Friday, November 28, 2008

Vijay and Vadivelu in Rush Hour!

Tamil cinema is growing. And it's growing at a really fast rate. There have been directors that brought Hollywood stories to Tamil cinema. Most notably A.R.Muragadoss's Ghajini (Memento in Hollywood), Gautham Menon's Vaaranam Aayiram (draws inspiration from 1994's Forrest Gump), Prabhu Deva's Pokiri(daws inspiration from The Departed), and Mani Ratnam's Nayagan (The Godfather). These are just some films. Now that the budgets for films is increasing, we might get to see the big exposure that Hollywood puts on their films in Tamil! Here are some movies I would like to see get made in Tamil:


I Am Legend- If there is one actor who can do a better job than Will Smith, then it's Surya. He's one of the only actors who can do this much intensity in a film. You can also put Asin as the guest role of the mother who comes to rescue the main character. It's a big film, and considering it'swith a big budget, Shankar should be director. Music should also be A.R.Rahman.

Ocean's Eleven- A heist film in Tamil would be great! Imagine if Vijay, Ajith, Surya, Vikram, and some other big stars in Tamil cinema came together and made this remake! Also you can put a lot of the top actresses as well. This film could possibly be the best cast that any tamil film has made! Director should be Venkat Prabhu, because this is his kind of movie. Also music should be Yuvan Shankaraja.

Cast Away- If Kamal wanted to make one last film before he retired, then he should make this film in tamil. The whole film would show him and what he does to survive on an island. It needs an actor who can make the audience sit and watch one person for more than half of the movie. I think Kamal could do this without any problem! Direction should be Gautham Menon to give a Hollywood touch, and music should be Harris Jeyraj(It would be nice to see the Menon-Jeyraj combo one last time).

Scarface- I think Rajini or Vijay should do this one. They could do it Billa style, or just do it regular Indian style. Direction should be K.S. Ravikumar and music should be Vijay Anthony. I wonder if they make Scarface survive in the remake....

The Pursuit of Happiness- This definitly should be remade. Probably Surya or Ajith can do this movie, or even younger actor like Arya or Jayam Ravi. Direction should be A.R. Murragadoss. Music should be the young Dharan.

Rush Hour- Imagine Vijay and Vadivelu as two cops trying to track down gangsters in India and abroad. Well, this film would be a great remake with a nice mix of action and comedy. Direction should be fast, so it has to be Dharani. Music should be Vidyasagar.

There are so many other movies I would like to see happen, but that is just another dream.

Birithiviraj Saravanan

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