Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vijay confirms his political plans

[Wednesday, July 29, 2009]

Actor Vijay is definitely ensuring that he doesn't miss the limelight. The 'Vettaikkaran' star has recently announced at a public event with fans in Pudhukottai that he indeed will be setting foot into politics very soon.

This announcement was made at the inauguration of a computer centre in Pudhukottai, which has been organized by his fans. "Everybody wants my newly formed "Makkal Iyakkam" to become a political wing soon, and I am also interested in it. I am getting ready for this as politics, unlike cinema, has a lot of depth and I am ensuring I am not lost in it. I am reading the writings of Gandhi and Nehru about politics now," disclosed the actor.

He instilled confidence and courage among fans by stating that his ""Makkal Iyakkam"" will soon be a formidable force and spread its wings to the dream destination of state politics."

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