Monday, January 23, 2006

Fact file from Chennai on Vijay

I am back after my short trip to Chennai... I have become a mad Vijay fan these days. So many things are becoming visible for me only now :P.

Ok let me give some few things I had watched..

1) Many good brands are promoting Aathi and Vice versa... Reliance Webworld, Sunfeast biscuits, Jayachandran Textiles, Saravana Stores etc... Huge banners are seen in many places in the city.

2) Sunfeast is providing a Vijay mask for kids with the purchase of biscuits it seems(I heard the ad is shown in TV but I never waste time in watching ads on tv :D I saw it in a big cut out near Guindy)

3) Sivakaasi has silently completed 80 days now, and huge posters were seen in many places... Its still running successfully(I think 3 shows??) in Devi Bala.

4) Mayajaal is showing 10 shows of Aadhi as compared to 8 shows of Psm. I was reminded of PVR Cinemas,Bangalore were 5 shows of Psm were cut down to 2 on the very 4th day, where as Aathi is going steadily with 3 shows a day from the beginning...

5) There is a fan club of Vijay in almost every street of T.Nagar(my area) and West Mambalam, most of which are streets of lower middle class and lower class... Important point to note is that many places, both Vijay and A actor's fan's club are very nearby and are working out peacefully.

6) I heard that one of my relative's marriage was held in JS Kalyana Madapam of Vijay(hope i got the name correct).. In future, I wish that my marriage be held there.. Lolz!!

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