Monday, December 22, 2008

Villu intro fight scene leaked on the net!

By Moviebuzz | Monday, 22 December , 2008, 09:20

Ilayathalapathy Vijay's introductory comic fight scene in Villu has been leaked on the net.

A free video site has the nearly 10-minute fight scene picturised in a 'dhobi ghat' and an inside an ice factory.

The scene has Vijay with florescent coloured saris all over him, jumping from height, flying in the air and pouncing on the villains.

Ladies who are watching him jump, say “Is it Spiderman or Superman? From this scene, the focus shifts inside an ice factory where our hero single-handedly handles half a dozen thugs.

The scene looked partially edited with only Vijay's and Nayanthara appearing towards the end, voice to be dubbed. Ayngaran International the producers of the film will be taking legal action against the culprits who have leaked it on the net.

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