Monday, November 10, 2008

Vijay fans' protest on November 16

The whole of Kollywood protested the ongoing civil war in Sri Lanka and its effect on Sri Lankan Tamils. Now it is the turn of the fans! On November 16th, Vijay’s fans will assemble at Chepauk and fast until dusk as a mark of protest against the Lankan civil war.

This was decided at a special meeting held recently; immediately a petition was submitted to Commissioner Sekar seeking permission to hold a protest, who sanctioned it after the fans promised him they will maintain law and order during the protest. Now, preparations are underway to hold a peaceful protest in Chepauk on November 16. This decision has been taken by Vijay’s fan club members and not by Vijay.

It may be recalled that during the Nadigar Sangam protest on November 1st, Vijay had requested his fans to send telegrams to the Prime Minister requesting him (PM) to stop the Lankan civil war. Then in the protest held by FEFSI, he thanked his fans for responding by sending thousands of telegrams per day and also requested them to send even more telegtams.

The entire film industry has been surprised at this move by Vijay's fans.

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