Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Common love of Ajith and Vijay

November 4th, 2008

Common love of Ajith and Vijay

The actors on their contrastive style of performance, having equivalent style of mass appeals across the far-flung corners of the World; Vijay and Ajith is what we are getting on with. Both of them had been so close over the times and in the midst got separated due to some misunderstandings and back again to the good terms. Well, this isn't something we wanted to get on with…

Here goes there common love of interest and it's none other than their passion for bikes..

Ajith Kumar keeps it a point of going for high speed biking in the night times since there wouldn't be any interruption for him. Similarly, Vijay loves riding bike very often during his leisure times, but he gets despaired since his father doesn't allow him to do. Even today, he comes along with his friend on bike for the first day first show of films to the theatres where his films get released.

So, any guys and missies getting frequently putting your hands for drops; don't get surprised if you have these stars giving your lifts.

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