Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vijay meets Rahul Gandhi

"In an interesting turn of events, right after announcing his interest in pursuing a serious career in politics recently, Vijay met the All India Congress Committee"


General Secretary Rahul Gandhi in the capital on the latter's invitation. Sources from New Delhi claim that the meeting lasted for about an hour while the contents of the meet up remain undisclosed for the media.

Speaking to the media, Vijay expressed delight on having been invited by a youth leader of a prominent political party in India whose vision is to emphasize India's presence in the global scene with leaders of the younger generation.

Vijay has already formed a party which he is in the process of transpiring into a political forum. He recently announced incentives for his fan club members who bring in more members into the forum.

Link: http://www.behindindia.com/india-news-stories/aug-09-05/vijay-25-08-09.html

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