Sunday, January 22, 2006

AADHI - Big steps forward

Review by Sai Anand, Owner-Moderator Yahoo Vijay Fans group

Ippo Illati Eppo, that sums up Aadhi and Vijay! Vijay has often been ridiculed for doing the same thing again and again. His fans lap up his movies which have a customary opening intro song, some big graphic fights, romance, comedy, sentiments, etc. But Aadhi is not the usual Vijay film! It has quality in it yet its perfectly acceptable for the commercial viewer! IPPO Vijay indha madhiri padam pannala na vera EPPO! He doesnt have his usual customary opening song, his comedy is toned down highly from his usual films. The whole film has a high quality film's look to it which is extra-ordinary.

Story & Screenplay:

A revenge story! Two children whose family get brutally killed wait to take revenge on those murderers! This is a usual story of the 80's but the treatment to the film is what makes it up the pedestal! The screenplay is just one word - TERRIFIC! Ramana has weaved magic with
the screenplay! The introduction of the characters and the first half was very interesting though some felt it moved a bit slowly but what the hell? We cant have everything so fast in life, can we? If Ramana can keep this up and can improve some more of his flaws, he can be a high quality director!


One big minus is the violence! This violence can put off children from watching this film! I am sure my parents arent gonna like it and watch it! The climax was a big yawn. I mean lot of blood wasted in the climax! The cutting of the villian's head mid air from the bridge looked a bit brutal!


I have already reviewed the music here! The music is excellent, and when coupled with the movie, it sounds even more brilliant! Song picturisations are fantastic! My favorite is the Olli Olli Iduppe!
Athi Athika was so sweet. My sister with whom I watched the film in the theatre, loved it so much and still raves about the love between the family (we are used to such family sentiments!). Durra was a great song too!


Deserves mention here! Manivannan, Seetha, Vijay's sister, the family, Nasseer, Ghilli's villian (Sada in this film), etc all did very well and added power to the film!


Great comedy from Vivek! IT was somewhat different with his introduction! It was a surprise! But then summa chappunu pochu.... But he was very good with his comedy! Better than his role in

Sai Kumar:

WOW!!! HE WAS JUST WOWWWW....>!!!!!! I have never seen such a powerful villian for a long time on the Tamil screen! He is the best ever villian that I have seen so far in Tamil Cinema after
Raghuvaran's Marc Antony in Baasha! What a powerful eyes? Great dialogue delivery! Who dubbed for him (I dont think he himself did it!). But he deserves a big big award for this film! His face still rankles in my mind! His dialogue "Vaada Ghilli...." was mind blowing! I can just go on raving about Sai Kumar but let me leave it at here! He has a great future in Tamil Cinema provided he does good movies!


The way her role was projected by many reviews in this group, I expected a bit more and was a wee bit disappointed! But definitely this role should be one of her best roles that she has done so far!
Her first scene was rocking! But I dont know why, I couldnt relate that expression on her face with her image! I couldnt see Trisha showing revenge on her face! But still she did a great job! She was
extremely beautiful in the songs and her pairing with Vijay is just electrifying!


For the rest, I have mentioned their real names but for our Thalaivan, I have mentioned AADHI above! He has lived as Aadhi to say it exactly! The first scene was so good and that I couldnt stop
myself from trying to whistle (oodhina verum kaathu thaan vandhadhu!). When his title "Ilayathalapathy" came on screen, whistles flew... He has improved so so much in his dialogue delivery in this film! He has delivered some of his best dialogues in this film. The stand out scene of Vijay was the scene where he goes to RDX's house and challenges him! Enna super dialogue po!!! Theatre eh ore alaral...."Naa Pullai illa da Pullii.....".. Super punch!!!! Vijay has achieved another peak by acting in this film!


This film was so good that I have my section of favorite scenes:

1. Scene 1 - Trisha kills the police officer
2. Vijay meets Trisha at the library (Akhilandeshwari Amma..... Remember?)
3. Vijay beats up some one for taking obscene pictures
4. RDX introduction (enna introduction pa!)
5. Vijay's confrontation with RDX in the bar (enna kannu da adhu!)
6. Vijay's confrontation with RDX at his house (best scene of the film)

On the whole, this film is a must watch for all adults who can withstand bloodshed and some violence! Children below 18 and people with weak heart should stay away from it!

Rating : 100/100


The screening here was a big surprise! When I entered the 160 capacity theatre, there were only about 25-30 people! When the movie started, the crowd filled in like mad and when the interval was
announced, the count was close to 130-140!! The crowd was big and the whistling was very good to hear! I think this might lead the distributors to screen more Vijay films in future!

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