Saturday, November 01, 2008

Why Vilangiyal Poorna is chasing Vijay?

The babe who did Muniyaandi, Vilangiyal Moondraam Aandu is said to chasing Vijay, but always fails to catch him.

She is openly accepting about she chasing Vijay.

As the news reached this reporter, we indulged in investigation and found the truth and purpose behind her chase.

Vijay during the audio release function of Vilangiyal, said that Poorna looks like Asin and as he always has a special craze for Asin, he wished Poorna to take the place of Asin.

Understanding the meaning of Vijay's open statement, Poorna is chasing Vijay to prove that she is more than Asin in all means and thank him for indentifying her as next Asin for him!

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