Saturday, September 24, 2005

Will Madhesh romp in Vijay for his next project?
September 24, 2005

Madhesh was the producer and director of Madura with Vijay in the lead. The success of the film made both of them happy. Madhesh stayed away from production, preparing his next script. Now, the novel script is ready and Madhesh has planned to produce the film on a vast budget. He is interested in having a star with a large fan following as the lead actor.
Putting two and two together, we have the scoop that Vijay could play the hero again. Watch this space for more developments.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Vijay and Trisha join pairs
September 22, 2005

The union of Vijay and Trisha back again for the second time is the movie Aadhi. A total of 65 scenes have been fixed in this movie, which is to be directed by the Thirumalai director Ramana.

The shooting of this movie has completed duration of 20 days and so far 27 scenes have been completed, according to Ramana.
As a result this movie has grown very rapidly. Both Vijay and S.A. Chandrasekar are amazed at the speed rate of director Ramana. On account of this director Ramana is over joyous.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Vijay is a home bird after 6 P.M
September 22, 2005

Trisha and Vijay are the lead pair in Aadhi. One song was shot in Prasad Studios in Chennai recently. Another song was shot from 9 a.m. today till 6 in the evening.
In case of shooting in Chennai, Vijay packs up sharp at six and leaves for home. He only likes to spend quiet moments with his family.