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Dedicated to SAVAMs all over - SHIMs Part 2

Two years back I was more than happy to bring to you people the article for SHIMs which I hope to some extent was an answer to the non-stop nonsense criticism prevailing about Vijay that time. Now two years later, when I sit to write part 2, times have changed and so is the mindset of people. Unfortunately, this part is dedicated not only to all those junks and sadists whose only purpose of existence is to tease and abuse Vijay, but also to the section of Vijay fans which has been polluted by the influence of other (over)actors’ films and Hollywood impact.

This article is directed to SAVAMs. While SHIMs was just an acronym, SAVAM in its meaning denotes dead bodies, and also expands as "Senseless Anti Vijay & Adulterated Morons". This is to mean that whoever fits in the description given above are those who cannot appreciate the dynamism and talents of Vijay and are no different than dead bodies. But of course, these dead bodies can read and interpret what I say, even if they ignore this, I care a damn about it, this is my dedication for Vijay and his fans.

There are 3 categories of SAVAMs I would like to specially address to: Bloggers writing blogs against Vijay, sadist people who forward negative messages about Vijay and jobless corporate people who forward mails against Vijay and his films. The worst thing about the second and third categories is, most of these people are our close friends and relatives who inspite of knowing that we are Vijay fans purposefully tease us. Such messages when it comes from people close to us hurts a lot, because we don't expect such acts from them even if others forwards such messages.

Talking about bloggers, a PC/laptop with a high speed broadband connection (especially those living abroad) and a OC blogspace courtesy Google are enough for them to happily scream all nonsense about Vijay. These jobless sadists have no work other than downloading or watching online the movies, imagine worst cam prints minus theatre atmosphere, and then write a review in their junkyard(means blogspace) using the worst filthy and unparliamentary language you can ever think of. Sitting in an A/C room and joblessly watching a movie on laptop with a beer can in hand and loads of shit inside the head will definitely won't give any enjoyment of watching a commercial film of a mass hero.

These SAVAMs write as if they are Gurus of Tamil Cinema and are striving hard to encourage good and different(read Kamal/Surya) films and as if they grew up watching high standard hollywood and kollywood films. And they would even provide ratings for top 10 movies in their blogs for offbeat movies, bashing up commercial movies, least realizing that the movies they listed neither did anything good for its producers nor gave any viewing pleasure for the general audience. Not to forget that many of these people would have spent their early childhood with half trousers and leaking noses, watching dirty commercial cinema of 80's in their nearest theaters.

Nowadays one more worst sub-category has emerged which writes review without even watching the movie just for showing off their "humor sense" and "writing skills". And a bunch of shameless morons comment on these posts and make fun out of it. For Vettaikaaran I remember reading two worst reviews, one of which was a complete nonsense fake imaginary review and other one saying he liked Vettaikaaran and his son didn't like it, finally revealing he watched MGR's Vettaikaaran. Neither Vijay pleaded them to watch his movies, nor did they have any compulsion to do it. Inspite of knowing that they would not like it and it would give them headache or whatever, these SAVAMs watch it or pretend to do so, only for the sole purpose of writing an abusive post on it. Uselessness at its peak!

Coming to SMS forwarding category, SAVAMs effectively use their free SMS pack by sending abuse messages and forwards about Vijay, mainly to Vijay fans in their contact list. The most irritating thing is, even those who don't message/mail you frequently, immediately do a forward when they get an anti-Vijay SMS or email. I don't know what kind of sadistic pleasure it gives them, but when they put up a horrific smile on their face and come to ask you if you saw the mail/SMS, you feel like slapping them tight and slitting their throat. Atleast, I feel so.

The corporate junkies are even more worse. Apart from doing the selfless service of copy pasting contents from above said junk blogs, they use their hard learnt technical knowledge on photoshop, flash and other things by creating videos, photos and animations against Vijay, wasting their time and talent for someone whom they consider "not even worth to be an actor". And hats off to their intelligence, as many of our friends pointed out, they have been doing free publicity for Vettaikaaran at the cost of their wasted time and resources of the company these SAVAMs work for.

Now over to the other side of the story. The moment you start sending them reply mails strongly or show them a straight face or start sending them mails abusing/making fun of their so-called favorite actors, it will bring the hell out of them. They come back shamelessly telling that they are fan of no one and they like good movies, or they liked so and so movie of Vijay but now his movies are bad etc etc. Mega serials lose out to such stories from these SAVAMs! :P

First of all the SAVAMs should realize that, for people like me, watching Surya doing a dumb romantic scene or Kamal coming in various avatars or singing in his heavy throat is as much torture as you feel while watching a Vijay movie, and even more than that. In fact, I can write out a mail criticizing every so-called best films of other actors and bring out as many negatives as possible from them to compose an anti-actorX mail. But Vijay has not taught me that, he infact asks me every time to watch all actors movies, but this loyal heart refuses to.

Earlier the complaint on Vijay was that he follows the same old formula and not changing from it. Now many heroes, not only those who are "shedding their blood and sweat" for Tamil Cinema but even those mushrooms who popped up in yesterday's rain have started doing these type of movies. Hence the complaint has changed as Vijay should work with directors like the others do and he should provide movies which are watchable like they give. And those SAVAMs remarking on remakes, must analyze the track record of other mass heroes, who in the same timeline of their career as Vijay is in now, have made unimaginable number of remakes, many of them Xerox copies, which is proven from the data collected from their own websites.

And for the SAVAMs who categorize Vijay films as the ones made for C class audience, I would request them to go and see in their nearby theaters where Vettaikaaran is screened, not for watching the film, but to see the spread of crowd watching the film. Families, housewives, children, grandparents who dismiss their strain and come for watching an entertainer - If the ones you see in your own family are C-Class audience, then these people are also C-class. Fans give the movies the required opening and initial momentum, but it is this family crowd that takes it forward to give the movie its long run. Getting a director who makes films for city audience, a music director who shamelessly lifts tunes from western songs and a production house powerful enough to hold other movies to be released against you doesn’t make you a top actor, neither your film is top class.

All these family audiences were not gained overnight. It is Vijay's hard work and his work onscreen that has earned him these fans. He had no father to back him with a good history(It is a fact to be accepted that SAC's legacy has written only negative impressions during Vijay's debut), he didn't marry someone whose popularity he can cash-in with family audience and nor did he do anything special to impress kids. But still they love him and watch his movies with their parents. And with nil smoking or drinking scenes (he pledged not to keep them after ATM) and not even bedroom scenes ("making love" as other actors name it) today Vijay's films are clean films as he knows his social responsibility and impact on his audience. Am sure, none of the SAVAMs will have an answer for why this happens.

Those who want getup changes from Vijay, first think of a single movie recently where any actor doing dual role has shown any difference between two roles without any changes in getup or hairstyle or anything, just with voice modulation and body language, like Vijay did in ATM. Doing 10 yrs or 60 yrs role is not important, how you show a difference in the same age similar looking characters is most important. And if someone thinks Vijay does same kind of action or expressions in all movies, every other actor does the same, atleast Vijay's expressions are enjoyable unlike the constant irritating "Eeeeeeeee" expression given by few actors in all their songs including pathos songs.

If changing getups and doing different roles is hard work, then do you call Vijay's efforts for every film as a cakewalk? Especially what about the risks and brave attempts in stunts he takes in these films some of which would have cost his life itself? Can anyone deny the struggle Vijay put himself through in films like Badri for the sake of his fans? Not even once he has spoken about all these sitting in all channels and dedicating it to his wife and son, he dedicates everything only for his fans. Infact, most of his interviews does not promote his films; he comes on TV only for fans.

It really makes me laugh at the ignorance of SAVAMs when I see mails and messages which portray Vijay as a remake actor and as a mass masala hero. I doubt if these jerks would have even seen the movies of Vijay before Ghilli, especially those from Poove Unakaaga till Vaseegara which has different flavors of Vijay in different commercial movies. Infact, I am sure many of Vijay fans themselves have not seen many of these movies and they know only the mass avatar of Vijay. I suggest them to have a round of these classics and then speak anything you want about Vijay in public forums.

And for those SAVAMs, who speak about Vijay's appearance and looks, it is this face that lives in the hearts of millions and millions of Tamil people, including small kids and mothers. People, who like Vijay, like him for what he is and not for how he looks. If looking fair or showing off body or building 6 packs is how a hero image can be attained, even lifeless dough made from maida flour looks fair and even a old man carrying gunny bags for a living, has 6 packs. These qualities doesn't make a hero suitable for a role, ultimately, how you carry on the role as yourself shows your real talent.

Another important string of messages that does rounds is those which quotes Vijay as "10th Std fail" and makes fun of his doctorate. Anyone who follows Vijay's history knows very well that he is a college drop out and who stopped with 10th std is a well known fact that need not be told. Moreover, - this is what has earned a doctorate for Vijay, not his educational qualification or his acting career. And none of his charity activities was even known to anyone, nor published in any media openly unless his fans themselves brought it out especially with online advancements. Without getting the facts right, some crap brain SAVAMs keep sending such nonsense mails/messages which doesn't actually have a meaning.

I can clearly state one thing. With the same formula, even if Vijay gives another Ghilli or a better film, the SAVAMs won’t stop their talks. Even if Vijay does a movie with Selvaraghavan or Ameer or any other "different" director for that matter, whatever role he plays offbeat or different from his usual, however best he acts in it, the anti-Vijay crowd will continue to tease him in one way or the other. Either they will blame Vijay of spoiling the film and director's name or they will say that so-and-so actor would have been the better choice. And if the film is a hit and good, then they will find minor faults in the film and even turn the topic as "the director gave life for Vijay" and so on.

What I am trying to convey is that, their only aim is to criticize and abuse Vijay by whatever means and reasons they can irrespective of the type and quality of films he is going to give. Even for Vettaikaaran, when they couldn't talk anything bad about the film, they started sending mail forwards making fun about the silky shirt Vijay wore in "Karikaalan" song. I replied only one thing: "It is better than roaming around in a film topless or sleeveless exhibiting body or wearing wife's t-shirts and attending functions"

Vijay has been there in film industry for more than one and a half decades and he has seen all ups and downs in his career. He has seen the good and bad and whenever there was bad, he has successfully come out of it, more stronger and escalated himself to the top. I am telling this to all those who can't stop comparing Vijay with other actors. Vijay is in his 17th year of acting and he is doing his 50th film. When you look at his past and see the times when he was in the same time line and film count as other actors he is being compared with, you can definitely say he was in a better position than what they are today.

I can prove this just by one instance, when Vijay surpassed Rajini a decade ago in a poll conducted by Kumudham for popular actor/actress among college students. The actors whom you are talking about didn't even have a place in that poll. And these other actors will also pass through a time as Vijay did in past 2 years. And that time, we will tie our hands and see how they and their fans react to the situation (Some already did have crossed that stage, wherein they started doing "different" to survive in the industry, now they claim that they can't sleep well unless they give different films)

Before I finish, I just have only one request to all Vijay fans. You have got a treasure in Vijay out of which only a small part is enjoyed by you. He has many more years to go and many more films to come, and he will surely move himself towards better and bigger position in Tamil film history. Meanwhile, just as you say "India lost the match, but Sachin batted well", "the film was bad but Rahman's music kaaga paakalam", "Whatever others feel, I will watch it because it is a Manirathnam film" and so on, please cultivate the habit of saying "However the film was, Vijay did well and I am happy about it", because that is the least he wants from us for all the hard work and toil he puts in for the film.

Mistakes do happen and they get corrected, then better things happen, Vettaikaaran is the best example for it. All that you people need is patience, tolerance and immunity from SAVAMs who have the capacity to rape your senses with their shitty thoughts. If you already have these, never lose it, else you will be left out when in future the history is rewritten.










Love Vijay,
Vijay Fan


deepak said...

Hi, Vijay

Really hatsoff to u for ur effort to make fools to realize what they r doing. Lets don't worry about others comments. Each heartbeats in our body is of vijay. People are there who don't want a person to touch a star coz they don,t have that ability or willingness to do it so they try to pull that person leg. If they eat food den they shouldn't comment about others. They don,t know at which position they lie or don't wash there ass before dat they want to pinpoint others.. Lets forget about that useless idoitic bitches they know to speak only behind others not in fornt.. Anyways our talapathy rocks for ever lets follow his principles uzhithudu uryirundu unall muduum. VETRI NAMAKEY:-) said...

nice blog!

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Jai said...

What i like to say, is that what u said!!!!!!
Wonderful & Marvelous Job man!!!!!!
Really so happy!!!!!!

balaji said...

hey man really happy to read the article... fantastic man... surely thalapathy ll rule fr many years... don wry man oour fans neva change... thy ve proved tat by chosin him favourite actor n vijay awards.... so happy again.... thankooooo