Friday, August 21, 2009

SA Chandrasekar to launch Vijay’s son

[Friday, August 21, 2009]

"At the exotic locales of Rajahmundry the title song of ‘Vettaikkaran’ with 100 junior artists was canned, for which Vijay had his son Sanjay shake legs with him. Apart from the people present during the shoot, dad’s lucky angel has now impressed his grandpa too. "
Vijay’s dad SA Chandrasekar is planning to make a film that will feature his grandson in the lead. Excited about starting this project SA Chandrashekar is driving his assistant director to watch other language movies that has a suitable subject to feature Sanjay. His Associates are also busy these days hunting for a perfect launch pad.

"These days’ young people have so much chance to showcase their talent and supportive parents to help them out. If we compare the efforts of previous generations during their times, it’s obvious that toady’s people are enjoying a cake walk."

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