Friday, November 21, 2008

Prakash Raj, the 'Troublemaker' again!

Once again, Prakash Raj, one of the finest actors in the South has become a big trouble maker on the sets.

Recently he failed to turn up for the shooting of the climax session of the Tamil movie Villu for 3 days. This created lot of pain to the producers and the director Prabhu Deva.
Prakash Raj
Director Prabhu Deva has been shooting the scenes along with 'FEFSI' Vijayan and more than 250 crew members in the Tirunelveli area. But, Prakash Raj, who is playing a crucial role in the film, was missing from the shoot, creating great problems for the director and the rest of the unit.

For the last three days the unit was just waiting for him and the production manager was forced to start hunting for the actor. Finally the actor sent a message, informing them about his availability for the shooting from November 21st (Friday) onwards. It may be recalled that the actor has once even faced a ban from the Telugu Film Chamber for these kind of activities in the Tamil film industry.

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