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Vijay`s first Bond film: Prabhu Deva

By Moviebuzz | Monday, 05 January , 2009, 14:47

Prabhu Deva is looking forward to another great Pongal, after 2007 Pokkiri Pongal! Now for Pongal 2009, he is ready with another Vijay film Villu. The film has been censored and he opens up in his first ever interview to in his office. The man is cool, composed and is all smiles

You seem to be relaxed man with no tensions?
(Laughs) I am always like this. All my tensions and panic are suppressed inside. The film is ready and is waiting for a big Pongal release.

Do you think that Villu will live up to Pokkiri which was not only a huge hit but also liked by one and all?
That's what we are eagerly looking at. All of us have worked very hard and by God's grace it has shaped out well, I leave the rest to the audiences. The Vijay magic plus the songs, action and comedy will be the highlights.

What do you mean by Vijay magic? Is it the looks, action or the overall packaging?
Everything is in sync. Let me tell you that Vijay has not looked so good till date. If you thought that in Pokkiri he was dashing, then in Villu, he is wow!

Like the scarf that he had in Pokkiri what does he have in this film?
(Smiles) He still has the scarf and a Maan Kombu (Deer horn). He dances, fights, delivers dialogues and does comedy with style and élan. I would say that it will be Vijay's first Bond kind of film.

Why do you say that it's like a Bond film?
Villu has a charming stylish hero, and there is high octane action scenes in water and air never seen-before in Tamil cinema, comedy, glamour and above all smart packaging. Overall it will be one of the most memorable and exciting films releasing this Pongal.

What about Nayanthara? Is she something equivalent to Bond girls?
Yes… you said it! She is a major asset for the film. Her comedy scenes with Vijay and Vadivel are rocking. The love scenes with Vijay and her on-screen chemistry with him has worked out well. She is an actress who takes interest in every department of film making and to be very frank, I was amazed by her commitment and hard work. Not only me, everyone in the unit says that. Her dancing has improved so much and she rocks in the film.

Vijay and Vadivel comedy is said to bring the house down. Please comment.
Yes.. Devi Sri Prasad who did the re-recording was in splits after he watched the film. I have always been a big fan of director Siddique who has made some outstanding comedy films in Malayalam and Tamil. In Villu I have been influenced by his kind of comedy and I think, it's worked out well.

How have the songs been picturised?
(Laughs) Thank God I have not choreographed them and so they have all turned out well. Five dance masters- Raju Sundaram, Shobi, Asok Raj, Baba Bhaskar and Dinesh have worked hard and the songs will be a rage once the film releases.

So what's it that keeps you grounded in spite of being a big name in the Indian film industry?
(Smiles) My family keeps me grounded. Moreover, we all have been brought up by my parents as God-fearing good human beings.

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