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To Vijay fans and SHIMs Online...

This post is for the purpose of sharing the ideas that I had in my mind for a long time. It will be very lengthy, but I request everyone to take some time whenever possible and read this, and if possible give ur opinion through replies.

This post is dedicated to all those great souls in and out of orkut and other online forums whose main purpose of existence in the earth is to hate Vijay and his movies and let the whole world know about this fact. I would like to personally thank all these great souls because, without you existing, people like me would not have started liking Vijay more and more over the years.

For the ease of typing, I will call these guys as SHIMs(Shitty Headed Idiotic Morons) Before proceeding on to talk about SHIMs, I would like to clear off a few myths about Vijay.

I am sure the SHIMs are not going to be satisfied by any of my answers, but it’s my duty as a Vijay fan to do this.

Myth 1: Vijay is here in film industry only because of his dad.

Great. Excellent discovery. If his dad is the only reason for his existence today, then he would have become a forgotten actor today. When filmy father's of other actors were able to get them a Manirathnam or any other top director or top banner, SAC was able to maximum make his son act only in his own movie. And to get him to the reach of people, he had no other way but to make movies satisfying B and C centers. May be when other actors struggled hard and got a car to start their film journey, Vijay got a free old bicycle from his father. Now how he won the race to stardom with this bicycle is his secret of success.

Myth 2: Vijay was able to sustain only because his father produced films with him.

His father was able to get producers for his son. But his films only helped Vijay it show his face on screen. They never helped him qualitatively to build up his career. I have written about this in my blog also earlier. When other actors who supposedly "struggled" their way to stardom had only the barrier of getting established as an actor, Vijay had all negatives on his side. His initial movies being categorized soft porn genre, his very ordinary appearance (which has been criticized openly), not many big directors helping his way, moderately budgeted films, even heroines were new. He had the necessity to prove himself fit as a hero material. From there, till today when he is a big star, his way was full of hard work, perseverance, sincerity.. That had sustained him in the industry.

Myth 3: Vijay and his father pay the theatres and run his films.

I guess this had been answered many times. If they had so much money to pay and run more than a dozen films for 100 days and few of them for more than 200 days, then they can keep making 3 films a year, all with Vijay as hero, start a theater of their own and run these 3 films for 100+ days in that theatre and claim that all Vijay's movies run for 100 days. Are these SHIMs nuts???

Myth 4: Vijay knows nothing more than dance. He is unfit to act.

Vijay himself says "I will give me just pass mark as an actor, if I had to choose between actor and dancer, I am a good dancer" Now how many actors have a heart to tell this in public even as a joke? That too after 14 yrs of acting in films? There are people like Anand Babu, Prabhu Deva who were able to get fame by their dance but were not able to sustain themselves as heroes with their talents. If this myth was true, Vijay would be sitting at home without films.

Myth 5: Vijay fans are all rogues and rascals.

Most of Vijay fans are from rural areas. That doesn’t mean that they are uncivilized and illiterate. There are Vijay fans in IT firms, engineering colleges, studying MBA, doing social services, self-employed etc etc. We are not as jobless as few people who can send 500 abuse mails about Vijay to save their hero and who bash Vijay all over internet to hide the status of the stinking films of their hero.

Myth 6: Girls hate Vijay

I am not gonna answer this question. People who believe in the statement above can see for themselves whether it is true or false when ATM releases.

Myth 7: Vijay imitates superstar Rajini and is greedy for the coveted title.

Neither Vijay nor his fans have any craze for that title. If some one is offered some title by the voting of the film fraternity themselves, it’s a courtesy to go and accept it. That is professional ethics. We are all happy with Ilayathalapathy Vijay. The fact that he is a superstar is well known to us and we need no titles to declare it for others who cannot digest this fact.

Myth 8: Vijay cannot win any awards in his life.

Yes. I agree. Because for the Tamil film awards jury, acting means crying and shouting, make up and getup, mottai and sottai, loosu and maakaan, sevidu and kurdudu…. These dumb rules exist for years, and casual acting cannot be considered as good acting. If someone acts casual, it means that they are doing something effortlessly without putting in hard work. We know ppl who get name as good actors having “I have piles from today morning” and “I haven’t peed for 2 days” expression. Acting is a hopeless term as far as Tamil industry is concerned.

Myth 9: Vijay acts only in remakes. All his hits are remakes.

In Tamil Nadu, we never use to see any kind of dubbed movies from Telugu, Malayalam or Hindi. Except very very few, all dub movies turned to be utter flops. And same way, even all remakes are not hits here. Vijay's remakes are hit due to his perfection in making according to Tamil culture. Nowadays, every other person is doing remakes, you can see for youself the movie list of all top Tamil actors from 2006-2008, you can see how many are remake movies. Even upcoming actors are doing remakes to establish themselves. But when Vijay was in the same state years back, he has done only straight movies and that is what has established him. And even remakes, he had done 9 remake films out of his 45 films. That is just 20%. Now has anyone cared to look back and see the 36 straight movies of Vijay and see hits like Poove Unakaagha, TMT, Love Today, Kushi, Thiruppachi, Sivakaasi etc in that? And how many take into consideration that more than 13 films have come out in Telugu, Hindi and Kannada as remakes of Vijay movies?

Myth 10: Sun TV supports Vijay and pulls down "someone", Vijay TV is paid and run by Vijay and his father.

I don't know where the hell people get time to send SMS and mails to TV channels begging and scaring them to play an actor's songs. And media always supports people who help them grow up. Vijay always maintains a good rapport with all channels, I have seen his shows even on Raj TV and Jaya TV. No use of creating your own stories to bring down a person. Some people are always hostile to media but their fans expect media to support him!!! And again, if Vijay and SAC have so much money to run a TV channel, they can always show Vijay in it 24X7, bashing other actors..

Myth 11: Vijay cannot act with get up changes.

Vijay has the talent to make people accept him in any role with his own face and body build. He has the talent to put in right body language that suits any character. SHIMs can never understand such things, because for them fashion show is best acting. And as Sathyaraj said in Vijay Rasigan express "When people have started seeing you as Vijay on screen, they will always expect to see Vijay. If you do a get up change and appear as someone, they will not be interested much in that." Exactly. And wasn't it good to see a policeman as handsome as Sathyamoorthy IPS, a mechanic as smart as Thirumalai, a collector as youthful as Maduravel, a villager as good looking as Sivagiri??

Myth 12: Vijay is the worst looking actor, he has no looks to act as hero

Well, if someone's face can bring joy to the hearts of millions and millions of people right from age 6 to 60, if someone is considered by lots of people as one in their family, as a brother, as a son, as a friend, if someone has a heart kind enough to treat all fans like friends, he is definitely best looking person. And before talking about a person, his birth, his parents and family, I would better suggest people to think for a moment what it feels like if someone says a similar thing about your family, your parents. Coz definitely you are not Mr. Handsome in the world. So better minbd your words hereafter.

Ok!!! now that I answered a few myths, let’s speak more about SHIMs. I wonder how on the earth such people can exist, who can live for the sole purpose for hating a person. Spreading bad word mouth for his films, sending SMS degrading him and his films, forwarding mails, starting anti communities, peeping into other's communities and fighting there, doing A vs B fights, creating useless polls...

Now at this point I would like to ask the same questions to Vijay fans...

1) What is the use of creating all these anti communities? Tit for tat, shit for shit will never help any day!!!
2) What is the use of voting in orkut polls and other online polls? Are this polls gonna decide the supremo of Tamil Industry? And wat is Vijay or any other gonna get out of winning in these polls?
3) Why on the hell you compare Vijay with people who are not worth his stature? I agree that competition is required, but can't u find some people who are worthy to compete with?

These SHIMs are not gonna change any day. Whatever you talk to them is like money spent on "someone's" films. Neither the one who spends get benefit, nor the one who reads it and not even those for whom the post is addressed. When that is the case, don't waste your time talking to such SHIMs anymore. Time will answer them; Vijay's movies will answer them.

These SHIMs know nothing more than the past 10-15 movies of their actors. But we know Vijay right from Naalaya Theerpu and his struggles on his way to stardom. If you are a true Vijay fan, stay like that forever irrespective of whether his films succeed or not. (I am sure that the negative will never happen anymore) He has entertained us with lot of movies for more than 10 yrs and been a role model for many of us always.

He always respects his peers and stays humble. We should not only stop with enjoying his movies, but adapt his policies in our lives too. That’s the best gift that we can give him as fans. I hope you guys will agree with me on this. If someone says something that hurts you just throw it away like “someone’s” movies are thrown out of theatres. Let’s forget about SHIMs and their dirty talks and concentrate only on Vijay forever!!!

Long Live Vijay!!!

Thanks for your time,

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