Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vijay's chemistry with Anushka

Lead pair chemistry – it is one of the most talked about things in cinema. The reason it evinces so much interest might be the fact that this `chemistry' cannot be manufactured or written into a script, it just happens. The natural level of comfort that two people share on screen must be what we call screen chemistry. Chemistry is not always about a hero and heroine; it can be between two character actors, a hero and a comedian or between any two people on screen for that matter. But, the most often talked about is the hero-heroine chemistry. Other combinations are rarely referred to as chemistry for some reason.

All said and done, we have to admit that good chemistry cannot be produced; it has to be discovered, mostly by serendipitous means. And, it looks like we are upon to something this Deepavali. Vijay has not been too lucky throughout his career with his screen chemistry with heroines. Over the past 4-5 years, he has mainly toggled between a few of the top leading ladies in Kollywood, Trisha being his pair the highest number of times. But, the lead pair's chemistry has never been talked about much all these years. But now, a handful of stills from Vettaikaran have already started talks of the lead pair's chemistry. The Vijay-Anushka pair `looks good' according to initial reports.

Though it is too early in the day to say anything conclusive, the stills that are out have managed to create a positive impression. They are not very flashy or colorful stills from songs, they are very simple and cute stills of what looks like talkie portions in the movie and Anushka has not been shown in any glamorous light. Yet, the stills have managed to capture the eye. Even non-die hard fans of Vijay seem to like what they have seen till now. These are definitely indications that this pair might end up creating some memorable chemistry on screen. For results, we have to wait for Vettaikaran to hit screens.

Source: Behindwoods

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