could be a hit in spite of the cheap lyrics. Tipu’s high pitched vocals balance Rita’s seductive ones.

Vocals: Devi Sri Prasad, Divya.
Lyrics: Snehan

Oh, no, another relentlessly paced dance number, a duet of course! All rhythm pads, drums, guitar, keys, sax, and a bit of flute. But everything drowned out by beats. Some good poetic stuff from Snehan, but still a bit crude. We have the composer indulging his vocal chords here.

Jalsa Jalsa... (The DSP Mix)
Vocals: Baba Seghal, Devi Sri Prasad, Rita

You guessed right, this is the ‘remix cum cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof’ avatar of the earlier. Plenty of instruments, synthesized beats and a teeny weeny bit of tabla (surprise). Meant for dance floors.


As we can all see, this stylish composer has been carried away by the image of Vijay as a superb dancer! The record label mentions many live instruments but we barely get to hear them. None of the songs seem to contribute to the actual movement of the story. If the movie is a thriller, won’t the songs be a drag on its pace?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Villu release – stage one completed!

December 16, 2008

As it seems, recession is biting into the budget of even big production houses. As opposed to the star studded affairs the audio launches used to be, they have shrunken into virtual ones. Vijay's upcoming flick Villu's audio was released on December 14, 2008 at Hello FM.

Villu's musician Devi Sri Prasad released the first copy which was received by Ayngaran's Executive Producer Arunpandiyan. The event was relayed live on radio. Villu's track will now be available on the shelves of all music outlets across. The sound track has eight tracks composed by Devi Sri who was also behind hit songs for the Vijay starrer Pokkiri.

Directed by Prabhu Deva, Villu has Nayan playing Vijay's lead. The movie is slated for a Pongal release.

Kushboo to dance with Vijay in Villu!

Yesteryear actress Khushboo is sharing screen space with Vijay in a song sequence. This is for an important introductory song in Vijay's forthcoming film Villu.
The producer of the film Arun Pandian revealed this at the audio launch of Villu on Sunday. The function was held at a FM station and music director Devi Sri Prasad released the first audio CD of the film.

According to Arun Pandian the film is slated to release on Pongal as the day is considered to be lucky for the actor.

Originally the filmmaker was keen on roping in Divya to do the item number, but the actress made it clear that she will not do a one-song act again. So, actress Kushboo, a 'hardcore Vijay fan', was approached and the actress readily agreed to do the role.

Villu - Audio Review

Vijay's films are known for their foot tapping hit dance numbers. Devi Sri Prasad's hit albums are popular for their peppy tunes. So a Vijay-DSP combo was expected to rock music charts with super hit peppy dance numbers. And Villu is one album that wont let your expectations down even for a minute throughout the listening.

Packed with full of youthful and vibrant songs, this is a real treat for music lovers especially for those who need some refreshing music for the ears.

Hey Rama Rama: (9/10)

The album starts with the introduction song of Vijay as per usual tradition, and this time its Amalraj who sings for Vijay. His powerful voice with a soft touch, gives the right feel for the song especially in lines like "Unga kitta anba keten". Kabilan keeps the lyrics simple and more like the words of common man, even when asking "Agadhi aana makkaluku, amaidhiyana naadu kaepaen". Kovai Sarala's harmony "Villu villu" sounds off note in the song, but may be justified by the visuals.

Nee Kobapattal Naanum: (8/10)

A pleasing melody with a lots of classical orchestration this song takes you into romantic mood. Pa.Vijay's lyrics talking about what a guy would do for his girl and what not is really interesting. Sagar's lilting voice is a perfect choice for the song. The "baby I love you" bit is extremely good, so is the short rendition of swaras by DSP in second interlude.

Daddy Mummy: (9/10)

DSP has used effectively the Aakalesthe from Shankardada Zindabad for this song. Rendered stylishly by Mamta Mohandas, this song is a perfect club number with good beats throughout. Naveen Madhav joins for the male bit in the middle and does a good job too. Lyrics by Viveka is good in parts but on the whole enjoyable.

Are you crazy: (8/10)

This short song running for less than a minute is a funny bit full of scoldings from a girl towards her guy. Sung by Divya, this is one perfect ring tone material to amuse people around you. Prabhudeva's name in lyrics credit is a pleasant surprise.

Jalsa: (10/10)

Same as the tune of title song of telugu film Jalsa, this song has a lot of energy and vibrance that instantly gets on you when you start listening to it. The Spanish lyrics in the beginning and lines like "The dance in the beat prabhudeva, the beat in music is DSP, the girl in the groove nayanthara, and to rock the floor Ilayathalapathy" give the song a very special feel. Most acclaimed Indian rapper Baba Sehgal has done a great job with his singing that too with right diction, and Rita supports him well. Rohini's lyrics also need a worthy mention here... "Nee pirandhadhu Greece ah, Nee valarndhadhu swiss-ah, madhimayakkum un nadayin mugavari thaan Paris ah" Definitely the best of the album.

Vaada Maapilla: (8/10)

This is a folk based song with lot of funny words thrown in between. You get to hear voices of Vadivelu(Dont angry me) and Prabhudeva at couple of places. Tippu and Rita do justice to the song while Kabilan's lyrics are quite ordinary. Indicates more of a visual treat but worth a listen too. "Eppidi Eppidi??? Appidi Appidi" is really cute.

Dheemthanakka Thillana:(9/10)

This is a constantly paced song with fast beats and a good amount of energy. Snehan's lyrics fits the tune perfectly, especially lines like "Kannan... naan kannanukke annan... ada leelaigalin mannan... andha manmadhanin maaman naan thaane" and use of Telugu words like "Okka saari". Devi Sri Prasad joins Divya for this song and both have done a great job in keeping the momentum of the song. Divya's voice has this sexy feel to it which works out very well for this song.

Jalsa Remix: (8/10)

This is a remix version of the other song with DSP singing along with Baba Sehgal and Rita. Neatly done without spoiling lyrics and not too much of rap for a remix. The pleasing orchestration and remix programming is an added advantage. Perfect number for dance floors.

On the whole, its an album that will be readily lapped up by Vijay fans and will appeal to all youth. On top of that, this is an album that will attract every music lover for its clean and neat presentation of songs.

Overall rating: 9/10

Verdict: Hits Right on target

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kushboo’s duet with Vijay

By Moviebuzz | Monday, 15 December , 2008, 11:19

Vijay’s introductory song in Prabhu Deva’s Villu will actually see him dancing with Kushboo!

The team of producer Arun Pandian and music director Devi Sri Prasad came together for a soft audio launch at a radio station on Sunday (Nov 14). The film is slated for a Pongal release.

Apparently, the filmmaker was originally keen on roping in Divya Spandana to do the item number, but the actress made it clear to him that she will not do a one-song act again.

So, actress Khushboo, a confessed Vijay fan, was approached and the actress readily agreed to do the role.

That song will be the introductory song of Vijay which will surely be lapped up by his fans. Earlier, actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Meena, Nayanthara and Namitha had done one song appearances with Ilaya Thalapathy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

“I’ll not do what Vikram does”: Vijay

By Moviebuzz | Sunday, 14 December , 2008, 15:36

Our Ilayathalapathy Vijay is very particular that the films he does are all larger than life mass entertainers.

He makes no bones about it that he does only formulaic films that cater to the taste of his fans. Vijay in an interview said that he does not want to do “something different or try out challenging roles”, as his focus is only the Box-Office

Recently, when the Ilayathalapathy was asked why he doesn’t choose challenging roles like Vikram, the actor spoke his heart on the issue. “I’m not someone who’ll walk the extra mile for a challenging role. I don’t want to play risky roles because that’s not what my fans want from me. All that they’re looking for is clean entertainers, and that’s my forte,” explained the actor.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gilli goes to Bollywood

By Moviebuzz | Saturday, 13 December , 2008, 12:55

After Ghajini being remade into Hindi and getting ready for release, it’s now the turn of another blockbuster to go to Bollywood. Widely perceived as Vijay’s ticket to superstardom, Dharani directed Ghilli will also be remade in Hindi soon!

It will be directed by director KS Adhiyaman. Harman Baweja will play Vijay’s role, while Deepika Padukone will do Trisha’s character. Arjun Rampal is said to be signed up for the role of the villain, played brilliantly by Prakash Raj in Tamil.

Meanwhile, Ks Adhiyaman is also said to be doing a remake of the just-released Ellam Avan Seyal in Hindi, and it is titled Nine, with Sunny Deol and Nikisha Patel in the lead.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What Vijay did for his fan?

Vijay Fan

I am a die hard fan of Ilayathalapathy Vijay, not only for his mind blowing performances in movies but also as a humble human. Vijay s Azhagiya Tamil Magan was shot at Naidu Hall premises at Porur. I stay in a flat nearby and from reliable sources got the info that my hero was in there. My brother (physically challenged ) is also a Vijay fan. Initially, there was no allowing of fans as there would be a huge rush. But when Vijay saw my brother was physically challenged, he voluntarily came and approached my brother and exchanged words with him and took photographs. I also was fortunate to take pics He was my senior during school days. He exchanged a couple of sentences about our school and shook hands. I have attached the photos. Please publish this. Thanks!

Vijay Fan

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prabhu Deva gets back to work

Honoring one's commitment is very important. Prabhu Deva is proving this through his sincerity and commitment by returning to the shooting of his directorial venture Villu, a day after the demise of his elder son Vishal.
Prabhu Deva
The choreographer turned actor and director is now in Villu sets to complete the patch works including the climax. Later on, the introductory song of Vijay will be shot at Binny Mills sets.

Meanwhile Ayngaran Music will launch the audio album of Villu on December 15.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Villu resumes!

December 10, 2008

Prabhudeva is not letting his personal grievance pull down his responsibilities at the professional front. The director turned actor, who lost his eldest son to a mysterious form of cancer, a few days back is back at the sets of his upcoming project Villu with Vijay in the lead.

Vijay, Nayan, Ranjitha, and Geetha participated in the Villu shooting that resumed recently. The shoots were held in a private bungalow near Meenambakkam. A song sequence with Nayan and Vijay was also shot in Binni Mills, as part of the shoots.

Prabhu Deva- The show must go on!

Wednesday, 10 December , 2008, 09:44

We salute the spirit and commitment of Prabhu Deva. A day after the sad demise of his son Vishal, Prabhu was back on the sets of his Villu.

Prabhu Deva who was shattered by the death of his son is trying to put back his tears, remorse and grief by throwing himself on his work.

It's the best way to get over one’s personal tragedy. Recently after the Mumbai massacre, the Manager of Taj Hotel whose family was wiped out by the terrorist, preferred to stay on at work rather than go into mourning. It is a very tough thing, especially when you have lost your dear ones.

The Villu unit shot some patchwork to the climax and the Shubham scene. Later on a huge set at Binny Mills, the introductory song of Vijay was being shot. It was choreographed by Vijay's opening song specialist Asok Raj, who has done many of his hit songs.

Ayngaran Music will be launching the Villu audio on December 15. The music of Devi Sri Prasad is going to rock.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Villu on internet

December 03, 2008

Internet seems to play spoilsport as far as unreleased films are concerned. The latest film that is hit by the mischief makers on the internet is Villu. Many big budget films have fallen prey to the mischief mongers who distribute the songs of the unreleased film on the internet free of cost. The three songs that have been doing the rounds recently are: Uyirai Thozhitthen, Nee Parthidel and Kanavellam Neethane. These three songs are said to be from Villu.

However, in most of the cases the songs distributed on the internet do not feature in the film. So it needs to be seen if the songs doing rounds on the internet will be a part of Villu. Villu, which is directed by Prabhu Deva, stars Ilayathalapathy Vijay.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Vijay and Vadivelu in Rush Hour!

Tamil cinema is growing. And it's growing at a really fast rate. There have been directors that brought Hollywood stories to Tamil cinema. Most notably A.R.Muragadoss's Ghajini (Memento in Hollywood), Gautham Menon's Vaaranam Aayiram (draws inspiration from 1994's Forrest Gump), Prabhu Deva's Pokiri(daws inspiration from The Departed), and Mani Ratnam's Nayagan (The Godfather). These are just some films. Now that the budgets for films is increasing, we might get to see the big exposure that Hollywood puts on their films in Tamil! Here are some movies I would like to see get made in Tamil:


I Am Legend- If there is one actor who can do a better job than Will Smith, then it's Surya. He's one of the only actors who can do this much intensity in a film. You can also put Asin as the guest role of the mother who comes to rescue the main character. It's a big film, and considering it'swith a big budget, Shankar should be director. Music should also be A.R.Rahman.

Ocean's Eleven- A heist film in Tamil would be great! Imagine if Vijay, Ajith, Surya, Vikram, and some other big stars in Tamil cinema came together and made this remake! Also you can put a lot of the top actresses as well. This film could possibly be the best cast that any tamil film has made! Director should be Venkat Prabhu, because this is his kind of movie. Also music should be Yuvan Shankaraja.

Cast Away- If Kamal wanted to make one last film before he retired, then he should make this film in tamil. The whole film would show him and what he does to survive on an island. It needs an actor who can make the audience sit and watch one person for more than half of the movie. I think Kamal could do this without any problem! Direction should be Gautham Menon to give a Hollywood touch, and music should be Harris Jeyraj(It would be nice to see the Menon-Jeyraj combo one last time).

Scarface- I think Rajini or Vijay should do this one. They could do it Billa style, or just do it regular Indian style. Direction should be K.S. Ravikumar and music should be Vijay Anthony. I wonder if they make Scarface survive in the remake....

The Pursuit of Happiness- This definitly should be remade. Probably Surya or Ajith can do this movie, or even younger actor like Arya or Jayam Ravi. Direction should be A.R. Murragadoss. Music should be the young Dharan.

Rush Hour- Imagine Vijay and Vadivelu as two cops trying to track down gangsters in India and abroad. Well, this film would be a great remake with a nice mix of action and comedy. Direction should be fast, so it has to be Dharani. Music should be Vidyasagar.

There are so many other movies I would like to see happen, but that is just another dream.

Birithiviraj Saravanan

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vijay Block!

November 25, 2008

A school in Hosur will have an entire block dedicated to Vijay's name. The block that was built to facilitate the school to accommodate more students in Hosur was scheduled to be inaugurated on Sunday, November 23, 2008. However, due to the heavy monsoon torrential rains that lashed the entire Tamil Nadu, the ceremony turned out to be a dampener.

It was also learnt that the actor wanted to avoid the inconvenience that could be caused to public and cut short his meeting. The fans were naturally disappointed that they could not spend more time with their star. As per the plan Vijay was to have distributed various goods to the deserving but this could not be done. It is now learnt that Vijay's PRO P.T.Selva Kumar distributed the stuff the next day on behalf of him.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vijay's bodyguard - only on success

November 22, 2008

There seems to be a slight change in Vijay's plans for his 50th movie. As reported by us earlier, his 50th movie would be produced by S.A. Chandrasekhar for Vijay's home banner and directed by the Malayalam director Siddique. It was also learnt that the movie will be a remake of the Malayalam movie Bodyguard, now under production directed by Siddique.

However, since Bodyguard is only under production Vijay seems to be a bit apprehensive about its effectiveness to be remade into Tamil. Vijay's apprehension is addressed to Siddique and, as it seems, it is decided that Bodyguard would be made in Tamil only if the movie is proving to be a success in Malayalam. If not, Siddique will create an exclusive script for Vijay.

"My moments with Vijay"


I just wanna share my happiest moments that I had spent with Vijay.
Vijay Fan
That was at the ATM shooting I was jumping to heights because I got the opportunity to speak with Vijay. I've previously been for shoots but didn't get the chance of speaking to him...during the break I met him and spoke how is the film going on and how is sanjay.. and he did asked me what I am doing and also asked to do things in the good manner... he was very polite in his answers and KIND HEARTED human being and I also took photo with Thalapathy...after me some 10 fans were also there to take photographs....

The shoot on that day was Valayapatti song from ATM. I was stunned by Thalapathy's dedication in work… awesome dance... And there is no doubt that he is the KING OF DANCE...

Vijay Fan

Friday, November 21, 2008

Prakash Raj, the 'Troublemaker' again!

Once again, Prakash Raj, one of the finest actors in the South has become a big trouble maker on the sets.

Recently he failed to turn up for the shooting of the climax session of the Tamil movie Villu for 3 days. This created lot of pain to the producers and the director Prabhu Deva.
Prakash Raj
Director Prabhu Deva has been shooting the scenes along with 'FEFSI' Vijayan and more than 250 crew members in the Tirunelveli area. But, Prakash Raj, who is playing a crucial role in the film, was missing from the shoot, creating great problems for the director and the rest of the unit.

For the last three days the unit was just waiting for him and the production manager was forced to start hunting for the actor. Finally the actor sent a message, informing them about his availability for the shooting from November 21st (Friday) onwards. It may be recalled that the actor has once even faced a ban from the Telugu Film Chamber for these kind of activities in the Tamil film industry.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prakash Raj missing, Villu climax halts

November 20, 2008

Villu is all done but for its grand scale climax. The crew that was stationed in Tirunelveli recently for the shoots was in doldrums with Prakash Raj, who plays a significant role in the movie, was not to be found for the shots. However, it is nothing new for Prakash Raj, who was earlier warned by the Telugu Film Council, for similar behavior when he decided to call it quits for issues with the producer.
Prakash Raj

Director Prabhu Deva was reportedly in a fix since Villu is running on a tight schedule with a pre-Pongal release plan. Last heard, Prakash Raj, who vanished from the sets owing to unsettled disputes with the producers, turned up finally relieving Prabhu Deva's anxiety. With this, the shoots will commence soon, and hopefully be released before Pongal.

Vijay speaks in Sinhala

Urging the Sri Lankan government to implement ceasefire, actor Vijay on Sunday spoke a few words in Sinhala so that `those at the helm of affairs in the island nation could understand it and stop attacking innocent Tamils.'

At a hunger protest organised by the actor's fans' club in Chennai, he hoped that the attack on Tamils would certainly come to an end in the neighbouring country. `My fans' club members are staging fasts in 37 places today,' he said.

CPI State secretary D Pandian, actors Jayam Ravi, Vikranth, Sriman, directors Perarasu, Velu Prabhakaran, Ramana, Vijay's parents S A Chandrasekaran and Shobha, his wife Sangeetha and others took part in the fast.

A thrilling climax

A still from Villu
20 Nov 2008, 0000 hrs IST, TNN
Source : Times of India

Ilayathalapathy Vijay is shooting the climax of Villu directed by Prabhudeva in villages of Tirunelveli and Tuticorin.

It is learnt that the thrilling climax, which is touted to be one of the highlights of the film, will feature over 250 artistes.

Meanwhile, according to sources, Vijay is doing a dual role as father and son in this action-packed family entertainer, said to be based on Abbas Mastan's Soldier, which featured Bobby Deol and Priety Zinta in the lead roles. The latest we hear is that the yesteryear popular heroine Ranjita, a discovery of Bharathiraja, is making a comeback as `Appa' Vijay's pair. The `son' Vijay's heroine is Nayanthara, and the music is composed by Mani Sharma.

Villu- All's well that ends well!

Ayngaran International's prestige IlayathalapathyVijay's Villu climax scenes are being shot in Tirunelveli and Tuticorin.

Director Prabhu Deva is shooting the scenes along with FEFSI Vijayan and some fight masters. It is going to be an awesome climax with over 250 people taking part in the shoot, which is going to be one of the highlights of the film.

Meanwhile as per sources Vijay is doing a dual role as father and son in this action packed family entertainer. Vijay's heroine is Nayanthara, and the music is composed by Mani Sharma.

However Prakashraj, who is playing a crucial role in the film was missing from the shoot, creating great problems for the director and the rest of the unit. Prakash it seems was cut up with the producers, so he just bunked the shoot!

So for the last three days the unit was just waiting for him as the production manager and his men started a hunt for the elusive star. Finally they tracked down the sulking Prakash who reluctantly agreed to take part in the shoot from Friday (Nov 21).

2008- UK Box-Office performance of Tamil Superstars

The year is coming to a close, with no more biggies due for release this year. Here is a list of the six Tamil biggies of superstars released this year and their opening weekend performance at the UK box-office, an overseas barometer.

No1- Kamal Hassan-
Dasavatharam, opened at the 12th position at the UK box-office and collected approximately Rs 1.07 crore (1, 26,747 pounds) from 19 screens in its opening weekend.

No 2- Rajinikanth
Kuselan, opened at the 13th position and collected approximately Rs 88.14 lakhs (1, 06,394 pounds) from 17 screens in its opening weekend

No 3- Vijay
Kuruvi, opened at the 15th position and collected approximately Rs 55.96 lakhs ( 69,001 pounds) from 15 screens

No 4- Vikram
Bheema, opened at the 20th position and collected approximately Rs 39.49 lakhs ( 51,243 pounds) from 14 screens.

No 5- Surya
Vaaranum Aayiram, opened at the 16th position and collected approximately Rs 28.12 lakhs (37,990 pounds) from 9 screens

No 6- Ajit
Aegan, opened at the 25th position and collected approximately Rs 17.18 lakhs (22,165 pounds) from 13 screens.

Source- Bollywood Hungama, Taran Adarsh's UK Box- Office

Ilayathalapathy gets hot overseas!!!

From a long time, a question has been raised as to who will be the next successors to folks like Superstars Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan in the overseas market. The most hottest names shortlisted were Ilayathalapathi Vijay and 'Ultimate Star' Ajith.

A lot of debate, discussion and analysis has gone on this and now the experts say that it is the Dravidian looks of Vijay and his mass movies that have really caught the attention of the overseas viewers and his movie have been enjoying great demand.

Not only, that he has created a lot of market in UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and he is now moving towards Malaysia and Singapore. Good going Vijay!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Film stars and fasting

Early this month, almost all the top stars of the Tamil film industry participated in a Unnavrutham (fast) that was held at the Nadigar Sangam to Ilayathalapathy Vijay (TOI Photo)
protest the killing of innocent Tamils in the war between the Sri Lankan Army and the Tamil rebels in the eastern part of the island nation.

The big stars of the industry — Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vijaykanth, Vijay, Vikram, Ajit, Surya, Sarath Kumar, Nayanthara, Trisha and almost all who have a box-office pull, made it to the fast.

No other issue has united the industry and brought together all stars under one roof like this one has. They also made lavish donations to the Sri Lankan relief fund. Rajinikanth topped the list with a contribution of Rs 10 lakhs.

A few days later, Kamal Haasan did not celebrate his birthday as he was hurt by the happenings in the neighbouring island. And last Sunday, Ilayathalapathy Vijay, along with thousands of his fans, went on a fast to protest the happenings in Sri Lanka.

Not to be left behind, the next day, Surya joined hands with techies to form a human chain in front of Tidel Park to express solidarity with the Lankan Tamils.

Why is Kollywood on the boil regarding the Sri Lankan Tamil issue? Why are the stars falling over each other in their one-upmanship games to show their concern for an issue that was not on their agenda till recently?

The answer is simple — the overseas Tamil box-office is controlled by the Sri Lankan Tamils. From a Rs 1 crore market (for Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan films) in 2000, it has burgeoned to a Rs 10 - 12 crore market for the superstars, mainly due to Sri Lankan Tamils and new markets. Today, overseas or what Kollywood calls the FMS Territory, is the most lucrative of the lot as far as film rights in Tamil are concerned.

London-based K Karunamoorthy of Ayngaran International, a Sri Lankan Tamil and the market leaders in distributing Tamil films abroad, is the man who pioneered and made the overseas market boom.
His Ayngaran International, set up in 1989, was largely responsible for creating new markets for Tamil films in European countries, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where Sri Lankan immigrants of Tamil origin are settled.

Today, Ayngaran is the leading production house in Kollywood, and most big-budget movies are funded by them. Says Karunamoorthy, “The overseas market was booming before the current economic slowdown. The total box-office gross collection of Tamil cinema is today one-fourth of Bollywood outside India and growing every year, and is basically star-driven.”

Says veteran Madurai-based distributor Thangavelu, “During MGR days, NSC (North and South Arcot, Chengalpet), TT (Tiruchi and Thanjavur) and Madurai were the most important territories, but in the late 90s, after Rajinikanth and Kamal became superstars, the overseas market became bigger, thanks to the large number of Sri Lankan immigrants. Today, the next superstar in Tamil cinema, whether it is Vijay or Ajit, will be determined by what the trade calls the overseas vote bank.”

Vijay, with his typical Dravidian looks, mass movies and his concern for the Sri Lankan Tamils is fast emerging as the fastest rising superstar in the overseas market.

Vijay’s movies have already captured the markets in UK, Europe, Canada and Australia and are making deep inroads into the traditional old settlement areas like Malaysia and Singapore.

It is not difficult to see why this cause is particularly important to Kollywood actors

A 'new old' heroine for Vijay

November 19, 2008

If sources are to be believed, Vijay's Villu directed by Prabhu Deva should be ready for release even before Pongal. As per the latest buzz, the film is loosely based on Soldier, a Hindi flick released in 1998 starring Preity Zinta and Bobby Deol. Vijay is said to don a double role - dad and son and the latter is out to prove and establish that his dad was loyal to the country and was never treacherous as purported by the enemy camp. He is basically working towards clearing a tarnished image of his dad.

Actress Ranjitha, director Bharathiraja's find who had retired from filmdom after her marriage will be donning the role of Vijay's mom i.e. the wife of dad Vijay. She is said to be appearing in flashback sequences and her role is said to be very significant. Though the actress was not too keen to appear in silver screen again, it was said that she heeded to director Prabhu Deva's request after listening to the script.

Ajith, Vijay to slash their rates - Behindwoods

November 19, 2008

Global recession seems to be the buzz word these days. It is affecting all walks of life in various ways. Needless to say, tinsel world is also drastically affected by recession. A few years back, movie industry witnessed a sudden influx of corporates into their domain, who were willing to try different types of films for different types of audience.

Ajith, Vijay
This encouraged the entry of talented youngsters who were giving quality films in many of the Indian languages. Corporatisation also saw the sudden steep in the salary offered to top stars.

However with the recession, things have turned a volte-face and now the industry is working towards bringing down the salary of stars to keep them going. In Bollywood, many leading stars have opted to go down on their salary. In Kollywood too it has been said that corporate film companies will be reducing their salaries to the stars and stars like Ajith and Vijay also will be reducing their remuneration. When President of Producer's Council Rama Narayanan was approached to give his opinion on this, he said, "I am not aware of the salary policies of the corporate companies towards Tamil stars. But our council will be discussing on this in our next meeting."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ranjitha in the role of Vijay's mother

Ranjitha, the yesteryear heroine who was introduced by director Bharathiraja in Nadodi Thendral, is to play the role of Vijay's mother in the Prabhu Deva directed movie Villu.
Ranjitha, who made her debut in the early nineties (the same time when Vijay also started his career) has played heroine in many successful films including Sathyaraj's Amaithipadai.

After entering wedlock the actress switched over to small screens and acted in some serials including the successful one Roja. Now she is back to the big silver screen with a senior lady role.

In Villu, Vijay plays dual roles and Nayantara plays his lady love. The film is scheduled for Pongal 2009.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Vijay ready for politcal plunge

Rumors are doing the rounds in Kollywood that Vijay is getting ready to launch himself into politics.

The actor's plans to undertake a fast on Sunday along with members of his fans' association at Chepauk on Chennai is seen as his maiden attempt to foray into politics.

It may be recalled that he launched a flag for his fans association. Also a recent survey by Loyola College concluded that he enjoys more popularity than Rajinikanth in Tamilnadu.

Amidst such a scenario, his move to hold a fast for Lankan Tamils obviously throws out a lot of speculations. The fast would be inaugurated by his father and acclaimed director S A Chandrasekhar. Prominent film personalities are expected to take part in the Fast.

Fans of Vijay hope that their favorite hero would give hints on his entry to politics at the Fast protest. They say it is a show of their strength for a common cause.

It may be recalled that Rajnikanth had recently turned down the request of his fans to

Ranjitha plays Vijay's mom

[Monday, November 17, 2008]

Yesteryear heroine Ranjitha, introduced by director Bharathiraja in 'Nadodi Thendral', plays Vijay's mother in 'Villu'.

It may be recalled that yesteryear heroine Geetha played Vijay's mother in 'Sivakasi' and Simran did the same for Surya in 'Varanam Ayiram'.

Now it is Ranjitha's turn to take up a senior role. The actress, who had been part of several films in the early 1990's, ventured onto the small screen after her marriage. Now she is back to play Vijay's mother in the silver screen.

'Villu' directed by Prabhudeva, features Vijay in dual roles and Nayanthara plays his ladylove.

Fans protest – Vijay gets emotional!

November 17, 2008

As announced earlier, the one-day fast organized by Vijay Fans Association to protest the killing of innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka in the ongoing civil war between the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE, was held yesterday, November 16, 2008 in Chennai and all over Tamil Nadu. The hunger fast, held in 37 places in all of Tamil Nadu,

witnessed a turn around of 5000 fans in Chennai alone. Apart from the fans, leaders from some political parties also showed their support and visited the location in Chennai, near Chepauk Stadium.

The fast started at 8.00 a.m. with the initiation ceremony performed by Vijay's father S.A. Chandrasekhar. While addressing the gathering, he mentioned that it was an attempt to show solidarity towards the genocide in Sri Lanka and that people from all sections of the society were participating in the fast to support the cause.

Vijay joined the gathering later on and sat through the day. An emotional Vijay noted that he had no words to express gratitude to his fans for organizing the fast. The fast ended at 4.00 p.m. with Vijay's mother, Shoba Chandrasekhar, distributing juice. Apart from Vijay's family, including his wife Sangeetha, director Perarasu and actor Mansoor Ali Khan were also seen on the stage.

Source :

Vijay And Fans Fast In Protest

[Monday, November 17, 2008]

Actor Vijay and his fans undertook a Fast to protest against the atrocities meted out to the Lankan Tamils because of the ongoing war. Vijay called on the Sri Lankan government to enforce a ceasefire at once.

He also spoke a few words in Singhalese with the hope that the Sri Lankan authorities would understand him.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ilayathalapathy Vijay's Unnavrutham!

Ilayathalapathy Vijay's Unnavrutham!

By Moviebuzz | Sunday, 16 November , 2008, 12:32

Ilayathalapathy Vijay started his Unnavrutham (fast) to protest against the violence against Tamils in Sri Lanka today (Nov 16) morning in front of the Chepauk government guest house in Chennai.

From early morning, a huge contingent of Vijay fans converged at the venue in mini buses, autos, SUV's and two wheelers with party blue and white flag flying high. The star came in his new silver Nissan X-5, at around 10am.

As he tried to get on the stage the huge crowd erupted and was overjoyed to see their hero. The police had a tough time in controlling the crowds. A young crazy fan rushed from the crowd and made it to the stage and kissed Vijay on the cheeks before he was pushed out by the star's security men.

In Pics: Vijay at the Unnavritham, his different moods

Vijay's father S.A Chandrasekhar is the master of ceremonies. He had tough time controlling the crowds and at the same time seeing to it that the speakers did not say anything inflammatory.

When actor Mansoor Ali Khan said about Sri Lankan President Rajapakse and how he comes to India to get arms, SAC tactfully led him off the stage. As SAC remarked: "Please note this is not a Unnavrutham conducted by any political party, but a protest against the inhuman treatment of Tamils in Sri Lanka. We want the government to hear the voice of the youth, the lakhs of Vijay fans."

Later Vijay himself sitting on the stage in an informal chat with said: "I'm doing this on the request of my fans. My heart, like my fans, bleed for the Sri Lankan Tamils trapped in a war thrust on them. I want this war stopped, so that all Tamil people can live in peace."

The fast started today morning in front of the Chepauk government guest house in Chennai

As he tried to get on the stage the huge crowd erupted and was overjoyed to see their hero

The star came in his new silver Nissan X-5, at around 10am.

From early morning, a huge contingent of Vijay fans converged at the venue in mini buses, autos, SUV`s and two wheelers with party blue and white flag flying high
The police had a tough time in controlling the crowds.
"Sri Lankan Tamils are trapped in a war thrust on them. I want this war stopped, so that all Tamil people can live in peace.`