Saturday, November 22, 2008

"My moments with Vijay"


I just wanna share my happiest moments that I had spent with Vijay.
Vijay Fan
That was at the ATM shooting I was jumping to heights because I got the opportunity to speak with Vijay. I've previously been for shoots but didn't get the chance of speaking to him...during the break I met him and spoke how is the film going on and how is sanjay.. and he did asked me what I am doing and also asked to do things in the good manner... he was very polite in his answers and KIND HEARTED human being and I also took photo with Thalapathy...after me some 10 fans were also there to take photographs....

The shoot on that day was Valayapatti song from ATM. I was stunned by Thalapathy's dedication in work… awesome dance... And there is no doubt that he is the KING OF DANCE...

Vijay Fan

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