Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Villu - Audio Review

Vijay's films are known for their foot tapping hit dance numbers. Devi Sri Prasad's hit albums are popular for their peppy tunes. So a Vijay-DSP combo was expected to rock music charts with super hit peppy dance numbers. And Villu is one album that wont let your expectations down even for a minute throughout the listening.

Packed with full of youthful and vibrant songs, this is a real treat for music lovers especially for those who need some refreshing music for the ears.

Hey Rama Rama: (9/10)

The album starts with the introduction song of Vijay as per usual tradition, and this time its Amalraj who sings for Vijay. His powerful voice with a soft touch, gives the right feel for the song especially in lines like "Unga kitta anba keten". Kabilan keeps the lyrics simple and more like the words of common man, even when asking "Agadhi aana makkaluku, amaidhiyana naadu kaepaen". Kovai Sarala's harmony "Villu villu" sounds off note in the song, but may be justified by the visuals.

Nee Kobapattal Naanum: (8/10)

A pleasing melody with a lots of classical orchestration this song takes you into romantic mood. Pa.Vijay's lyrics talking about what a guy would do for his girl and what not is really interesting. Sagar's lilting voice is a perfect choice for the song. The "baby I love you" bit is extremely good, so is the short rendition of swaras by DSP in second interlude.

Daddy Mummy: (9/10)

DSP has used effectively the Aakalesthe from Shankardada Zindabad for this song. Rendered stylishly by Mamta Mohandas, this song is a perfect club number with good beats throughout. Naveen Madhav joins for the male bit in the middle and does a good job too. Lyrics by Viveka is good in parts but on the whole enjoyable.

Are you crazy: (8/10)

This short song running for less than a minute is a funny bit full of scoldings from a girl towards her guy. Sung by Divya, this is one perfect ring tone material to amuse people around you. Prabhudeva's name in lyrics credit is a pleasant surprise.

Jalsa: (10/10)

Same as the tune of title song of telugu film Jalsa, this song has a lot of energy and vibrance that instantly gets on you when you start listening to it. The Spanish lyrics in the beginning and lines like "The dance in the beat prabhudeva, the beat in music is DSP, the girl in the groove nayanthara, and to rock the floor Ilayathalapathy" give the song a very special feel. Most acclaimed Indian rapper Baba Sehgal has done a great job with his singing that too with right diction, and Rita supports him well. Rohini's lyrics also need a worthy mention here... "Nee pirandhadhu Greece ah, Nee valarndhadhu swiss-ah, madhimayakkum un nadayin mugavari thaan Paris ah" Definitely the best of the album.

Vaada Maapilla: (8/10)

This is a folk based song with lot of funny words thrown in between. You get to hear voices of Vadivelu(Dont angry me) and Prabhudeva at couple of places. Tippu and Rita do justice to the song while Kabilan's lyrics are quite ordinary. Indicates more of a visual treat but worth a listen too. "Eppidi Eppidi??? Appidi Appidi" is really cute.

Dheemthanakka Thillana:(9/10)

This is a constantly paced song with fast beats and a good amount of energy. Snehan's lyrics fits the tune perfectly, especially lines like "Kannan... naan kannanukke annan... ada leelaigalin mannan... andha manmadhanin maaman naan thaane" and use of Telugu words like "Okka saari". Devi Sri Prasad joins Divya for this song and both have done a great job in keeping the momentum of the song. Divya's voice has this sexy feel to it which works out very well for this song.

Jalsa Remix: (8/10)

This is a remix version of the other song with DSP singing along with Baba Sehgal and Rita. Neatly done without spoiling lyrics and not too much of rap for a remix. The pleasing orchestration and remix programming is an added advantage. Perfect number for dance floors.

On the whole, its an album that will be readily lapped up by Vijay fans and will appeal to all youth. On top of that, this is an album that will attract every music lover for its clean and neat presentation of songs.

Overall rating: 9/10

Verdict: Hits Right on target

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