Monday, November 03, 2008

Kuruvi or Aegan - Don't lose your life

Behindwoods Team,

We all know that Behindwoods is one of the leading movie portal websites, and I feel it play an important role in determining public perspective. You have the great potential to make a huge impact on today's youngsters. Please pass this across to our youngsters.

Lots of youngsters in Tamilnadu are really good at heart, and are sentimentally and emotionally affected by cinema. I feel movies are meant more for entertainment, and that we need to watch it for our relaxation, whenever we are free from studies or work. It would be beautif ul if every youngster is equally passionate about family, friends and our country's growth. I was very moved to learn from Behindwoods that one of Ajith’s fans wept because Aegan was a disappointment. Another Behindwood’s visitor wrote to ponder –quite accurately – how Kuruvi, a flop – could celebrated 150 days.

Whether Vijay, Ajith or Rajini, they are all very talented actors, which is why they are popular. They are also good human beings, which is why they do so many charitable things for society. Stars have been urging fans to also focus on studies and career, and not be too obsessed with cinema. My feeling is that fans should enjoy watching a movie if it is a hit, and if it is not, just let it go rather than become caught up with why it flopped, and how this might damage the star.

Once I too was crazy about movies and stars. But I was jobless then and didn’t even have money for food. I was searching for something in my life, and it was not to be found in cinema. It’s only because of my parents and friends I was able to survive. I understood it late and then I started concentrating on my career. Now I am well settled, and don’t want this aimless drifting and preoccupation with stars to affect the lives of other youngsters. I watch movies now, but strictly for their entertainment value.

Please friends, love your dear actors but don’t become crazy over them. Even your stars don’t wish that for you.

Yours truly,

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